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Gohan's Time Warp Chaos

Chapter 73: Training Part II

Gohan was never a fan of dark places, in fact when he was a little kid he would always get his Mom or Dad to check the house for any night monsters. Though that seems very silly to him now, he still never liked the dark.

Kit, being a dark illusionist fox, likes the dark, but she felt uneasy here. "Nothing but dark trees and bugs here." she grumbled, hating bugs like mosquitoes and spiders. Then a wolf howled.

"I think there are some villagers-turned-wolves here." Gohan said uneasily.

"Come on, let's just keep going, and don't look back." Kit said quickly.

The two went on in deeper, trying to stay close and away from anything that sounded like a wolf, they could fight yes but they didn't want to hurt the villagers. And besides, if there were ghosts here, they're not sure if they could even FIGHT those things. Eventually they were in so deep it was completely dark, there was no sunlight here, and there appears to be an old rotting house on the hill.

"Guess this is it… let's go in." Kit said nervously.

The half Saiyan hybrid felt like he had seen a movie like this before… and he and Kit don't make it to the sequel. "D-do you believe in ghosts?"

"Yeah, I do. Your Dad is kinda one in the future."

"Oh right…"

The old rusty gate opened themselves, making the two even more nervous as they went up to the door. Gohan slowly and nervously knocked on the door, "H-hello? Is… anybody home? Preferably alive?"

Kit almost chuckled at what the demi-Saiyan just said, and probably would've if she wasn't so scared herself. Gohan frowned when nobody answered and he twisted the knob, surprised that it was unlocked. "Oh boy… I guess we should check it out huh?"

The demi-Saiyan and vulpine slowly entered the creepy house, it was dark in there, but they can see in the dark without too much problem, but it certainly has a very haunted and creepy feel to it. Gohan never liked horror movies and this was just making it worse, no wonder his mother never lets him watch horror movies.

"Okay… what are we looking for here?" Kit wondered.

Gohan looked up, "I guess we should go to the top, that's where the bell is. Whoever's up there must be the one ringing it and turning those poor villagers into wolves."

Gohan and Kit flew up slowly, the stairs were spiral and the air itself was almost as if it was warning them to get out, but they pressed onwards, at the top they could see the bright moon (not full thankfully) and they heard a voice that almost made them jump out of their skins.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? Some monkey boy kid and a little fox." They turned to see it was some kind of… fox? It was an anthro-fox, Kit glared; she was expecting some kind of evil ghost, not another kitsune!

"Of course, this explains a lot! A fox has the natural ability to use illusions to shape-shift, but this is no illusion, you physically transformed those villagers, how did you do it?" Kit demanded, angry that one of her own kind would do something so disgusting.

The anthro-fox smirked, "So you must be one of the inhabits on that Kage Island if you can talk. Well it's true I use my illusions on them, but I managed the physical transformation with the power of the moon light and this bell has mystical properties as well. Since those villagers are so boring I figured it'd be more fun to turn them into bloodthirsty were-wolves to pump it up, like a horror movie."

Kit growled, "You know it's foxes like you that give foxes like me a bad name! How could you!?"

"It's what I do especially when I'm bored, besides they always made fun of me so this is payback! Ever heard of karma?"

Gohan would argue but he figured he should stay out of it considering Kit is pretty scary, like his mom and Bulma, when she gets mad and fired up.

"What YOU'RE doing isn't karma, karma is going to come back and bite you in the tail soon if you don't stop this non-sense and reverse what you did to those poor villagers!"

The anthro-fox rolled his eyes as he jumped down from his chair, "So what? What are you two going to do about it?"

Gohan decided to speak up, "Look, if you don't turn them back to normal and stop this, you'll regret it. I know we may not look like much but we are much, much stronger than we look, you do not want to mess with us."

"You heard the boy, you can stop this before the pain… or AFTER it." the tone in Kit's voice made it clear she's hoping for 'after' the pain.

