Dragon Ball Rewritten

Gohan's Time Warp Chaos

Prologue, Shattering Time

*Three Days Ago*

"Now's your chance, Gohan!" Gohan's father, the now deceased Goku, was helping his young son, Gohan, finish the android monster Cell. In his weakened Super Saiyan 2 form, the young half Saiyan boy shot out his strongest Kamehameha Wave and was able to finally defeat the evil android.

"HAAAAAAA!" Cell knew he was finished the moment Vegeta blasted him, but even as his body literally fell to pieces to the merciless Kamehameha Wave, he had that smirk on his face. Gohan was the only one who saw it.

"You may have beaten me in battle today Gohan, but the War is far from over! Let's see how smug you are when the past and your own future disappears!" Cell yelled out his last sentence to the young boy just before the last of his body vanished for good.


"I'm worried, Bulma, what did Cell mean by 'when the past and your own future disappears'? You don't think he's planning to attack the past somehow, do you?" the young eleven year old half Saiyan asked in concern to the woman genius.

It's been three days since the defeat of the monsterious Cell, peace has returned to the Earth. Goku decided to remain in the Otherworld (dead) in order to prevent anymore enemies trying to kill him and threaten the Earth. This left the Z Fighters, epsecially young Gohan, in a stump as they really wanted their friend/father back. Gohan, although the most powerful warrior in the universe now, was still unsure of himself especially without his father by his side.

Gohan remembered that smirk on Cell's face even as the android was dying. He knew Time Travel was possible, Trunks was the very proof of that, but even if Cell could somehow mess with the past it shouldn't effect the future they live in now, it'll only create another Timeline, yet somehow Cell threatened their own future would disappear as well. This had the young hybrid Saiyan worried and wanted to talk to the woman who created (or would in this case) the Time Machine herself.

"I'm not entirely sure Gohan, but I doubt Cell himself would be able to do it since he's now dead. He might've meant another strong enemy with the ability to Time Travel, it seems more likely." Bulma suggested.

Just then, Krillin came barging in looking really frantic. "Gohan! Bulma! We've got trouble!"

"What's wrong, Krillin?" Gohan asked, a bit afraid to find out.

"You better come and see for yourself, Gohan. You too, Bulma." Krillin said seriously.

Krillin flew off with Gohan behind him holding Bulma. "Hey! Not so fast or I'm going to fall!" Bulma demanded. Good thing she left baby Trunks at home with her parents, otherwise she might've dropped him already.

It didn't take long before Krillin landed in what appears to be some kind of gray and lifeless forest, but the forest still had leaves and grass, so how could it seem so lifeless and colorless? Gohan landed beside Krillin and gently put down the complaining Bulma.

"What... what happened to the forest? It's all gray and it feels lifeless." Gohan looked around, not liking what he saw here.

"There's something not right here." Bulma stated.

"That's not all, take a good look at this dew falling from the leaf. Notice anything out of the ordinary?" Krillin pointed at a rather big leaf.

Gohan and Bulma looked at the water 'dropping' from the leaf. Both of them paled when they realized what was wrong.

"It's just... hanging there, suspended in the air!" Gohan shouted, shocked by this revelation.

Bulma's face was white when she realized this. "There's no way..."

Both of them looked around to see leaves that fell out of the tree were frozen in the air too. There was no wind. The wild life weren't moving either. Everything in the forest was just frozen still, unmoving.

"It's as if Time itself had stopped completely in this area." Krillin spoke out what was on both of their minds.

"How is this even possible? What happened?" Gohan wondered, still looking around in both fear and awe that something like this could even happen.

"I don't know Gohan, but whatever's causing this is spreading. When I went to go get you and Bulma, I've noticed the gray was getting bigger. Not just here, but other places too. Time is stopping and we have no idea what's causing or how to stop it." Krillin said anxiously.

Bulma then remembered something Gohan just told her. "Gohan, remember what Cell said just before he died? You told me he said to you that 'when the past and your own future disappears'. Do you think that by effecting the past it's causing Time to stop here?"

"But why? I mean I thought that whenever you go to the past it only creates an alternate universe over there or something like what Trunks said. So how is it possible that it's effecting us too?" Krillin was bewildered by this discovery.

Gohan had to think for a second before answering. "Maybe it's not as simple as that. What if whoever is messing around in the past caused such a rift in Time that it's actually shattering Time for the future? It probably caused such a strain in Time that it's starting to fade away little by little instead of creating another Timeline."

Bulma agreed with the young hybrid. "Gohan's right! We never thought of such a possibility before. Trunks didn't really change anything too major here other then saving Goku from the heart virus, so Time itself just created another Timeline. But if something goes to the past and starts causing too much chaos, then instead of creating another Timeline, Time itself gets shattered because it's unable to handle such a change like that."

Gohan and Krillin gasped. "But what's going to happen to the future and to us? Are we all going to be trapped like this? Unable to move or do anything?" Gohan said worriedly. They just defeated Cell only to find out it did no good because Time was shattering to pieces, endangering their very future.

"I may have an idea on how to stop this, but it's going to take a few days, hopefully Time wouldn't shatter by then. Gohan, I need you and Krillin to gather everyone at Capsule Corp so we can discuss this." Bulma said quickly.

*Five hours later*

After telling all the other Z Fighters about Time shattering, they quickly gathered at Capsule Corp. Piccolo and Dende already knew about it since they saw it happening from the Lookout.

Vegeta, as usual, was aggitated that his training was interrupted, but even he knew that if Time stopped completely everything would all go to waste if he couldn't even move a muscle. Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu, Chi-Chi, Ox-King, Puar, Oolong and Master Roshi were all gathered as well.

"If we can't find the problem with the blasted Time, then what's the point of even training? Woman! You better fix this or else." Vegeta barked angerily. Knowing he'll never get a chance to fight his rival, Kakarot, if they don't do something about this dire situation. At least he could fight his bratty son since he's much stronger then both him and Goku, but he couldn't even do that if Time stopped. This is why the Prince of all Saiyans was so irritated and I mean more then usual.

Bulma growled at her husband. "I'm doing the best I can, Vegeta! With Time shattering and all, it's not exactly easy to get this done!"

"What are you doing, Bulma?" Yamcha asked out of curiousity.

"With Time stopping, how can we even fix it? It's not like there's a body we can really fight to stop it." Tien said.

"Well I came up with one solution and one solution only and that's to build a Time Machine like my dear Trunks used in the future. We can send somebody back to stop whoever is causing this." Bulma said.

"But we don't even know who's doing this." Gohan said looking up from his history book his mom forced him to read.

"Gohan! Pay attention to your history. You've got a LOT of catching up to do young man!" Chi-Chi scolded him as Gohan sighed looking back at his book.

That's when the young hybrid noticed something was off. He was reading the history about his dear mentor Piccolo and how he almost took over the world a long time ago (which he didn't like to see) when he noticed someone in the backround he knew shouldn't be there. It looked like a small version of Frieza about the size of a basketball with some kind of huge watch around his neck.

That's not all. As Gohan looked through some of the pictures of his history book, he saw more smaller versions of his past enemies wearing some kind of giant watch around their necks. There was another that looked like Cell only was the size of a football. Another looked like Cooler, five more were the Ginyu Force and the list goes on. It's as if their past enemies shrunk themselves and put those massive watches around their necks and are messing with history somehow. Wait a minute...

Gohan stood up quickly, catching everyone's attention. "You guys, you have to see this!"

Everyone looked at the kid like he was nuts. "Uh... no offense, Gohan, but none of us are really interested in your history book." Oolong, the shape shifting pig, said with disgust at the thought of history.

"Yeah, we're not really into the whole scholar studying thing." Yamcha agreed.

"Nonsense! I think it's great Gohan is finally trying to influence others around him rather then the other way around." Chi-Chi spoke proudly.

Gohan rapidly shook his head. "No, no, no! It's not that. Just take a look. See anything out of the ordinary?"

"Just what is so interesting in that blasted book?" Vegeta growled.

Krillin was the first to take a look, it took a moment, but the bald former monk soon realized what Gohan was trying to point out. "Uh guys... there's something really wrong here. I see a basketball sized Frieza in here!"

"WHAT!" that definitly caught everybody's attention. Everyone, including Vegeta and Piccolo, looked at the pictures of Gohan's history book. Chi-Chi screamed at them for taking away her son's book away, but nobody bothered to listen to the study crazed mother.

"How is this even possible?" Piccolo was hissing now.

"It's as if our enemies shrunk themselves somehow and what's the deal with those massive watches around their necks?" Krillin wondered.

"Ooh... this whole thing is so crazy." Puar said with a sigh.

"Here's another one." Master Roshi spoke up taking out his scrap books of his days training Goku and Krillin when they were young.

The old Turtle Hermit opened it up for the others to look. Gohan and the others gasped at what they saw; while it appeared to be normal enough, there was definitly something there that shouldn't be.

In some of the pictures, they show Goku and Krillin as young boys carrying a carton of milk and running across the beach. That's exactly how the training with the Turtle Hermit went, but then, Gohan and the others noticed a shadow in the backround. The shadow had the shape of a human with lots of hair. It almost looked like Raditz, Goku's evil older brother and Gohan's uncle.

Another showed Goku and Krillin doing farming and in the backround showed a big muscled man that had on Saiyan armor. Vegeta immediently regconized him as his former partner, Nappa. "So that buffoon's a part of this too?" he growled. The funny thing is the Nappa wasn't the size of a basketball like most of these villains.

As they continued to look, it showed more past villains that didn't shrink but still had those big watches around their necks. Most of it were Goku and Krillin along with Launch, the girl who changes personailities and hair color drastically whenever she sneezes. Gohan remembered seeing that girl once, but that was when he was only four and before Piccolo trainned him, he hadn't seen her since. Master Roshi was in the picture too, so far after that last picture with Nappa, the Z Fighters hadn't seen anything else out of the ordinary.

Then it showed the picture of Goku and Krillin wearing suits, ready to go to their first World Martial Arts Tournament. Krillin chuckled. "I remember that day as clear as crystal. Goku and I were sure excited yet nervous about our first Tournament."

"Krillin, look, was that guy there before?" Gohan asked when he noticed another shadow figure behind the trees as if spying on the two children.

Krillin burrowed his eyebrows. "No, I don't think so."

