I'll Remember Chap 8 By: grellsmidnightlover

The week had gone by so fast with Gilbert by his side. A constant caring companion who always sees and appreciated him. "Hey Gilbert … I'm moving in tomorrow right?"

"Well yeah that's what we planned .. Are you having second thoughts?" Gill asked.

"No! Nothing like that.. you're the best thing that ever happened to me." Matthew said snuggling under Gilberts arm. "It's just that we should probably tell Alfred before I up and move out… not that he would notice.. but still..."

"Oh.. I didn't think of that .. though we should probably tell him sooner than later." Said Gill. "Where is he now, let's go tell him."

"hmm ok. I think he's in the other room watching TV."

They walked into the other room where Alfred was indeed playing video games. When Alfred noticed Gill he put the game on pause. " Dude what are you doing here .. oh were is Mattie ?"

Matthew made a loud cough startling Alfred. " Oh there you are … sorry I didn't see you there…. So what's up bro?"

Gathering as much courage as he could he started the speech of his life, starting quietly and growing louder and louder he said "Well for one thing I'm gay.. oh and I'm in love with Gilbert moving in with him tomorrow….. Yeah that's about it…"

The face Alfred was making was so priceless that both Gilbert and Matt started giggling despite their best efforts not to.

Alfred seemed to have slipped into shock or something because he was rendered speechless.

Anyway Gilbert and Matthew moved in together much to Alfred's protests and lived many happy lifetimes together. Gilbert held true to his promise and always remembered his precious Mattie.

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