The anthro-fox may be mean but he's smart, "I know when not to pick my fights, you see, I don't fight especially against barbarians like you two. I like to use my illusions instead."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Gohan demanded.

Kit looked uneasy about that, she, being a fox herself, knew how tricky foxes can be, they don't always rely on power or strength. "Gohan, don't get too close… fighting foxes are no picnic no matter how strong you are."

Gohan could agree with that considering Kit herself was tricky to fight, even Cell himself would get a run for his money.

"I don't think 'staying back' is going to help much monkey boy." the fox laughed. "Now watch this little magic trick." he suddenly rang the bell and Gohan's head began to spin. "And take a little nap."

"Gohan! GOHAN!" he heard Kit's voice calling out like a far away echo before he passed out. Kit's eyes widen in horror when she saw what was happening to him.


"Sorry, ya snooze, ya lose suckers." the anthrop-fox laughed as he began changing himself and disappeared.

"Oh-no… G-Gohan, Gohan wake up!"

After about an hour or two, Gohan finally woke up, he saw Kit there but she was looking at him worriedly. "H-hey Kit… I'm fine but what did he do to me?"

Kit frowned, "Uh… well he uh… you might want to take a really good look into the mirror."

Gohan frowned, not liking where this was going, he looked into the mirror but jumped back when he saw he was a small black wolf pup, he looked cute but… he's an animal now!

"WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!?" he screamed.

Kit gave him a nervous smile, "I think… that the fox just turned YOU into a wolf pup… but on the bright side as least you kept your mind."

Gohan was still in freak out mode, "K-Kit! You're a fox right? Can't you turn me back to normal?"

"Okay, first of all; there is nothing normal about you wolf Saiyan pup, and second; this is a powerful physical illusion he put on you, I can't take it off. He'll have to take it off himself, or we beat him to a pulp and it wears off."

Gohan really wanted to scream right now, but he's sure if his mother ever saw him like this she'll have enough screams to last him a lifetime. "What should we do!?"

Kit sighed, "I told you; we have to find him and get him to change you back."

"Then let's go!" Gohan said quickly as he tried to walk but wasn't use to the body and fell on his face.

"Uh… I know you're in a hurry Gohan, but you might want to learn to get use to that body first."

Gohan grumbled, but sounded like an agreement, "Fine… how do you walk on all fours?"

"Well first… you need to stand up. Second, you need to learn to walk with extra two feet." Kit explained.

The young wolf/demi-Saiyan pup stood up and wobbly walked, but Kit had to stop him from walking down the stairs since that would be an accident waiting to happen.

"Can I still fly or use my ki at all?" Gohan asked.

"Uh well… I don't think the transformation messed with your ki, you can still use it, but I don't think you can transform into a Super Saiyan or anything like that in the body you're in now."

Gohan nodded, "That's fine, I don't think I'll need to use all that power. I'm just going to get use to this body first, sniff that fox out and, as Vegeta would say, beat that blasted fox clown to the ground!"

Kit chuckled, "Come on, let's go. I'll help you down the stairs."

Kit had to hold the little pup with her paws before floating down the stairs and outside. "Well Gohan, sniff the air, see if you can sniff him out."

The former demi-Saiyan nodded and began sniffing around, the two of the canines were going back through the dark hill and woods, Gohan noticed he found it a lot easier to see in the dark now, probably because his eyes were meant to hunt in the dark.

"I think he's back in town." Gohan said after sniffing the scent and realized it was going all the way back to the small town they were in earlier.

"And have you noticed? We hadn't seen or heard any wolf howling since we got here. Maybe when he ran off the spell broke or something." Kit said though not sure if it works that way with the physical illusions.

"But if that's the case why am I still a wolf?" Gohan asked as Kit frowned.

"Perhaps because you're the one he 'cursed' personally rather than just randomly by chance." Kit said, knowing if a kitsune wants to cover you in an illusion it is very difficult to get rid of until the kitsune dies or it changes you back or you defeat it in a game.