This figure had Goku's hair, that's what stumped Gohan at first, until he remembered Turles. That shadow figure must be Turles then. Turles was another past enemy who's size didn't shrink.

Another picture showed Goku and Krillin in their first orange dogis Master Roshi gave them just before they entered the Tournament. There was another thing out of the ordinary. This one wasn't a shadow figure and he wasn't a size of a basketball either. Though this one nobody had met before: this man looked almost exactly like Goku, he isn't Turles, his skin color was different and he had a scar on his cheek. This man also wore a Saiyan's armor and had a tail wrapped around his waist, so it's safe to say he is a Saiyan.

"Who's this guy? He isn't Turles and I'm sure we've never seen him before." Krillin wondered, confused by this mysterious Saiyan.

"It seems more then just our past enemies are messing with the fragile Timeline. We need to act fast before anymore damage is caused and Time stops completely here." Piccolo said with heavy seriousness in his voice and I mean more then usual.

Ox-King was looking through his own scrap book and was surprised to see more out-of-the-ordinary issues. "You might want to look at this."

Again everyone (with the execption of Bulma, who's busy with the Time Machine) gathered around to see. These pictures showed Chi-Chi's dad during his days as the fearsome yet kind hearted Ox-King.

The Fire Mountain pictures showed nothing out of the ordinary, only the part where just before the Red Ribbon Army attacked did something seemed off. There was another figure that looked very similar to Guldo, the small fry of the Ginyu Force.

"Oh that's just great, even the blasted Ginyu Force is mucking up the Timeline! When I get my hands on those FREAKS, they'll WISH they stayed DEAD!" Vegeta roared angerily.

"Tien, I'm scared. What if they changed more then just appearing there? What if they tried to attack or kill one of us in the past? What would happen to us if they do that, Tien?" Chiaotzu was really scared.

The tri-clops gave an assuring pat to the nervous Chiaotzu. "Don't worry, Chiaotzu, I don't think they would do something THAT drastic. At least, I hope they don't. We're still here, aren't we?"

Yamcha then said, "But it's possible they may try to keep some of us from ever meeting, or keep us as enemies rather then friends."

"Whatever it is they're doing, it's none of Gohan's buisness, now give him back his history book!" Chi-Chi yelled angerily at the Z Fighters, who all cringed and quickly gave the young boy back the book.

"But Mom, what if they try to keep you and Dad from ever getting married or even meeting? I wouldn't exist anymore." Gohan said with a bit of worry and serious in his tone.

That got the study crazed woman's attention. "That's... a serious problem. Bulma! You better hurry up and make that Time Machine, otherwise there won't be a Gohan to grind into anymore!"

"I'M WORKING ON IT! Creating a Time Machine isn't all that easy, you know! Time Traveling shouldn't even be possible! It's only because of my little Trunks that I have some idea on how to make one!"

"Well work FASTER! I can't be grinding up Gohan's brain only for him to suddenly disappear on me!"

While the two women had a cat fight, Gohan looked out the window. 'Oh Dad, I wish you were here, you'd know what to do to stop this madness.'

Chapter 1, Time Warp To Turtle School

*One week and two days later*

Bulma called everyone to quickly come to Capsule Corp, the Time Machine is finished. This time only the Z Fighters; Gohan, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu, Piccolo and Vegeta met in the room. Gohan was glad he just changed into his spare outfit he made to look like Piccolo's only his wristbands and turban around his waist were blue instead of red/orange.

"It's finally done. How are things going on right now?" Bulma asked out of curiousity and to calculate how much 'time' they have left before Time stops completely and the universe goes numb.

Everyone just looked grim. Gohan was the one who spoke. "It's not looking good. We just flew here and I saw so many places that's been turned gray and nothing is moving."

"Time is shattering more and more each day." Krillin said grimly.

"Then we better do this fast. According to my calculations, we have approximately a year or less before Time stops completely. However, if we can somehow stop one of the enemies causing Time to shatter, then it'll help slow down the progress. At least it should anyway." Bulma said.

"How many people can be sent back?" Tien asked.

Bulma sighed and said, "Due to having to build the Time Machine quick, only one person can go back. We'll have to use one of you to go back. Someone strong should be able to take them all out, but you have to remain inconspicous about it. In other words: you can't, I repeat, CANNOT let ANYONE, especially the ones we know, see you fight. At least not to your fullest extent. We don't want to damage the Timeline even more."

"Then let me Woman, I'll blast every one of those weaklings back to the dead." Vegeta said proudly with a smirk.

Bulma glared at her proud husband. "Vegeta, you're probably the worst choice to go back! We need someone smart and stealthy to do this kind of thing, not someone proud, obnoxious and destructive. That'll only cause Time to shatter even faster."

Vegeta glared at her. "Hmph! I'm smart, maybe not stealthy, but those idiotic past selves of yours wouldn't know a good fight if it kicked them right in the gut!"

"Vegeta, we don't have time for this! Now I need a volunteer, someone who is actually good with stealth.'

Krillin sighed, "I can't do it. I'm pretty good with stealth, but I'm not strong enough to take them all out."

"Neither are we, you can count us out." Tien spoke for both him and Chiaotzu.

Yamcha, the one who is normally very cocky, knew how grave the situation would be if he failed. "As much as I hate to admit it, I can't do it either."

Piccolo had his eyes closed, knowing he couldn't go back either, but he knew who could. "Gohan's the best choice; he's smart, good with stealth and he's the strongest one out of all of us here, including Goku."

Gohan's black eyes widened. "Wha m-me?"

Bulma then smiled brightly. "Of course! Gohan's the perfect guy for this."

Gohan quickly waved his arms in the air. "Wait a minute now! I'm not that good with stealth and I'm almost guaranteed to slip and mess something up. I can't do it! Piccolo, are you sure you can't do it? You're so much more better at stealth and smarter too!"

Piccolo kept his calm demenour and said, "Stop underestimating yourself, Gohan. You're much smarter then you give yourself credit for. I can't go back because I was considered an enemy back then. Because you didn't exist yet Gohan, you'll have no problem blending in."

Krillin nodded. "Piccolo's got a point, Gohan. We were all there in the past and we can't risk letting our past selves see us. At least if you get spotted there wouldn't be much trouble... unless you turn Super Saiyan or something, other then that, you should be golden."

"Heh, I wasn't even on this blasted planet, so I should be fine too. Why let a boy do a man's job?" Vegeta stated with arrogance again.

Bulma glared. "Because you're guaranteed to do something stupid and shatter Time forever! At least Gohan has enough brains to know when NOT to fire an energy blast or to fly around like some crazy Superman! Besides, you'll have to fight Cell and Gohan here is the only one who can defeat him."

Gohan let out a sigh and decide to speak up before Bulma and Vegeta start tearing each other's throats out (to Vegeta, that might be literal, then again it wouldn't surprise them if Bulma was able to overpower the Prince of Saiyans).

"Okay, I'll go. But someone has to tell my mom, because I'm sure not going to do it." Telling Chi-Chi that Gohan's about to fight some epic Time War is the same as commiting suicide. Nobody wants that, but they have to, least the said woman would turn the entire planet inside out until she finds the boy.

"That's okay Gohan, you don't really have time to go back and tell her anyway. We need to get you in the past as soon as possible." Bulma said as she gave the young half Saiyan boy a high-tec watch device of some sort.

Bulma explained what the device was for. "This is called Communitation Time Watch or just C.T.W. for short. I made it indestructable so while you're fighting it won't break or something. Use that to keep in touch with us. Press that green button to activate it. You can talk to us if you're having trouble with something. We'll call you if we discover anything else too."

"Neat. At least I won't be entirely alone on this mission." Gohan let out a breath of relief that he wouldn't have to figure this out on his own.

Bulma smiled. "Of course not, we need to work together to fix something this drastic. Now, remember it would be preferable if you stayed away from our past selves and anyone else you know Gohan, but if you do end up being spotted and forced to talk with them, don't say your real name and try to act like you're just a normal kid instead of the hero of the world, if they find out who you really are, then Time would shatter for sure."

"I understand."

"Also, when you fight one of the enemies, be sure to do it alone. Sneak away from the others, exscuse yourself or do whatever it takes to get the enemy alone with you to fight. You must not let ANYONE of the past see you fight and especially transforming into a Super Saiyan. We want to fix Time not help destroy it. Got it, Gohan?"

Gohan nodded, determination filled his ebony eyes. He knew the consequences if he got caught fighting and/or transformed into a Super Saiyan. This must be how Trunks felt when he had to go back in time.

"Good, then you're ready. Oh, and one more thing. I made this Time Machine special. You won't age physically as long as you're in the past, so even if you end up staying there for like 10 years or so, you'd still be the same age you are today, which is eleven years old."

"Got it. I'm ready when you are." Gohan said, though determined, the young half Saiyan was a nervous wreck.

As Gohan got into the Time Machine, everyone wished him good luck. Vegeta told him not to mess up or he'll go into the past himself to blast the boy. As the glass closed, Gohan set up the coordination to the time period. Bulma told him that nothing out of the ordinary happened during her first quest of getting the Dragon Balls, meaning it only started during his dad's and friend's first training with Master Roshi.

Gohan set the date and year. Finally, he pushed the big red button. "GOING BACK TO DATE. TIME WARPING IN 3... 2... 1..." the machine said.

The Time Machine glowed just before it vainshed. "Good luck, Gohan." Krillin said in a quiet voice.

The Time Machine showed up at some weird castle and plants were giant mushrooms and it was night. Gohan, still in the Time Machine, looked around, knowing something wasn't right.

"Hang on, this isn't the right time..." before he could think anymore, he heard a loud roar. The young hybrid cringed as he recognized that loud roar anywhere since his battle with Vegeta a long time ago. Looking back at the castle, he gasped when he saw a Great Ape, the Oozaru tearing it to pieces. Looking up at the night sky, Gohan saw the moon was there and it was full.

Gohan soon realized that Oozaru was his dad, his past dad. He heard Bulma screaming and saw Yamcha carrying Bulma, Puar and Oolong away from the rampaging giant monkey monster. Oozaru Goku was charging his way!

"YAAAHH!" Gohan yelled as he quickly set up the coordination again and punched it just before Oozaru Goku could smash it to bits.

