"A Moment In Time"

Disclaimer: I don't own any recognizable characters that I use in my stories; they belong to their respective creators. The way I piece it all together is of my creation and no profit is being made sharing this with you (it would be nice though *smirks*)

A/N: Alright so this started mainly because my friend gave me a challenge to fulfill and it led to me realizing that I do a lot of snippet work that usually ends up in my stories but then there are snippet ideas that I don't write because they won't make it in the stories. Then it got me thinking that maybe I should post snippets to see the reception it gets as a whole instead of creating an elaborate story just so that one moment could be shared (and trust me I've had plenty of those).

So here's the deal; this will be a composition of one-shots from multiple fandoms that focus on ideas that I've had or they'll focus on ideas that others have requested me to try (a challenge if you will). I hope you enjoy and if you want to give me a challenge that's within my writing comforts (see below), then let me know in a review and I'll give it a try.

Fandoms (either as a stand-alone or as a crossover):


Dark Angel

Vampire Diaries (TV show)

Life with Derek


Twilight Saga


Lost Girl

The Covenant (movie)

NCIS: Los Angeles

Preferred Pairings:

VD – Damon/Elena, Caroline/Tyler

DA – Max/Alec

LWD – Derek/Casey

Nikita – Nikita/Michael, Nikita/Owen

Twilight – Bella/Jacob, Bella/Edward (AH only)

NCIS: Los Angeles - Kensi/Deeks, Callen/Kensi (if no Deeks)

VD/Twilight – Bella/Damon, Bella Salvatore/Jeremy

SPN/Twilight – Dean/Bella, Sam/Bella

SPN/DA – Dean (Alec)/Max

SPN/VD – Dean/Elena, Dean/Katherine, Damon/Ruby (sometimes)

Covenant/Twilight – Caleb/Bella, Reid/Bella, Tyler/Bella

Covenant/Charmed – Caleb/Melinda H.

A/N: Please give this a try and reviews are greatly appreciated!

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Originally Published: Oct. 23, 2011 (Two Year Anniversary since I posted my first story; LWD/DA crossover)

Edited: Dec. 16, 2011