The two eventually made it back to town, thankfully Gohan has gotten somewhat use to walking on four paws, but they weren't town yet, because suddenly… Gohan himself flew down and stopped them.

"Where do you think you're going?" he said that didn't sound like Gohan at all.

Kit growled as she protectively stood in front of the real Gohan, "You! Stay away from him! How dare you try to steal Gohan's identity!"

"That's him? Why is he trying to steal my identity?" Gohan asked.

Kit sighed, "That's how foxes are sometimes, if they cover you in an illusion and they use your own body for their's it means they want to steal your own life. And if you're not careful they can use your own powers against you."

"What? Are you serious?" Gohan paled, if he had to fight against himself like this… that'd be impossible!

"Calm down, they can only do that if they really know you, so don't give him any hints." Kit glared and it made Gohan wonder if Kit herself could do that too?

"Smart, you are a fox too so I didn't expect anything else. But I do love this body, it's so much easier to move around, heck I can even fly in this body! I wonder what else I can do with this?" the illusion Gohan smirked.

Gohan growled, "Give me back my body! You're worse than Ginyu!"

"Not really, he didn't technically switch bodies with you, he just turned you into a wolf pup and used a physical illusion on himself to resemble your original look." Kit explained and Gohan sighed.

"Fine, turn me back and get rid of that disguise!"

The illusion Gohan just laughed, "No way, I'm loving this too much! You want your body back you'll need to come and take it back!"

Kit hissed, "Challenge accepted! Come on Gohan let's beat him!"

"Oh I wouldn't do that little foxy." Illusion Gohan smirked, "You see, the illusion I used is not like yours. Mine can take away all your powers unless you can say my name."

Gohan and Kit frowned, they don't know his name. "What do you mean we have to guess your name!?"

"Ha, just kidding, in actuality you'll need to do more than just guess my name right. I can use your powers simply by fighting you and they're fun to use."

"Don't think that means you automatically know how to use those powers." Gohan warned remembering how Ginyu had a hard time using his dad's body when they first switched.

"Oh but that's where you're wrong little demi-Saiyan." he smirked and Gohan's eyes widen in shock; how did this complete stranger suddenly know of his half Saiyan status? Come to think of Kit never really explained how she knew either, is it a fox thing?

"Surprised? Well if you'd study more about foxes rather than about geometry you'd know that a fox can gain those they used for their illusion's memories, or at least the basic memories of their life and what they know."

Gohan blinked and looked over at Kit, "Is this true? Is that how you… knew so much about me?"

Kit shook her head, "I knew you and Goku for a long time, and I've never used your body for my own illusion." then she took a step forward, "But if we can't fight him like this we need to escape into town, now. He won't fight us with so many people in the area, don't want to give up his 'good reputation' just yet."

"You can't run away!" the illusion Gohan charged at them, but Kit quickly kicked up as much dirt as she can and before illusion Gohan had enough sense to try and sense them they already ran off into town.

"That was too close…" Kit groaned when they made it into town.

"But this is bad, how can I get my identity back this way? I'm stuck with this stupid wolf pup illusion body!" Gohan grumbled unhappily.

"Okay, don't panic now, we just need to know his name so we can fight him without feeling too weak." Kit sighed, the only time she fought with someone who could take away your energy by simply touching them was with Maron and both of them almost died due to that. They'll need a safer way to fight, especially since Gohan is still not use to the body he's in.

"Maybe we could ask someone for help?" she suggested, that's when they noticed the town was a lot more liviler than when they first came into town, the people were more happy and out and about.

One kid came up to Gohan but she started crying and ran away, "H-hey! Why did she cry all of a sudden?"

Kit frowned, "The curse must've been lifted and everyone turn back to normal… but they're still paranoid about the wolf curse so most likely she's scared that if she gets too close to you she would turn into a wolf or something herself."

"Then how can I get help if everyone runs away from me?" Gohan asked.

"Maybe the Mayor could help? He did point us in the right direction before." Kit explained and Gohan nodded.