While traveling through the Time Stream, Gohan whipped a sweat from his black brow. "Wew, that was close. I better watch it or I could end up destroying Time instead of fixing it."

Finally the Time Machine appeared on a huge island with villagers. Gohan looked around to make sure this was the correct time before he gets out. So far so good, at least there were no giant ape monsters trying to rip his limps off. Gohan then saw Kame House along with Goku and Krillin as kids delievering milk. Yup, this was the right time alright.

Gohan opened the glass and jumped out of the Time Machine. He pushed a button outside and put the Time Machine into a Capsule so nobody would see it. Gohan picked up the Capsule and put it safely into a case with other Capsules Bulma packed him with.

Gohan then took this time to look around, maybe to try and find the enemies that are causing the disortion and Time shattering in his future. Although, Gohan rather enjoyed the peaceful life out here, back when things were simple and no evil space alien or killer androids were trying to destroy the planet.

Gohan greeted some of the villagers as he walked around, asking them if they saw anything out of the ordinary, like flying guys with lots of hair, or perhaps someone with a tail and wearing weird armor. The only answers he got were: "Oh the little boy has a vivid imagination." "No I haven't, are you trying to make a book or something about them?" "Why don't you just play with your friends instead of asking us such nonsense, little boy?"

Yeah, Gohan wasn't making much progress. Apparently the enemies here kept themselves hidden for a reason, but Gohan couldn't figure out why. If they were trying to destroy Time in the future, then they could easily do that just by simply showing their ugly mugs to everyone and yet... nobody has seen them.

"If nobody saw them, then why is Time stopping in the future? They must've done something to cause that, but question is: what did they do?" Gohan spoke aloud to himself. The nice cool ocean breeze made it so easy to relax, but Gohan had to stay focus if he wants to find the evil ones in the area and put a stop to them. Still, the breeze blew his black hair and it felt good.

It wasn't until a familiar voice called out to him that snapped him out of his relaxing trance. "Hey Goku, why are you just standing there? Hurry up and deliever those milk before Breakfast Time!"

Gohan nearly jumped out of skin and spun around to see it was Master Roshi. Roshi stopped and got a good look at the young boy. "Wait a second... you're not Goku. You're too tall and your clothes are all wrong. Who are you? Why do you look so much like Goku?"

Gohan realized his resemblence to his father made it even more risky then it should have. "Uh sir, I don't know who you're talking about." he said, hopping he sound convincing to the wise old Turtle Hermit.

Luckily, Master Roshi seem to have bought it. "I suppose so since Goku never mentioned you. What's your name, young man?"

"It's Go-" Gohan quickly slammed his hand to shut his mouth before he accidently told him his name. The young hybrid quickly cleared his throat as if saying 'Go' wasn't what he just said. "It's Sky, sir." he managed to recover.

Master Roshi gave 'Sky' a suspiscious look before smiling and said, "Well Sky, did you come here for some fresh air? I don't usually see boys your age around these parts of the island."

Gohan had to think up an exscuse quick before Roshi tried to read his mind. Yes the old Turtle Hermit is capable of reading minds, but it takes time for him to concentrate before he could do that. "Well, uh... sir, I was um... training my legs. Yeah, I was just running around to get... faster and... stronger."

Roshi looked at Gohan and for a second the boy feared he may have been caught, then the Turtle Hermit let out a laugh before saying, "You silly, silly boy, you'll never get stronger that way! Don't you know who I am? I'm the great Master Roshi, the legendary Turtle Hermit."

Gohan acted surprised and bowed respectfully to Master Roshi. "Oh, I'm really sorry, Master Roshi, I didn't realize it was you. Um... I thought you usually lived somewhere on a little island far away from people." Gohan inwardly gave a breath of relief, glad his acting was getting better.

Roshi felt flattered by the boy's manners, unlike another boy he knew. "I did, but I'm training two students right now. There isn't much room on that tiny island so we moved here for a little while."

"You have students? I thought you didn't take students anymore." Gohan remembered Roshi telling him how he didn't want to take Krilin as a student because he didn't plan on teaching two boys.

"I don't, but those two boys I made a special exception. They have so much potential and it's up to me to bring it out." then the Turtle Hermit turned to Gohan. "You know, when I look at you, I can't help but feel potential that screams to be let out. How about I take you as my third pupil? I might as well since I'm already training those two knuckleheads, at least you're more tolerable."

Gohan's eyes widened in shock. The young demi-Saiyan didn't expect Master Roshi to just suddenly invite him to be his pupil! Gohan can't say 'no' to an offer like that, epscially when he just told the old Turtle Hermit he came out here to 'train'. There's no reason to reject without coming off as rude and that's the last thing Gohan wanted. Only one thought went through Gohan's mind the second Master Roshi offered him to be his student. 'I screwed up!'

Master Roshi laughed. "I'm only kidding with you, boy. I wouldn't take in another student even if he could beat me in a fight. Sorry, but two is enough, that's just how it is."

Gohan inwardly gave a huge sigh of relief. "That's okay, I don't think I'll be able to take such harsh training from the great Master Roshi anyway. So who are your two lucky students anyway?"

Master Roshi answered, "They're two young boys about the age of 12 and 13. Their names are: Goku and Krillin. I'm hopping to have them enter the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament that's in about two weeks."

Gohan then had a thoughtful look. "Really? They're both older then me."

Master Roshi's eyes bulged from his sunglasses. "Really? How old are you?"

"I'm 11 years old." Gohan answered simply.

"Really? You look taller then those two are. I thought you were about the same age as Krillin if not a little older. Well, at any case, they should be finished delievering the milk and coming back by now."

"What?" as if on cue, Gohan heard two very familiar voice of his dad and Krillin only younger.

"Hey Master Roshi! We're ready for the mid morning training!"

Gohan turned to see his young father and friend. Since Gohan only saw them this young in the pictures, it felt weird seeing them like this in person. Since both of them were adults when he was born.

"Good, that was much faster then yesterday." Roshi said in approval. Gohan noticed Goku and Krillin were both wearing heavy turtle shells on their backs.

Goku and Krillin took noticed of Gohan for the first time. "Hey Master, who is this kid?" Goku asked pointing at his future son.

"Probably just some student wannabee." Krillin said smugly. Gohan remembered the Krillin from the future told him that he was always a rude little boy and seeing him here he believes him.

Gohan didn't really want to face his past father since he still felt responsible for his death with the battle against Cell and he didn't want Krillin to get a look at his face either. So the young boy only stared at the ground shyly, not knowing what to say. Also, Gohan knew his voice sounded very similar to his past dad's voice. So talking would be a little awkward too.

"This here is Sky. He was just training his legs running around, that's all." Master Roshi introduced simply.

Goku then chuckled. "Running around? That's not much training. By the way, why do you look so familiar to me? I feel like I've met you somewhere before."

Gohan stepped back, hopping to keep Goku and Krillin from getting a good look at his face. "Why are you backing up like that?" Goku asked naively.

"Don't you get it? He's obviously shy." Krillin spoke out, much to Gohan's relief.

"Why would he be shy?"

"You're an idiot. People can be naturally shy. He's probably just shy to be in the presence of Master Roshi and his students."

"But he's older, so he shouldn't be so shy around kids younger then he is." Goku pointed out, obviously not knowing Gohan's age.

"Actually Goku, he's younger then you and Krillin." Master Roshi said.

This had both of them shocked. "Really? He's younger? But he's taller then us!" Krillin pointed at Gohan in shock, making the hybrid blush in embarrassment, he didn't want to draw attention to himself.

"Hey, why don't you train with us, Sky? Maybe you could enter the World Martial Arts Tournament with us." Goku suggested with that infamous smile.

Gohan continued looking at the ground, refusing to say anything that may make him slip up and the fact that his own voice sounded too much like chibi Goku.

"Why don't you say something? It's not nice to not say aything to people." Goku scolded. Gohan felt ashamed at having his dad scolding him, even if the kid didn't know that Gohan was his future son.

"Alright, that's enough Goku, you're scaring the poor guy." Krillin said to his naive friend.

"This is no time to interrogate the boy. You two still have some farming to do, now get to it!" Master Roshi snapped, making the two boys quickly running to the farm area forgetting about the mysterious boy called 'Sky'.

"I knew you were modest, but not THAT shy. Why didn't you say anything to Goku or Krillin, Sky?" Roshi asked Gohan.

Gohan bowed his head respectfully before answering, "I apologize, Master Roshi, but I have my reasons. By any chance you've seen anyone unsual around here? Like someone with lots of hair or wearing some kind of weird armor?"

Master Roshi thought about it before saying, "Come to think of it, I did see someone by your description."

Gohan smiled, he was finally making progress. "Really? Could you tell me where, please?"

Master Roshi then smirked, not about to let Gohan go that easily. "Now wait just a minute there young man, what business do you have with that man?"

"He's my uncle and I've been looking for him." Gohan answered without hesitation, because it's the truth.

Roshi then said, "Well if that's the case... I'll tell you where I saw him, but you have to do something for me first."

Gohan knew what Roshi wanted. The Roshi from his future wanted the same thing: porn magezines or a beautiful young girl for him to... get to know. Yeah, the Turtle Hermit really haven't changed a bit over the years.

Gohan smirked as he brought out a Capsule. Krillin gave this one to him in case he ran into Master Roshi and he needed something from the Turtle Hermit but the stubborn old man won't give it to him unless he gave him this.

Inside that Capsule were porn magezines, heaven for Master Roshi. "OOOOH YEEEAAAH!"

"You can have them all if you just tell me where you saw that man." Gohan said with an assuring smile like Goku whenever he's about to win a fight.

"Oh yes, well, I saw him going to a cave just behind the village. You can't miss it." Master Roshi said and the second he did he dived into the small pool of porn magezines, flipping through the pages like a true pervert.

"Thanks." Gohan said as he began walking away, not wanting the man to see him fly. Although Master Roshi is easily distracted, Gohan still wanted to make sure he wasn't near him when he take off into the sky. While Gohan was walking away, he heard gunshots coming from Kame House. Looking back, he saw Master Roshi jumping around while crying over his torn up magezines and a girl with blond hair holding a gun and a vicious attitude.

