"A Moment In Time"

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Fandom(s): Vampire Diaries
Bonnie Bennett and Damon Salvatore (mentions ofJeremy Gilbert, Elena Gilbert and Caroline Forbes)

Rating: T
225 words

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What does Damon do when he learns that Bonnie is back?
Inspiration: I thought of this during the commercial break and I quickly wrote it up for one of my tumblr reblogs.

Spoiler(s): everything up to ep. 5x07 ("Death and the Maiden")
Time Frame: I guess this could be said to be happening just after Bonnie had her reunion with Jeremy/Caroline/Elena.

A/N: At the end to avoid additional spoilers.


"Welcome Back"

With his shoulders slumped, Damon walked into the house with Amara's blood on his hands. He wasn't able to save her…he wasn't able to keep her alive long enough for Bonnie to become the new anchor.

He was pulled from his spiraling thoughts when he heard laughter in the other room. He hurried to the source and froze at the threshold when he saw three giggling girls and one smiling boy. That's right, three girls, not two.

The vampire teenagers stopped when they heard him.

The brunette turned and smiled at her boyfriend. "It worked."

He didn't say anything.

Instead he marched towards the girl in the middle, something the other boy was familiar in seeing, before he pulled the newly returned girl into his arms despite the blood on his hands.

She returned his embrace and laughed, "I didn't think you cared." She teased while ignoring the blood that was getting on her; she needed a shower anyways.

He didn't say anything at first; instead he turned his head so that his mouth was at her ear and he whispered, "Welcome to the resurrection club, Judgy."

Because he was right, everyone in their dysfunctional group had died at least once and that realization seemed to bring another laugh into the new anchor.

She was back. After three months, she was back with her family.


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Originally Published: November 14, 2013