But when the two canines opened the Mayor's door they saw Illusion Gohan there, chowing down on a big feast, making Gohan angry and jealous since it's been a while from his last meal.

"You did well destroying the monster that cursed us and saved this town, you deserve this feast little boy, you are stronger than you appear to be!"

"Ugh, never knew the Mayor could be such a kiss up." Kit hissed before she and Gohan went up to him. The Mayor looked at them, thankfully he didn't freak out at seeing a wolf pup.

"Ah there you are little foxie, I thought the kid said he lost you back there, but good to see you're alive and well… oh? Who's this cute little friend you've made?" the Mayor asked when he saw Gohan.

"Mayor, sir, this little wolf pup IS my friend, the one you're giving thanks to is an imposter!" Kit pointed out at the illusion Gohan.

The Mayor frowned, "… Imposter?"

The illusion Gohan just frowned and sighed, "She's a fox, she's a canine and wild animal, and she's a kid too, she likes to play pranks like every other foxes do."

"And YOU would know wouldn't you?" Kit hissed back.

"Now, now, let's not fight. Look, you two just go outside and play, I have important business to attend to." The Mayor said and Kit growled.

"Yeah, like feeding this imposter. Come on Gohan, let's get out of here, it's obvious nobody's going to help us around here."

Kit practically dragged the former half Saiyan out of there, "Hey shouldn't we do something?" Gohan asked.

Kit growled in irritation, "What can we do Gohan? The Mayor's not gonna believe us, a couple of little animals, over the 'one who saved the town', even if he is just a kid. If we want to de-throw that little trickster then we'll have to be smart about this, find out some information like what his weakness is or what his real name could be."

"This is starting to sound like a video game I use to play." Gohan grumbled.

"Your mother let you play video games?"

"… I had to sneak out to Kame House to play some."

Kit laughed, "Wow, and here I thought you were a complete good mama's boy, then again you did go to Planet Namek against her wishes… and you snuck out with Icirrus just before the whole Black Water Mist thing happened, and you-"

"Okay! I get it! I'm not the perfect little boy Mom likes to think I am, now can we move on please?" Gohan said feeling flustered.

The little vulpine sighed, "Alright, they say the best eye is the bird's eye, perhaps some… crows could tell us what we can do." Kit pointed at some crows on the trees or houses, there were a lot of them in this town.

Gohan nodded as he flew up to one, but he scared the birds so much they flew away. "I don't think they want to tell us."

Kit grumbled, "Of course not genius, we're supposed to eavesdrop on them."

"But eavesdropping is rude and how will we know if they'll even talk about that fake me?"

"We don't we just have to hope they do." Kit was really reminded of what happened with the clone Ginyu before time changed.

A few hours later… a crow spoke to its friend, "The anthrops and humans are so stupid sometimes I swear I want to peck them in the eye."

"Yeah, that poor kid got turned into a wolf and now the fox is running around posing at him."

"I heard that troublesome fox like to keep things locked up tight in his secret house or whatever, I mean after all if someone found out your secret then you'd be in deep trouble."

Kit and Gohan got out of the muddy place and Gohan growled in irritation, "You couldn't have just put an illusion disguise on us? Why'd we have to roll around in mud!?"

"Sorry little wolfie but if I used my illusions now the fake you would sense it and that would give us even more trouble." Kit argued.

Gohan just sighed, "Dad's probably wondering what happened to me, we did tell him we'd see each other again in a few hours and that was yesterday!"

"Relax, we'll go find your chibi naïve dad once we get you turn back to normal." Kit pointed out and hope to get Gohan to calm down, "Alright we need to find a way to find out his name so we can stop him from draining our powers."

"Didn't you say you once fought with someone like that before?" he asked her.

Kit paled, "… Let's just say I was lucky to get out of that battle alive. Now come on little wolfie, let's go."