"So you like looking at girls, huh? Well say hello to my little friends!" Launch yelled while continuing to shoot at the poor Turtle Hermit until she sneezed and her hair turned dark blue and she dropped her gun in shock.

"Oh dear, Master Roshi are you alright?" she asked in a sweet and genuine concern voice. Gohan knew this was Launch, but this was the first time he actually saw her personailty change with his own eyes, to say he was surprised would be an understatment.

"I'm glad I don't have such a split personaility." Gohan muttered to himself before finally taking off into the skies to find the cave Master Roshi mentioned.

While gliding through the air, Gohan saw his dad and Krillin doing construction work now. They worked the tools like they were nothing even with those heavy turtle shells on their backs. Gohan gave a small smile before turning his attention to the back of the village.

Gohan did indeed see a cave. "Yup, there's a cave back here, just as Master Roshi mentioned. I wonder if Raditz is in here?"

Gohan looked around until he saw a single Capsule on the cave floor. Curious and cautious that this could be a trap, the young demi-Saiyan slowly took the Capsule. Then he pushed the button and threw it, ready to see what was inside.

What popped out of the Capsule was the familiar orange Dragon Ball. Gohan was surprised, he didn't know Dragon Balls could be stuffed into Capsules, and plus he's in the time period where they're suppose to be nothing but round stones right now. Maybe he got it wrong again? Or perhaps the Dragon Balls resurrected earlier then a year due to the unbalance in Time? Either way, there must be a reason why Gohan found a Dragon Ball in that Capsule.

Gohan held it up close to his face, counting the stars. "There's four stars. Yes, it's the Four-Star Ball. This belonged to my Great Grandpa Gohan. Dad treasured this ball. I wonder what's it doing here? From my Dad's stories, I thought Upa and his dad, Bora, had the Four-Star Ball? Unless this was one of those evil guys' plan to destroy Time."

Then to Gohan's major surprise, the Dragon Ball in his hand spoke. "No it's not. This is a special gift for you, Gohan."

Gohan jumped out of his skin (that's twice in one day) when he heard his father's voice, the adult version.

The boy could heard his dad laughing. "What the? D-Dad? Is that really you? How are you talking to me through this Dragon Ball?"

As Gohan looked at the orange orb, he saw his dad's face on there. It wasn't disorinted or looked funny, it was a normal mirror reflection, except there wasn't anything to reflect upon. Goku was smiling at his son.

"King Kai told me everything. How Time was stopping and you went back to the past to stop those who are causing it. We figured you could use some help other then Bulma's. Since we can't commuticate though that watch of yours, King Kai came up with a different way. I put my essence into the Four-Star Ball and sent it to the past in a Capsule, hopping you would find it and you did."

"So you're saying I can actually talk to you through this Dragon Ball? But what if someone steals it and use it to resurrect Shenron?"

"Don't worry about that, Son. This Dragon Ball is used for communication purposes only, it's powerless otherwise. It can't resurrect the Eternal Dragon, even if the other six are with it. Besides, since it's not counted as a 'magical' Dragon Ball, it won't show up on any Dragon Radar, just make sure nobody sees it. That's what the Capsule is for."

Gohan gave a huge smile. Happy that he can talk to father again, even if it's only until this Time Traveling thing is resolved. Still the boy knew he couldn't do it too often because if someone saw him talking to his dad through the Dragon Ball, then that could cause some serious problems. Only when he really needs his dad's help will he talk to him.

"Oh yeah, Dad, do you know if Raditz or someone else that shouldn't be here is here?" Gohan asked.

Goku put his finger to his chin, thinking. "Hmm, I think King Kai told me Raditz is the only one in that area. But we're not sure where he is exactly. He was in the cave, but then he moved out somewhere else. It's possible he moved out of the island though, just keep an eye out for him."

"Okay. I guess I'll talk to you later, Dad." Gohan said with a smile before Goku's face disappeared. Gohan put the Dragon Ball back into the Capsule and placed it into the case with the other Capsules.

Gohan looked around in the cave one more time, there was no clue or anything else out of the ordinary. With a sigh, the young demi-Saiyan boy exit the cave. Back to square one.

Chapter 2, Desception

It's been two weeks since Gohan had arrived in the past. The demi-Saiyan couldn't find Raditz anywhere and this discouraged him. Still, he wasn't going to do nothing, so he decided to train himself under the sea so nobody would see him. Being able to hold his breath longer then a whale, he tested his own endurance, stamina and how fast he can fight underwater. Even now the boy grows stronger so he would be ready in case the enemies got stronger too.

Gohan was thankful Bulma made the C.T.W. waterproof. Occasionally he would give them a call and tell them he hasn't made any progress so far. They would tell him that the enemy may be waiting at the Tournament then, so Gohan is to train until it was time for Goku and Krillin to enter the World Martial Arts Tournament.

All this time, Gohan kept hidden from Master Roshi, Launch, Goku and Krillin of the past. Spending most of his time under the ocean, training himself underwater. Whenever the young boy wasn't training, he would hunt for food like he did before when Piccolo left him to fend for himself in the wilderness. Sometimes he would say 'hello' to some of the villagers before returning to training.

There were times when Gohan talked to his father. Goku suggested Gohan should learn the art of Kaio-Ken, knowing the young boy could handle over a Super Kaio-Ken since he's capable of going Super Saiyan and beyond. With Goku's help and guidance, Gohan was able to use Kaio-Ken, but he hasn't mastered it quite yet since it took Goku almost a year to master it and Gohan only had two weeks to do the same.

Soon, the day for the Tournament has arrived. Gohan stayed in the cave where he found the Dragon Ball and was talking to his dad.

"Okay Son, today's the day. Are you going to enter?" Goku asked curiously and eagerly.

"Hmm... I don't think it's such a good idea. I mean I don't want to change anything, that could freeze Time even faster. Nobody knows I can fight and I'd rather keep it that way. Besides, aren't you suppose to lose to 'Jackie Chun' not to me?" Gohan smirked as his dad gave him a pouty face.

"Fine, you're no fun. Well, just becareful out there Son and good luck." Goku flashed him his infamous smile before disappearing.

Gohan exit out of the cave after changing into his spare Piccolo made gi. Only the wrist band and waist were red this time. Gohan made sure the C.T.W. was in perfect condition (Bulma may have told him it was indestructable, but that doesn't mean it can't malfunction) before taking off and landing behind Kame House.

Goku and Krillin just finished changing into the suits Launch gave to them. Gohan held back a laugh. His dad looked so funny in that outfit and Krillin looked no better since he's so use to seeing them wearing their orange gi.

Deciding to make his appearance before they left him, Gohan uneasily walked into their view. He didn't like being too close to his past friends and dad because it might mess up the future even more. Still, Gohan, Bulma and adult Goku had devised a plan and he needed to be in their 'group' for it to work.

Goku was the first to notice his future son. "Huh? Heeey! It's that Sky kid."

Gohan nervously smiled and stiffly waved at them all the while mentally scolding himself. 'Just relax Gohan, you have to make this work. Don't look so scared and stiff. Act like a normal kid who wants to see the Tournament.'

"What brings you here, Sky? I haven't seen you in two weeks or so." Master Roshi said walking up to the demi-Saiyan child.

"I was... um... around and heard you were... uh... entering the famous World Martial Arts Tournament. I was... um... wondering if I could... join you, if it's not too much trouble." Gohan managed to say though stuttering a bit, he mentally slapped himself for talking like a shy coward, Piccolo taught him better then that.

"You want to enter the Tournament? No offense, but you'd just get creamed." Krillin said, misunderstanding what Gohan just said.

"Aw, I think it'd be fine to have him enter. After all, you two are entering so why can't he?" Launch suggested.

Gohan shook his head. "No, I'm not entering. I just... well, want to watch it."

"Sure, but why can't your parents just take you?" Roshi asked.

Gohan sighed, he practiced for this question. "I can't bother them for something like that. The flight to the Tournament is too expensive. My dad just died a month and a week ago and my mom can barely make enough money to feed the two of us. I don't want to be a burden for her anymore, so I live alone."

If there's one thing Gohan's good at 'lying' about, it's a good sob story to get others to feel sorry for him. Gohan doesn't ususally do this, epsecially since it goes against his morals to manipulate people and he was raised far better then that, but desperate times calls for desperate measures and hopes he doesn't have to do it too often. Although the part that his dad died wasn't a lie.

Launch gasped. Krillin and Goku just stared at Gohan with wide eyes as if they couldn't believe it. Master Roshi could tell this boy was telling the truth about his deceased father and frowned. "Oh my... I'm so sorry about that, Sky. You sure you should leave your mother alone like that?"

"It's okay, she knew she couldn't afford to take care of me anymore. All my life I've wanted to see the World Martial Arts Tournament. The fights encourage me to keep going. So can I please go with you? I don't know who else to turn to." Gohan begged, lying through his teeth and desperatly hoped this plan worked while also hopping his real mom never finds out about this or he'll be joining his dad in the Otherworld at quite an early age. It was surprisingly adult Goku's idea to get Gohan to come up with such a sob story.

Launch started crying for the kid. "Oh poor child! Please take him to the Tournament, Roshi, the poor kid's been through a lot."

"Oh well, I suppose it couldn't hurt if one more comes with us. Just don't get in the way." Roshi sighed.

"Thank you so very much, Master Roshi." Gohan respectfully bowed to him.

Goku then sniffed Gohan. Gohan looked at his past dad in confusion. "You smell like the sea. What have you been doing? Training yourself underwater?"

Gohan's eyes widened, worried that they'll find out he is indeed a great fighter. That is until Krillin spoke up.

"No you idiot! He must've been swimming away from sharks like we have. Or maybe he was fishing for food or something since he's living by himself."

Gohan was saved once again by Krillin's logical attitude. Gohan has to remember to thank Krillin in the future for being such a logical yet fiesty kid the next time he talks to him.

"Oh, well did you catch any big ones? I always catch the biggest fish I could find." Goku said happily.

"Now's not the time, Goku! We need to hurry and get to the Airport. If you're joining us Sky, then get in the car." Roshi said impatiently.

Everyone except Launch got on board. She waved good-bye to them as Roshi drove off to the Airport. Gohan was glad he got to join his father and friend to actually see them fight rather then just hearing about it. 'So far, so good. I just hope I don't slip up.'

