I'll Remember Chap 1: Wow a polar bear!

Ok so this is the re-re- edited version… because this was my first fanfiction I felt the need to expand it, so if you have any issues feel free to message me and I will get back to you regarding whatever.. ENJOY !

"God where is he, I'm so bored" thought Matthew Williams a almost junior in high school. He was sick of being forgotten constantly. Sick of the way people looked through him, not actually seeing him. Even the few people who loved him forgot he existed on occasion. As seemed to be the case today. He sighed "…. He forgot me again"

Alfred, Matthews's older brother was running almost an hour late. He was supposed to be taking Matthew shopping for school supplies. "Oh maple, school starts tomorrow. I guess I'll have to walk to the store. I can't go to school unprepared." He stated and started walking the mile to the nearest Walgreens he yelled for Kumajiro to come with him. "Well at least this way will get some exercise" he thought. Matthew was usually the optimist.

This boy was more than he seemed. He may appear to be a shy, quiet young man with longish blond hair that had a peculiar unruly curl that was always sticking out. He was tall and well muscled though you couldn't tell at first due so the baggy clothes he preferred. Also he and his brother were more than human. In fact I'm not sure you could consider them human at all. You see they are the personifications of nations. Matthew is Canada and his brother Alfred is the personification of America. They never aged or got sick unless there was a horrible crisis or war in their country. So due to the fact that they still appeared high school age they were going to high school. This way he could buy himself a few years before he had to either fake his own death or find a way to drop off the face of the world and acquire a new identity. It was a somewhat depressing life. He usually didn't have as hard of a time with this though because no one ever paid him much attention. So as Matthew walked into the store no one seemed to bother looking his way which is a bit odd considering the fact that he had Kumajiro his pet polar bear with him. Or so Gilbert thought.

Gilbert's P.O.V.

Gilbert was simply performing the same mindless things he did at work on a daily basis. He was lucky to have a job, considering he had dropped out of school a year ago, his junior year. Usually his days were boring and quite uneventful. So you can imagine his surprise when a boy with a polar bear walked in. All he could do was stare. The boy was young and very attractive, not the usually costumer he got at the end of a week day, usually all the young people were home last minute before school homework, or partying with their friends before the school year started.. not shopping all alone.

Matthew's P.O.V.

Matthew walked over to the school supply section polar bear in tow, and started loading things into the little blue basket he had picked up next to the door. "Four notebooks, four binders, two packs of lined paper, a pack of pens." Matthew mumbled under his breath. "Hmm Kuma what do you want to eat tonight?" Matt asked.

"Steak … and pizza!" the bear exclaimed.

"I'll get you steak. But pizza isn't good for bears…But Alfred likes pizza so I'll get some anyway." Matthew said and continued loading stuff into the basket. When he deemed he had everything he would need for school he started to walk over to the food section to grab the ingredients he would need to make dinner.

Gilberts P.O.V.

"Holy Shit did that bear just talk!" Gilbert screamed in his head. "Wait does that mean the boy is a nation like me?" he mumbled taking a closer look at the boy. "Hmm he's kina cute, with those strange violet eyes he must be a nation…. I wonder why I've never seen him before?" Gill thought. "Well I should probably go introduce myself." He said and marched right up to the boy.

Matthews P.O.V.

"Hey there, are you a country?" someone screamed in Matt's ear causing him to jump an spin around. Next thing he knew he was staring into two gorgeous ruby eyes. "Wha... who are you?" Matthew whispered. The man that had caused him such a fright was drop dead amazing… so beautiful that he almost started to drool from the sight. He was as pale as porcelain and built tall and lean, and had the ideal body. But what turned him on the most was his face, he had the most perfectly sculpted jaw and a nose that looked like it had been sculpted by a master artist.. His eyes were red like puddles of blood and seemed like they should see into his soul. Matthew shivered a bit at the thought, not sure if it was fear or lust causing it.

"I asked you first." said the strange man with a slight German accent.

"I'm Matthew … Canada."

"What was that? Speak up." said Gilbert.

"I'm Canada!"

"Oh that's cool I'm Gilbert, the awesome Prussia." he said in a loud voice.

"God this man is loud… wait he noticed me! That's strange." Matt thought. "Hey you noticed me." He observed out loud.

"Well yeah" said Gilbert "It's a bit hard not to notice a talking polar bear with a cute person"

Gilberts P.O.V

"Fuck, did I just call this kid cute… out loud" he was thinking. He noticed the kid was mumbling again. "Hey what was that speak up."

Matt said a bit louder "W-well that's what you'd think, but no one usually notices me or Kumajiro." Matt was embarrassed at his own thoughts,, it wasn't every day that he was even spoken to. Let alone by such a fine looking country!

Gill replied "Well that's a shame, but at least the awesome ME noticed you. Hey did you walk here?"

"Umm yeah my brother forgot to pick me up so I had to walk." Matt said. "But I don't mind some exercise."

"Well my shift ends like now so the awesome me can give you a ride home if you want." said Gill. He wanted to better get to know this strange boy.

Matthew said he would like that so Gilbert waited whale Matt checked out his stuff and they left the store.