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"Harry Potter, get up this instant!" Petunia yelled through the closed whitewood bedroom door. "You were supposed to be downstairs two whole minutes ago."

On the opposite side of the door, a very irritated Harry rolled over under his moth-eaten blanket, trying to shut out the annoying shrieking of what he first thought to be a magpie perched outside on his windowsill. "Yes, Aunt Petunia," he murmured drowsily, and heard his aunt's footsteps walk briskly off to her room. He most likely would have fallen asleep again if not for the sharp crash right outside his bedroom door.

Harry jerked awake, and stumbled out of bed. He thrust the door open and peered out, startled at his new wake-up call.

There was Dudley, Harry's wonderful cousin Dudley, angry and obese, sitting his disgustingly large weight on the remains of the beautiful red velvet chair that sat in the upstairs hallway. Dudley was sitting with a startled expression on his pudgy face (well, wouldn't you if a chair just collapsed from under you?), but as soon as he saw Harry's amused face peeking around his bedroom door, Dudley's expression turned to rage.

"You!" he shouted. "It's your fault! You cursed that stupid chair, didn't you? Just because you're jealous of me doesn't mean you have to use your puny magic. It's your fault!"

With that, Petunia came bustling out of her room to comfort Dudley (who probably had splinters in his bum) and see what was going on. Harry quickly pulled his head back into the bedroom to avoid getting in trouble for 'cursing the chair'. He shut the door quietly and a large grin appeared on his face. He ran to his bed and stuffed his head in the pillow to muffle the uproaring laughter he started to produce.

When Harry withdrew his head from the pillow, he had to wipe his eyes from laughing so hard. He then put down the pillow and made his bed. Aunt Petunia would come in later and complain about what an untidy boy he was if he didn't. After that, Harry pulled out a pair of old trousers and a plain shirt from his dresser, and put them on. He picked up his glasses from the bedside table and positioned them on his nose. Then, Harry picked up his brush and made a quick attempt to tame his hair. He walked over to the half- length mirror that dangled crookedly from one wall, and began to inspect himself.

"Shoelaces….tied;" he murmured, "fly….done up; shirt…..tucked in." Harry said that last bit with a note of fierceness in his voice, as Aunt Petunia always nagged about his untucked shirt. "Collar…..straight; hair…..well, that one's just hopeless! Overall….." Harry sighed. "…In desperate need of a growth spurt."

Harry was about to start his sixth year at Hogwarts, leaving for the train in three weeks' time. He had been stuck at Privet Drive all holidays. Hermione had planned to invite him over to her house, but that was before her parents' conference in France popped up on the calendar. So Harry had had a very fun holiday sitting around or waiting hand and foot on his favourite relatives.

However, although Harry was not far off from turning sixteen, his hormones still hadn't kicked in, and he looked like he belonged in fourth grade, rather than sixth. He had had to put up with a lot of teasing in the previous year concerning his late maturing, especially from the Slytherin boys. His voice had deepened, but apparently that wasn't enough. He was one of the shortest boys in the grade and Draco Malfoy had a very fun fifth year taking full advantage of that.

Apart from being the center of Slytherin's dirty jokes, the previous year had been a very uneventful one. It had been one of the few where You- Know-Who had taken a break from attempting in vain to defeat Harry, so the young wizard could concentrate more on his schooling. It was also unfortunately a year of chasing around after Cho in vain. Harry was spending more time in the library studying with Hermione (much to Ron's dismay) and as a result, ended up with one of the top ten overall marks in the grade. Dumbledore had taken him aside and told Harry that if he kept it up, he would well be in the running for Head Boy. This motivated Harry and he had been studying harder ever since. He had also benefited by taking his relationship with Hermione one little step further, now being able to discuss things like teenage relationships with her, without being in one together…or so Harry thought.

Harry didn't realize he had been daydreaming into his crooked mirror (not something he often does) until he heard the dreaded sound of his aunt calling his name. Rolling his eyes, Harry bravely proceeded to the door to face his 'punishment'. These last three weeks were going to be longer than he thought…


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