Things were pretty uneventful after getting to the Airport. Gohan sighed as they rode the plane. He could fly around the world eight times before this slow thing made it to South City on Papaya Island (where the Tournament is being held). He had nothing better to do then to look out the window at the moment, watching the scenes go by slowly.

While Gohan was very bored, Goku was just the opposite. The young Saiyan kept looking out the window and commented on every little thing he saw. Gohan didn't get why his little dad was so excited about being so high since he could ride the Flying Nimbus. Guess he didn't ride it very often at this point in time.

Yes, Gohan recalled his dad telling him that it wasn't until his little journey against the Red Ribbon Army after the 21st Tournament that he started going around the world on his trusty Flying Nimbus Cloud.

Hours passed and it was dark already. Gohan had fallen asleep. Krillin looked at Gohan for a minute. "You know, he really looks and sounds like you, Goku. Especially while he sleeps."

Goku looked at the sleeping boy. "You're right, I guess I didn't really notice it before, but he does sound like me. I wonder why?"

"Let's not worry about that right now, you two need to focus on what lies ahead: The World Martial Arts Tournament." Master Roshi said sternly, though he had his own mind somewhere else. On two things: #1.) Why does 'Sky' look and sound so much like Goku and #2.) He wonders if 'Sky' had anymore porn magezines for him since Launch destroyed them all when she was her 'evil side'.

Finally, after the plane landed, Master Roshi told Goku to wake up the sleeping demi-Saiyan while he and Krillin go find a Taxi to take them to the registered area for the Tournament tomorrow.

Goku, at first, only stared at the sleeping boy. Not only did the boy looked so much like him but there's something about him that felt like... he knew him from somewhere. Like this peaceful sleeping child was a long forgotten family or something to him. Goku didn't want to wake him up, but if he didn't he'd be left behind and Goku wouldn't want to do that.

Goku also didn't need to *ahem* pat the boy to know what gender he was, he could already tell he was male (thankgoodness). Goku wished he could figure out why he had these feelings for some random kid he never met before.

"Hey, wake up. We've landed, we need to get into the Tournament." Goku said while shaking Gohan gently like a father would to his sleeping child. Now this was very odd, especially for Goku since he had no concept whatsoever on parenthood and not to mention he can't even tell the difference between male and female. Plus this boy was only a year younger then he was.

Gohan stirred, slowly opening his sleepy eyes. When he saw his chibi dad's face right in front of his smiling at him like adult Goku would whenever he woke him up, Gohan was wide awake in a second and flinched back in the chair. His face was red and hot. He knew his dad was not so great with personal space, but he didn't think he'd be so close to his face like that.

Goku chuckled at Gohan's red hot face. "Why is your face so red? Master Roshi told me to wake you up. We're here, so we better hurry and get re... uh... rejustared?"

Gohan shook his head, trying to get the grogginess out. "You mean 'registered', right?" it certainly wasn't the first time Gohan had to correct his own father on his volcabulary. Unlike Gohan, Goku grew up with no education other then fighting.

"Yeah, registered. Come on, we better hurry." Goku said while laughing and grabbing his son's arms, dragging him out of his seat and off the plane. Gohan yelped as Goku dragged him all the way to where Master Roshi and Krillin were with two Taxi Cabs waiting for them. Gohan may be waaaaay more stronger then the Goku here and now, but that doesn't mean he can't be taken by surprise and get dragged.

"It's about time. What took you so long? You usually jump on a person to wake them up. You sure took your time waking Sky up." Master Roshi said with some bitterness in his voice. Gohan suspected that his chibi father did just that to the cranky Turtle Hermit: pounced him in his sleep. Gohan had to hold back a laugh while imagining this.

"Yeah, what's up with that, Goku? You literally threw me out of the room to wake me up." Krillin glared at the smiling Saiyan.

"I don't know, guess I've changed a bit?" Goku guessed, not really knowing why himself.

"We better get in the cab, the Drivers are getting impatient." Gohan pointed out seeing how annoyed the Drivers were getting. Plus he didn't want them to keep talking about how Goku wakes people up. It might give them a clue to who Gohan really is and that's the last thing he wanted.

Gohan was relieved Goku rode with Master Roshi in the other cab while he rode with Krillin in this one. Being around Krillin was bit easier then being around his past father, but the boy was a bit... rude to say the least.

"Listen kid, when we get to the Tournament, you better stick close to Master Roshi. We can't have you getting hurt with all those Fighters. Some are just plain mean while others like to pick on those weaker then they are." Krillin told Gohan, still believing he was just a hapless kid who lost his family.

Gohan was happy that Krillin cared for him even though this Krillin hardly knows him. "Thanks, I'll be sure to keep that in mind, Krillin."

It didn't take too long before they made it to the registration for the World Martial Arts Tournament. Gohan grumbled that he could've walked faster then these slow cabs (which he probably could), but didn't want to seem out of the ordinary. Gohan had to keep up his mask of being a 'defensless little kid' if he wants to keep his future from further Time shattering.

Gohan waited with Goku and Krillin beside him while Master Roshi registered his two pupils into the Tournament. Gohan soon noticed Goku kept staring at him and it was making him really uncomfortable. It's as if Goku was staring into his soul, trying to find something. Gohan couldn't really say anything because he didn't want to upset his chibi dad. Regardless whether Goku knew Gohan was his son or not, he just felt like he shouldn't upset his father.

Krillin finally noticed Goku staring at the taller yet younger boy. "Huh? Goku, stop staring, you're making him uneasy."

Goku then blinked, as if just coming out of a trance. "Really? Sorry, I didn't realize I was staring." he grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head.

"I apologize for my friend's rude behavior Sky, don't mind him. The boy doesn't know the meaning of the words: 'personal space'." Krillin said to Gohan.

Gohan chuckled. "It's okay. Just please try to refrain from staring, I was never one for attention."

Just then, Gohan and Goku heard a familiar voice. "Hey! Hey Goku! I'm over here!"

Gohan instantly saw Yamcha, he was younger here obviously, but still recognizable. Goku, however, did not recognize him when he walked in front of them.

"Who's... he?" Goku asked cluelessly, though he may have had some idea.

Yamcha smirked before getting into position. "Hah! Wolf Fang Fist!'

That did it. Goku smiled when he recognized him. "YAMCHA!"

"I thought you'd like that." Yamcha conitnued smirking.

"Sure did. I guess I didn't recognize you because your hair got shorter." Goku smiled pointing at Yamcha's short hair. Gohan was use to seeing Yamcha having short hair, in his future Yamcha never grew his hair long, so Gohan wondered what Yamcha looked like with long hair.

Yamcha blushed as he touched his short hair. "Bulma said long hair is out this year. So anyway, are you entering the Tournament, Goku?"

"I sure am!" Goku smiled excitedly, ah yes, just like a Saiyan he enjoys fighting strong opponents.

"Great! Then you and I can test each other's strength out!" Yamcha smirked.

"Goku, who's this guy?" Krillin asked.

"Oh yeah, this is Yamcha a friend of mine. Yamcha, meet Krillin. The tall one that looks like me is Sky. Both of them are new friends of mine." Goku pointed to the short former monk and the tall half Saiyan child.

"Nice to meet you both. Sky, you really do look like Goku, are you cousins or something?" Yamcha asked curiously.

Inwardly, Gohan scowled and cringed. 'Why does everybody have to ask me that? I know I resemble my dad, but sheesh! I'm getting sick of all these questions!' Outwardly however, the boy remained calm with a curious yet slightly forced smile. "I don't know, I guess it's just some weird coincidence."

Yamcha was taken back when Gohan spoke, making the boy confused until he remembered how much his own voice was so similar to his dad's current voice.

"Wow... You even sound like Goku, how strange." Yamcha said before changing the subject, much to Gohan's great relief.

"Anyway, I can hardly wait to see you in the ring, Goku. Let's do our best." Yamcha said until three familiar faces popped up from the crowd, making Gohan even more nervous as he now have to deal with more people he knew in the future.

"Hey Goku, it's been a while." Bulma said happily. Oolong and Puar all laughed as they were happy to see their old friend again. Goku introduced Krillin and 'Sky' to them. Again Bulma commented on how much 'Sky' looked and sounded like Goku, but passed it off as a coincidence like with everyone else so far.

Gohan was relieved the girl genius didn't try to push the matter, saying things like 'It can't just be a coincidence that he looks and sound like Goku. He could be his long lost brother or something.' That would've made things a lot more difficult. It was also times like these that Gohan was glad he didn't have his tail anymore because they would've suspected he was related to Goku for sure... he just hopes it doesn't grow back all of a sudden, but there's no reason it would... right?

Goku's tail was gone too. Gohan remembered hearing that his dad's tail got cut off on the night his friends first discovered his accursed Oozaru transformation. Gohan himself almost got ran over by the Oozaru when he miscalculated the date. Gohan also knew the tail grew back during the Tournament, he didn't know when or how, but he knew it would be some time during the Tournament.

"Goku, it's been a long time. Have you been training?" Oolong asked eagerly to Goku.

"Of course I have, it was tough." Goku said happily.

"What have you been doing?" Puar asked.

"Delivering milk, farming, construction, swimming away from sharks and getting attacked by wasps." Goku said as if it was a normal thing, making Gohan chuckle with his friend's shocked expression. Being stung by a bunch of wasps couldn't even begin to compare to being hammered by Piccolo.

"Okay, you're all registered. Now we need to get to the hotel for some rest for the big day tomorrow." Master Roshi said, then he spotted Bulma.

"Oh Bulma! Do you remember me? You wore that bunny outfit!" Roshi had that look on his face again, making Bulma growling even deadlier then her future husband; Vegeta. No wonder the two ended up together, she's the only one who can keep the Prince under control.

Gohan looked away as Bulma beat the tar out of the poor Turtle Pervert... Hermit I mean. Krillin was embarrassed by his Master's actions. Goku just looked at them cluelessly as always.

"Hey, I thought the Tournament was tonight." Goku whinned.

"Sorry kid, it's tomorrow. Tonight is registration." Yamcha told the eager Saiyan.

"Come now, we better get to the hotel before it gets too late." Roshi said with a big hand print mark on his face, courtesy of an angry Bulma.

"So kid, Sky right? Why are you here? Surely you're not here to enter. I mean Goku's a special kid and Krillin's been under Master Roshi's training." Bulma said to Gohan as they rode in the same cab to the hotel.