However before the two canines could go any further a van pulled up that says; Dog Catcher. Both Gohan and Kit looked at each other, sure they could probably fly away or fight them off but if they do that it would mess up the timeline, badly, and they really can't afford to do that right now.

"Time to run." Kit hissed as Gohan nodded and the two ran away just as the dog catchers came out.

"Odd, I could've sworn somebody called because of a wolf problem here, but I only see that cub and the fox." One of them said.

"Ah, one wolf pup and a fox or a town full of wolves makes no difference to us, let's go get them." The other said eagerly. They both nodded and went after them. Gohan was still not quite use to this wolf's body so naturally he ended up tripping on his own four legs and the nets came down on him.

"Gotcha little pup!" he shot Gohan with a sedative, keeping the young former demi-Saiyan from being able to escape as his body went numb.

Kit used her illusion to disguise herself as one of the dog catchers after she knocked one out, "Sorry Ralph but the fox got away and in the woods, guess she was faster than we thought."

"Oh well, I suppose one little insignificant fox doesn't matter, we bagged ourselves a wolf pup, this is bound to bring in the loot." The greedy dog catcher grinned at the sleeping Gohan, making Kit glare, it was so obvious this guy only wants the money.

"Right, so I suppose we should get back now before it gets too late." she said holding in her anger.

"Yeah, let's go, time is money after all." he carelessly tossed Gohan into the back before shutting the doors, making Kit cringe and was thankful the former demi-Saiyan had a high tolerance to pain.

Just as she was about to get into the van she almost fainted when she saw kid Goku himself passing through and looked over at them curiously.

"Hey, what's going on over there?" he asked and Kit bit her lip, if he comes over now it might ruin everything… then again maybe he could help them.

"Hey kid, why don't you come over and help us for a minute?" she called him over and the other dog catcher glared at her.

"Why are you calling the kid over? We don't have time to baby sit!"

Kit just smiled calmly at him though inwardly she wants to slash the living daylights out of him… or blood. "Oh you silly, I'm not calling him to baby sit him, but he's a strong boy, I'm sure we could use his assistance."

"For what?"

"Like lifting all those flea bitten mongrels so we don't have to do all the heavy lifting, think about it man; the kid will work for food, so all we have to do is promise him some granola bar or something and we get paid a lot more by being faster, time is money after all." Kit said sounding very convincing.

This got the greedy dog catcher to agree, "Yes, that is good! Hey you kid!" he called over to Goku, who was still watching them with curiosity, he's never seen dog catchers before.

Goku's eyes narrowed, already not liking this guy's attitude, "My name is Goku, now what do you want?"

Kit quickly put her arm out, "Let me do the talking Ralph, he doesn't like impolite people." She walked over to the young Saiyan. "We're trying to find homes for these poor lost dogs and it would be much appreciated if you could help us with the heavy lifting, we promise to give you free food if you're willing to help us."

Goku blinked and looked at the fox-disguised-as-man, "… Kit? Is that you?"

Kit almost faltered but of course Goku could see through her disguise, he's always been sharp when it came to deception like this, somehow, despite appearing gullible. "Goku, quiet, I'm trying to help Sky and teach this jerk a lesson. Now are you going to come help me or not? I'm going to need you to act the part."

Goku nodded, "This looks like fun and it could help with my mind training Master Roshi and you've wanted me to train."

Kit nodded, "That's a good boy, now let's go."

Goku and Kit got into the truck, the greedy dog catcher smirked believing he's going to make big bucks off of the little wolf pup. Goku thought this man was mean and he didn't like him but Kit warned him not to say anything.

Gohan sighed as he sat in the back truck, "Am I ever going to get my body back?" he still has yet to find out the name of the one who stole his body, or rather transformed his body and stole his identity, he's not like Ginyu that's for sure, but can Gohan and Kit find a way to reverse the damage that's been done?

Suddenly the former demi-Saiyan smirked as he closed his eyes and began to mediate... perhaps this wouldn't be so bad after all, it gives him the chance to take a break from his physical training and train his mind.

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