"Hm? Oh no, I'm just here to observe them, that's all." Gohan assured her, making her smile in relief.

"Oh, that's good, I was afraid you were going to get yourself hurt. You can sit with me, Puar and Oolong if you want, Sky." Bulma offered with a smile.

Future Bulma always did like Gohan due to his good manners. Although there was that one time he accidently ditched her on Planet Namek to fight Frieza and his men... oh well, she didn't seem to mind anymore.

"Uh... sure thanks Bulma, how generous of you." Gohan bowed in respect, making Bulma blush and giddy.

"Wow, for such a young kid, you sure do know how to show respect to a lady." she smiled.

"Too bad there isn't one here." Oolong teased, making Bulma go into Vegeta Rage Mode.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY BACON!" she hissed while strangling the poor swine shape shifter.

That night, at the hotel, everybody was asleep. They had to get up bright and early for the Tournament. Gohan, on the other hand, stayed awake until he was sure everyone was asleep before sneaking out of the hotel and flew into the starry sky to make sure nobody could overhear him.

Gohan took this time to use the C.T.W. to contact with the Bulma of the future. "Bulma, are you there?"

"G-Gohan? Hang up, quickly!" Bulma suddenly shouted on the screen. Gohan wondered what's got her so panicky, until he heard a very familiar yell.

"IS THAT MY GOHAN!" "Uh-oh." Gohan instantly knew he called at a very bad time, his mother was there and she just found out how he was commuticating with them.

*Two minutes earlier back in the future*

Bulma and Krillin were the only ones in the room, they were looking at the radar of the past to try and help Gohan find the enemy.

Krillin then spotted something. "Hey Bulma, I think I found Raditz."

"Way to go Krillin! Now all we have to do is wait for Gohan to call and-" before Bulma could finish that sentence, her door was literally barged down, revealing a very angry Chi-Chi.

"Alright, that's IT! Where is Gohan? I know you have a way to talk to him even when he's in the past, which I am still dead set about!" Chi-Chi snarled like a hungry heyna, ready to pounce its unfortunate prey.

"Chi-Chi, you know that Gohan was the only guy for this. If he didn't go back, he'd probably ceased to exist already." Krillin said nervously.

Chi-Chi growled at him, causing the poor former monk to step back. "I don't care about your exscuses! JUST TELL ME HOW TO TALK TO GOHAN!"

Bulma gave her a nervous smile. "N-now Chi-Chi, be reasonable. How would we be able to talk to Gohan when he's in the past?"

Chi-Chi glared before looking gloomy. "Yeah... I suppose you're right. It doesn't seem possible."

Just before Bulma and Krillin could give a breath in relief, Gohan's face appeared on the T.V. screen as clear as day for all to see.

"Bulma, are you there?" he asked, trying to get the genius woman's attention. This caused both Krillin and Bulma to gasp, knowing a gruesome end was coming their way.

"G-Gohan? Hang up, quickly!" Bulma yelled at him. The young boy only looked at her in confusion until he heard Chi-Chi screaming.

"IS THAT MY GOHAN!" Gohan's eyes widened when he realized who else was there. "Uh-oh."

*Back In The Past*

"GOHAN, IT'S MOMMY! You have to use that Time Machine or whatever it's called to get your tail back here now! You've fallen too far behind in your studies as it is!" Chi-Chi yelled at him so loud that Gohan was glad he decided to take this up in the air, otherwise people would be staring at him and his friends would all be awake.

Gohan sighed, this is exactly why he didn't want to tell his mom about his journey of Time Traveling. Not only would she disapprove, she would constantly nag him to finish his studies. What good would studying be if Time stopped? Doesn't she realize that this is way more important then reading some stupid books?

"I'm sorry Mom, but this is too important and I have don't have time to be worrying about my studies." Gohan retaliated for the first time in a good while against his mother.

Chi-Chi gasped at her son's sudden rebellion. "W-wh-what? Gohan! When did you get so rebellious! I've raised you better then that! Do as I say and get back here now! Before I go into the past myself and drag you out there!"

Gohan sighed, knowing yelling at her would only make things worse, so the half Saiyan decided to try a different approach. "I'm sorry Mom, I didn't mean to yell. Look, this is really important and if I go back now then Time will freeze and there's no amount of studying that's going to help."

Chi-Chi glared at her son. "Don't you DARE talk back at me young man! A mother knows what's best and you need to continue your homework!"

Gohan silently growled, there's no getting through to that woman. Then he thought of another idea. "Okay, how about I do my studies while I'm trying to fix the past? Would that make you happy, Mom?"

Chi-Chi sighed. "I know, Gohan. This is far more important then some writtings on paper. It's just I don't want you to start losing IQ points like your father. So please promise me you'll continue to study even while Time Traveling, okay?"

Gohan gave a huge sigh of relief, finally in an agreement. "Sure Mom, I promise."

"I love you, sweetie." Chi-Chi waved good-bye before she left the room and Bulma took over.

"Well, I'm glad that's taken care of. Now listen Gohan, Krillin and I found out where Raditz might be. The Time Radar shows he's definitly somewhere in the Tournament, but we don't have an exact location. There's also a slight possibility that big brute and muscle headed Nappa is there too, so be on your guard, kid."

Gohan nodded. "Right, I'll be sure to keep a look out for these two Saiyans."

"By the way, where are you?" she asked curiously, noticing nothing but the night sky in the backround.

"I'm in the sky, above the hotel where your past self and the rest of our friends are sleeping, getting ready for the Tournament tomorrow." the young demi-Saiyan boy answered.

Krillin then took over. "Oh yeah, before I forget; Gohan, your dad, Goku, will be transforming into that giant ape monster during the Tournament. I believe it happened during his battle with Master Roshi, who is Jackie Chun in disguise. When that happens, either stay away or find a way to help Goku control that form."

Gohan nodded. "Thanks for the heads up, Krillin. By the way... how did you find out Master Roshi was Jackie Chun?"

Krillin chuckled nervously. "Eh? Sorry Gohan, that's a story for another day. You just better get some shut eye and be sure to look out for a hairy guy or a bulky muscle man."

"Okay then, I'll talk to you later, Krillin, Bulma." Gohan said before shutting off the C.T.W. making the screen go blank.

Gohan sighed as he looked around from the sky. Wondering what he should do if he did end up running into Raditz or Nappa during the Tournament. Fighting them in such a crowded area was out of the question. He would have to lure them away somehow to an isolated place. Things are going to get complicated tomorrow.

Gohan fell fast asleep the second he hit the mattress in the room. The young demi-Saiyan was worn out after all that's happened. That night, however, the young warrior had a dream or a nightmare.

"Gohan, can you hear me?" Gohan heard his father's voice (the adult Goku). Gohan stood up and looked around, he was surprised to see the adult Goku right in front of him, yet he had that halo above his head.

"D-Dad? How? I'm not dead, am I?" Gohan was confused.

Goku chuckled before shaking his head. "No, you're not dead, Son. You're asleep right now, this is... well, I guess you could call it a dream."

"A dream? But why are you here, Dad?"

"King Kai said it's a lot easier to commuticate with you directly while you're sleeping, so I thought I'd give it a try. Oh and there is another reason..."

"There is? What is it?" Gohan asked curiously.

"Well... see that rampaging monster over there?" Goku pointed at an Oozaru roaring with rage and stomping around wildly.

Gohan's eyes went wide. "An Oozaru? What's it doing here?"

Goku gave his son a nervous chuckle before answering. "Well Son, that's you actually."

Gohan's eyes popped out of their sockets, staring at Goku and at the rampaging Oozaru. "What? But how? Why? I don't even have a tail anymore, how could that be me?"

"Well Son, it's complicated. King Kai wanted me to help train you to tame that wild monkey beast so you would no longer lose your sense of self whenever you turn into the Oozaru."

"But Dad, if I don't even have a tail anymore why would that even be an issue?" Gohan asked, not sure why would they go through the trouble for something that's not going to happen.

"King Kai said it's so you could help me... and by me, I mean my past self, learn to control the Oozaru form. You remember what Krillin told you? I turned into the Oozaru and almost destroyed everything at the World Martial Arts Tournament, then Master Roshi blew up the moon. I figured if you could somehow help my past self control the Oozaru form, it would become a great asset and Master Roshi wouldn't have a reason to blow up the moon. Sound like fun, Gohan?"

"Well I guess, but wouldn't that distrupt the Timeline even more?"

"No it won't, don't worry about that. Now if we could tame the Oozaru in you, then you can help my past self tame the Oozaru in him. Are you ready?"

"Sure Dad, let's tame this wild beast!"

Gohan and Goku both charged at the raging Oozaru. The giant monkey monster turned and saw them coming and raised its giant hand to slap them away before they could reach its face.

""Ow! That monkey sure packs a punch." Gohan said rubbing his sore head that was the brunt of the giant hand slap attack.

Goku rubbed his head too, chuckiling. "Of course it does. That Oozaru is only as strong as you are, Gohan."

"What do you mean?"

"It is a part of you after all. Try turning into a Super Saiyan and watch what happens." Goku suggested.

Gohan complied, since this was a dream nobody- except his father- would see him transform. Gohan powered up, his hair turned golden yellow and his eyes turned teal.

As soon as Gohan turned himself into a Super Saiyan, he was shocked to see the Oozaru also changed color. Intead of dark brown fur, the Oozaru now has golden yellow fur. Shocked by this, Gohan reverted back to his basic form, returning his hair and eyes black. The second he did, the Oozaru also reverted to having brown fur again.

"You see what I mean, Gohan? That Oozaru is you, the you that's been long forgotten since your tail got cut off." Goku explained and chuckled at his son's shocked expression.

"But Dad, this is crazy! I'm fighting a much more violent, wild, hairer and giant version of myself! How the heck are we going to beat that thing?"

Goku then thought of something. "Maybe we're going about it the wrong way. We're suppose to tame it, not kill it. Killing it would be like killing yourself and we wouldn't want that. The Oozaru saw us coming in and its defense mechanism batted us away not wanting us to kill Gohan."

Gohan thought about it. "I get it. Instead of trying to attack the Oozaru, we're suppose to calm it down to the point that we can reason with it. But how are we going to do that?"

Both father and son were stummped as they watched the Oozaru continue to rampage. "I wish Vegeta told me how he was able to control his Oozaru form, that information would've been helpful."

Gohan then remembered something Vegeta told him before coming into the past. "Hang on Dad, I think Vegeta gave me a hint. Before coming into the past, he told me: 'Just remember, Son of Kakarot, the beast within all Saiyans can only be tamed by the Saiyan's strong will. Do you have a strong will?' I didn't really understand what he meant at first, but I think he somehow knew we would try to tame the Oozaru within me and you, Dad."

"Ah, I get it now. So you're suppose to merge with your Oozaru self and try to control it through sheer will power. Do you think you can do it, Son?"

Gohan was always doubting himself, heck even Krillin thought more about himself and the man belittles himself a lot. However, there is one thing Gohan knew for sure: he had a strong and determined will just like his father. If he could bear the incredible pain of going Kamehameha Wave with that monster Cell, then surely he should be able to tame the Oozaru within himself.

"I'm ready, Father. But please, don't make me do it alone."

"Don't worry, I'll be encouraging you every step of the way. Good luck, my son." Goku knew this would be dangerous, but he needs his son to learn how to control his own Oozaru before he could help his past self with his monkey monster.

Gohan flew in front of the Oozaru. The giant monkey didn't sense an attack so it didn't do anything but stare silently at the boy in front of its face. It's as if it knew what Gohan was trying to do. Instead of batting Gohan away this time, it grabbed the boy and its body flashed brightly before disappearing.

Although the Oozaru was nowhere to be found, Gohan was struggling as if trying to keep himself from turning primal. A bright white aura surronded the crying demi-Saiyan. Goku knew Gohan and the Oozaru were now fighting for dominace.

"I believe in you, Gohan! You can't let that monkey beat you! Tame it! Control it! Use it! YOU CAN DO IT, SON!" Goku encouraged Gohan the best he could like he did during Cell's final battle.

"YYAAAAAAHHHHH!" Gohan screamed loudly that could break glass from all across the globe. Gohan stopped struggling and opened his eyes, he saw the Oozaru again, only this time instead of roaring in blind rage and rampaging, it was calm and smiled before disappearing for good.

Gohan was able to breathe easy again, but that really tired him out despite being only a dream.

Goku smiled proudly at his son. "You did it Gohan, you've tamed the beast within. I'm so proud of you. Your tail may grow back or may not, but if it does at least you can use the Oozaru at will."

Gohan smiled weakily at his dad. "To be honest Dad, I'd rather it didn't grow back. It'll cause too many unwanted attention and unanswerable questions. But at least now I can help your past self tame the wild beast within himself."

"Yeah. Good night, Son."

Chapter 3, Raditz the Child Manipulator

"... Gohan, wake up. It's morning, you don't want to sleep in now do you?" Gohan heard his dad's voice.

Groaning, the demi-Saiyan child kept his eyes closed. "Five more minutes Daddy."

Goku laughed like crazy when Gohan said that. It took a minute before Gohan realized he was still in the past and the one he called 'Daddy' is not even a father yet. Gohan quickly opened his eyes and his face turned red hot from embarrassment, although he's glad Goku didn't take his daddy comment seriously.

"Sorry, you've been dreaming about your dad? I never knew mine. Well, come on Sky, let's go or we'll be late!" Goku was excited and grabbed his son's arm and dragged him out of bed and outside the hotel. Gohan was glad he wore his gi to bed instead of his pajamas or he'd die from embarrassment.

"Whoa! I need to brush my teeth first Da- Goku!" Gohan almost slipped up there after being surprised by the wake up call (again).

"Why would you need to brush your teeth? Doesn't the comb tickle your teeth? Now come on, Master Roshi and the others are waiting!"

Gohan turned pale when he just found out another 'fun fact' about his father that he never knew about until now: the man never brushed his teeth, at least not until Chi-Chi came into his life. How in the world did his teeth not rot out from cavity? Maybe pure bloodied Saiyans don't get cavities? Gohan would commend any cavity brave enough to invade his father's mouth.

"Yup, I'm going to be having bad breath today." Gohan grumbled to himself already smelling his own putrid breath.

Goku managed to drag poor little Gohan all the way to the building of the Preliminary rounds. This is where Master Roshi gave Goku and Krillin their first orange gi, the same one Gohan sees them in most of the time in his future.

"They really do look fitting on the both of you." Gohan commented with a smile.

"Thanks, they are really cool. It's too bad you don't get one, Sky." Krillin said, though Gohan's not sure whether Krillin actually wished he could've gotten one or was just bragging about.

"Yeah and it would've been more colorful then that dark purple one you wear all the time, Sky." Goku agreed with Krillin.

"Huh? But I like what I'm wearing." Gohan said looking at the gi he wore in respect for his first mentor; Piccolo.

"Don't go picking on what people wear now boys. You two need to shape up and get ready for the fights ahead!" Roshi shouted at them, causing both boys to straighten up.

"Well, good luck in there guys, you'll need it." Bulma said with a big smile on her face.

Gohan walked beside Bulma. "I doubt they'll need it, they're pretty strong."

Bulma then took a sniff in the air before covering her nose as if in disgust. "Ew! Did you brush your teeth this morning, kid? Your breath smells like a wet dog on a very hot day."

Gohan frowned, he knew his breath smelled bad due to the fact a certain full-blooded Saiyan pulled him right out of bed before he even had a chance to go into the bathroom, but he didn't think it would be THAT horrid.

"You know, since we can't go into the Preliminary Rounds to watch them, I'm going to go back to the hotel and brush my teeth." Gohan suggested as he started walking back to the hotel.

"You do that, kid. Meanwhile, Oolong, Puar, we're going to watch the Prelimanry Match." Bulma snickered as an idea formed in her genius head.

Gohan sighed, wishing he could just fly back to the hotel since it's less time consuming then walking there. "I really need to be more alert when it comes to my dad, he's always surprising and dragging me to places before I have time to think. I love him and all, but that's just annoying."

Then the demi-Saiyan stopped when he sensed something. Looking around, he could easily tell this Power Level was much too high for anyone in this time period. Which means he's close to his target enemy. Looks like brushing his teeth will have to wait.

It didn't take long before Gohan saw someone with really long and spiky hair, but he was really small, about the same size as a hot dog for whatever reason. Gohan smirked, glad to finally find his target. Now he had to figure out how he's going to approach his evil 'deceased' uncle without causing a scene.

Just in a blink of an eye, Gohan vanished into thin air before reappearing right in front of the shrunken Raditz. This surprised the smaller Saiyan. Before he could get away, Gohan grabbed him and held him tight so he couldn't get away.

Some people were looking his way curiously. Gohan just grinned sheepishly at them. "This is my... action figure." then he quickly hid in the cornor of the building. The half Saiyan was grateful all the people were too busy trying to get in the building to watch the Preliminary Rounds. He turned his attention to Raditz.

"Who are you? Unhand me you stupid brat before I MAKE you!" Raditz demanded angerily, not recognizing Gohan.

Gohan glared at the struggling little Saiyan in his iron grip. "So you don't really remember me, 'Uncle Raditz'?"

This caught Radtiz's attention as he looked at the boy, studying him before realizing just who this kid was. "Impossible! You're Kakarot's son, Gohan? You were such a crybaby, you shouldn't be able to hold me for more then two seconds!"

"A lot has changed since Dad and Piccolo defeated you. Now tell me what you and your allies are doing? How and why are you destroying Time?" Gohan calmly yet fiercely demanded.

At this, despite the current situation, Raditz gave the half Saiyan child an evil smirk. "Oh? You mean you haven't figured it out yet? And here I thought you were a genius. I don't know how you were able to Time Travel without a Temporal Mecha, but I'm not about to give away such top secrets to a brat like you."

Gohan raised an eyebrow. 'Temporal Mecha? Is it that huge watch around his neck? That's probably how he and the others were able to Time Travel, but that still doesn't answer how they're alive or how they're shattering Time. As far as I could see, they've done nothing to cause any drastic changes here. I need to find out what's going on before it's too late.'

Gohan glared at the smirking shrunken Saiyan. "Mind telling me why you're only a foot tall? Surely you didn't expect to do much of anything when you're the size of a hot dog unless you're trying to get into a mouse hole."

Raditz's smirk continued to grow, making Gohan wish he could just punch the lights out of the Saiyan already. "You can't even figure that out? You're more naive then your father, kid. Being able to shrink myself using the Temporal Mecha gives me a great advantage to manipulate people. The weak Earthlings are so easy to control that it hurts. By being this size, people will believe I'm only a toy or whatever. Children about your age or under or a little older will listen to me. Rebel against the adults, become naughty and pull dangerous pranks or just telling them to kill their own parents, they'll do it all for the sake of power."

"What did you do?" Gohan demanded, anger rising to dangerous levels, but the demi-Saiyan knew he had to keep his cool.

"Bwa, ha, ha, ha! By getting all those stupid naive little children to believe I was their 'conscious' talking through a 'toy' they'll do everything I tell them to. In case you haven't figured it out, Brat of my idiotic brother Kakarot, we're destroying Time by simply changing both minor and major events through the use of people and creatures of this very planet."

"But why? Wouldn't it be easier just to go around blowing everything up then just going out of your way trying to manipulate children into doing such unspeakable things?" Gohan growled demandingly, the boy rather the enemies try to destroy the Earth then quietly hurting people emotionaly, at least in the former the demi-Saiyan could easily fight them all off. The latter makes it way too hard to find any of them and that's probably why they're so sneaky.

Raditz's never ending evil smirk was really angering Gohan. "You'd like that wouldn't you, Half-Saiyan? No, by this point we've all become too smart for something so primative and destructive. We'd figured you would send somebody back to stop us from destroying Time, so we all decided to do things the sneaky way. It's not as fast as I would have hoped, but it's a lot more fun seeing people squirm with mental issues I've caused them. Besides, just destroying everything is far too simple: it would only create another Timeline rather then destroying Time itself."

Gohan realized Raditz was right: something as simple as blowing up the Earth would have an easy fix as an alternate Timeline. But something complicated and ingenious all the while having multiple sources to the never ending changes would cause Time to go haywire until it fades away, unable to handle so many changes, no matter how insignificant. No wonder Raditz and the other enemies were going through so much trouble not to get seen and quietly scarring people for life.

"And it's not just manipulating children. That's my and Nappa's job. All the others have different ways of changing things and we're all well hidden. We can easily hide our ki and energy from you so you can't find us through your usual senses." Raditz continued.

"How are you alive? You should be dead."

"That's the million dollar question, isn't it my little nephew? Sorry, but I'm afraid I've already said too much. It's time for you to die!" Raditz suddenly slipped out of Gohan's hand. The evil Saiyan pressed a button on the Temporal Mecha around his neck and grew into his normal tall size, towering the demi-Saiyan child.

Gohan knew fighting his evil uncle here would result in drawing attention and shattering Time even faster, so he had to get Raditz to an isolated area and fast.

"I've gotten a lot stronger since you last saw me, 'Uncle'." Gohan said to him with a determined look.

Raditz smirked. "So I see. Well so have I. Let's see how you can deal with the new and improved Raditz."

Raditz launched himself at Gohan. Gohan jumped and easily dodged his attack before flipping away from the area.

"Get back here you coward! I always knew you were a crybaby coward, you're not fit to have Saiyan blood!" Raditz charged angerily at the young boy.

Gohan grinned; this is exactly what he wanted. Gohan purposly angered Raditz and have him follow him out of the crowded place and into the forest where no one would see them. So they should be able to fight without any innocent bystanders getting caught in the crossfire or to see how the demi-Sayian could really fight.

Just as Raditz was about to yell at Gohan for running away again, the demi-Saiyan unexpectedly launched at the bigger Saiyan with great speed before punching him right in the gut, cracking his armor like he did when he was in rage with him for hurting his dad. Only this time he did it on purpose and with a simple punch rather then a powered up headbutt.

Raditz gasped in pain and held his stomach. "Why you... you cheeky little..."

"Sorry, but I had to get you away from all those people. I'm here to fix Time not help destroy it. First I'll deal with you, then I'm going after Nappa and all the other enemies causing the shattering in Time."

Raditz looked at Gohan. "So you have become much stronger then I remembered. Still, that won't change a thing. Like I said: I too have gotten stronger. I may not be able to transform into that flashy Super Saiyan level, but I have other methods of beating you, my nephew, other then fighting."

Gohan looked at Raditz carefully, wondering what his evil uncle was planning to do. If he knew fighting him wouldn't work, then just what is he going to do that'll beat him? The demi-Saiyan had a really bad feeling about this.

Raditz chuckled sinisterly before clapping his hand three times. "Oh kiiiids, I've found another Non-Believer and you know what we do to any Non-Believers."

Gohan's eyes widen in shock. Never had the young demi-Saiyan would thought he'd see Raditz talk like that. Then he felt multiple kis surronding them. Although they felt weak, there were thousands of them. What really had Gohan scared was the fact that everywhere he looked; were children of his age, younger or a few years older. All of them were staring at him as if he just killed Santa Claus or something.

One of the kids pointed at him and spoke. "Non-Believer, what right do you have of hurting Master Raditz?"

The kid spoke like a soldier and a zombie combined. Gohan was sure all of these kids were brainwashed heavily by Raditz. Now he knew why Raditz was so confident of this battle: Gohan was far too kind hearted to hurt or kill innocent children like his father, giving Raditz a big advantage.

"You shouldn't listen to him. Raditz is a dirty liar, all he wants is to use you all to hurt others and those closest to you!" Gohan tried to reason with them.

Another kid, about two years older then Gohan, spoke. "You are wrong, Non-Believer. Master Raditz came to set us free, free from the slave driving parents and other adults. Master Raditz is our Leader, our Liberator, he will free all the suffering children from their slave driving parents."

Then another kid, about Gohan's age, spoke. "Yet why must the others, including you- Non-Believer- always resist and go against our Liberator?"

Gohan gritted his teeth. "You all ran away from home? You're hurting all your friends and family by doing that. How could you live with yourselves? Your parents and the other adults aren't trying to rule over you or anything like that, they care about you all. Those rules and scolding are a way to keep you safe and make sure you don't do anything dangerous. Besides, Raditz is an adult too!"

Another kid shouted, "SHUT UP! Why should we listen to a Non-Believer? Master Raditz isn't an adult, he's a toy."

Gohan sweatdropped. "You're willing to let a 'toy' lead you?"

"A toy... no, the toy that'll lead us to freedom! And if you can't accept it, then we'll MAKE you!" they all chanted together and started advancing towards the trapped demi-Saiyan.

Raditz simply folded his arms while laughing. "You see Nephew? I've brainwashed these kids so well that they're willing to take on anyone that tries to resist me. Including ones who could kill them. So what's it going to be my young Nephew? Kill them all to get to me or just allow them to overpower you and let me escape?"

Gohan silently growled at Raditz. The demi-Saiyan child was at a major loss here. How could he defeat Raditz without hurting any of these poor brainwashed children that want to tear him limb from limb until he 'joins them'? There was no time to call his dad or his friends in the future for help, so he had to think fast.

Just before Raditz could take off and continue to manipulate other children, an idea came to Gohan. 'It's a bit risky but it's better then nothing. I just hope this doesn't hurt the children.'

"Kaio-Ken ATTAAAAACK!" Gohan suddenly shouted. A powerful red aura surronded the boy, the entire area was being blown back by the strong winds that could rival a tornado. All the kids were instantly pushed back, most of them went unconscious while the rest couldn't move. Raditz saw this and gasped.

"WHAT! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE FOR A CHILD!" Raditz yelled in bewilderment.

Gohan, still glowing brightly red, glared up at Raditz, who was frozen in the air. "WAAAAH!" before he could even blink, Gohan was already pounding his body like a rag doll. The demi-Saiyan kid wasn't even close to being a Super Saiyan and he just pounded Raditz like a fragile punching bag. With one more kick, Gohan sent Raditz straight into the ground, creating a massive crater.

Gohan immedientaly powered down. Gohan can't hold the Kaio-Ken for very long since he has yet to master it fully, but it was enough to get the job done. He was able to push back the children without harming them too much and caught up to Raditz before he could escape.

Gohan landed next to Raditz, who's body was half buried with his lower half on the surface. Gohan easily pulled Raditz out with one hand and was glad to see he was unconscious... or dead, though he's not really sure. The demi-Saiyan also noticed the watch, the Temporal Mecha, was in pieces.

"My father taught me that move. It's a good thing he did, otherwise I wouldn't be able to push away those kids without harming them and catch up to you." Gohan said. Although Gohan is capable to pushing back the kids without the Kaio-Ken, doing so would only cause the kids to lose their skin due to the sheer power alone. The Kaio-Ken kept those powers under control enough to just put them unconscious for a few hours.

As soon as Gohan threw the carcass of his uncle it vanished into thin air. Confused and bewildered, Gohan looked around trying to find him, but he was gone, it's like he just disappeared the second the demi-Saiyan dropped him.

Gohan looked back at the unconscious and paralyzed kids. Gohan contacted Future Bulma with the C.T.W. for some help. "Bulma, I managed to defeat Radtiz, but he just disappeared and a bunch of these kids that he brainwashed are out here unconscious. Their families are probably worried sick about them."

Bulma nodded. "Yes, we figured that out the second Raditz's signature disappeared from the Time Radar. It seems that after defeating them or destroying their watch things they were returned to the Otherworld where they belong."

"Oh yeah, Raditz told me it was called a Temporal Mecha."

"I see, then it must be those Temporal Mechas that keeps them alive, shrinks them and grants the ability to Time Travel. By destroying those, they'll have nothing tying them here anymore and are forced to return. And take a look at this! Time is starting to move again in some of these gray areas. Keep it up Gohan, you're doing great!"

"Thanks Bulma, but the others aren't going to be easy to find..." Gohan spent the next several minutes explaining to Bulma about what Raditz told him.

"Sounds like finding and defeating them has gotten a lot more complicated if what you say is true. They're scattered everywhere in different parts of the world and in different time periods. Even with the Time Radar, it'll be close to impossible to find them all before Time stops completely here."

"What should we do, Bulma? I haven't even found Nappa yet."

"Okay, don't panic kid. Let's just take this one step at a time. By defeating and sending Raditz back, you've managed to fix some of the shattered Time and by doing so you've slowed down the progress. So just relax and keep doing what you've been doing. Make sure you get those kids home or at least put them somewhere the authorities can find them."

"Right. Gohan over and out." Gohan said as he turned off the C.T.W. and turned back to the now sleeping children. Raditz didn't really get any stronger, he only played dirtier by trying to make Gohan unable to attack him. The demi-Saiyan figured the rest of the enemies would be just as dirty so he better watch out. Gohan knew getting these kids to the authorities should do the trick and when they wake up they'll think 'Master Raditz' was all a dream 'or a nightmare.' Gohan chuckled at his own thoughts before picking up all the sleeping children.

"Hey boss! Look, it's all the missing children!" a police officer shouted in shock.

Another cop came out of a doughnut shop and was just as stunned to see all the sleeping kids right in front of them. One of the kids woke up and looked around in confusion.

"Where am I? Where did Master Raditz go?"

"Hey kid, did you have a bad dream or something?" one of the cops asked him as more kids began waking up, looking just as bewildered.

"Was it all just a dream?"

"Yeah I guess so, I mean who ever heard of a talking toy?"

"I want to go home, Mommy and Daddy were cooking fish and I'm hungry."

"Alright, settle down children. We'll take you home as soon you tell us where you live."

Gohan was sitting on the roof of a building watching the scene. The young demi-Saiyan smiled as he looked up at the sky, knowing he just recovered a small part of Time. He still had a long way to go, but at least he was making progress.


Looking down, he saw Bulma along with Oolong and Puar watching the Preliminaries through a rather huge hole in the wall... now how did that happen? Gohan was about to jump down and join them until he remembered he hadn't brushed his teeth yet nor eaten breakfast when his stomach growled.

"I'd love to watch Dad and Krillin as well as Yamcha fight, but first... I better brush my teeth and get some food. I just hope there's enough to feed two growing Saiyans, even if I am only half." Gohan grinned to himself before jumping off the roof and running towards the hotel for some well-deserved meal... after some major mouth washing of course.

To Be Continued...