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"Darcy! Are you ready to go yet?"

I looked around my small room one more time before yelling down to my brother, "Yeah! Just a second!"

It was the first day of school. Well, not really. We don't start school school until tomorrow. But today was the day that we were moving in to our dorms. And its not just any move in day! Today is our very last move-in day at Eden Hall Academy!

I sat down on my bed, looking around at all the things that I would be leaving behind, and just thinking about it. Seniors. We were finally seniors! If I'm being honest with myself, I have no idea where these years have gone. It seems like just yesterday we were little ducks thrown into the giant scary pond that was Eden Hall.

I suppose I should give some background about myself. My name is Darcy Juliet Conway, twin sister to the notorious "Captain Duck" Charlie Conway. We live in an apartment in Minneapolis with our mother, Casey, our really cool stepdad, Mark, their new baby boy, Sam, and Mark's son, Luke.

Charlie and I were both part of the Minnesota Mighty Ducks in peewees, as well as Team USA for the Junior Goodwill Games. At Eden Hall, our team earned the title of National JV Champions for two years and third place in the National Varsity Championship. This year, we are determined to win the National Varsity title.

I looked in the mirror again, quadruple checking my outfit to make sure I had it just right. I know it was just move-in day, but I had to make a good impression! It was early September, which means that it was still pretty warm in Minneapolis. I opted for a white crocheted tank top with a black bra, my denim short-shorts, and a pair of brown leather sandals, which showed off my summer tan and hockey-toned physique.

That was the one thing about Eden Hall. Absolutely NO ONE has good style. Everyone looks like they were dressed by preppy mothers. Not that I didn't like Eden Hall, or the people in it. I actually had really come to love it over the past few years. Sure, it had its snobs. But that doesn't matter. We were Seniors now. The Ducks had slowly become the most popular kids in school, ever since we beat Varsity in our Freshman year. I mean, what's not to love? The Ducks are friendly, funny, charismatic... We were going to RULE the school this year.

Charlie came bounding up the stairs, caught one look at me staring at myself in the mirror, and rolled his eyes. "I swear, if you're not downstairs in five seconds I'm going to throw you over my shoulder and carry you down."

I ignored his comment and looked at him with a smile on my face. "Charlie... this is our senior year. Oh my god. We're seniors!"

Charlie rolled his eyes again. "You've been saying that for the last month. We're not gonna be seniors if we never get there though! Come on we're already 30 minutes late for check-in!"

"All right, I'm coming. Grab this bag for me, yeah?"

"Whatever, little princess."

I stuck my tongue out at him and ran down the stairs. I really was so excited for this year to start. Almost-number one hockey team in the nation, 4.0 GPA, amazing family and friends, and the best boyfriend in the whole world? How could this NOT be the best year ever?

Oh did I forget to mention my boyfriend? That would be Adam Banks. Adam Banks. Just thinking about him made my knees weak. We've been going out for almost three years now. We've both been into each other since peewees, but it never fell perfectly into place until our second year at Eden Hall. We definitely blow Connie and Guy out of the water for best and cutest couple, but don't you dare let Connie hear that I think that.

I gave my stepdad a hug on the front porch. "Bye Mark! See you in a few weeks."

"Have a great year, honey. Study hard, but make sure you have a lot of fun too. It is your senior year after all," he said with a wink as he gave me a kiss on the head.

"Thanks Mark! Let me hold Sammy before we leave! Don't get too big on me while I'm gone, little bear," I said as I nuzzled him on the cheek.

"Bye Luke! See you at the Blake game, when our team will hand your team your asses on a silver platter!" Luke plays for the Blake Bears, one of our biggest rivals in the area.

"Oh it is going to be so on!" He replied with a smile and a hug. I climbed into the backseat of the car as Charlie finished loading all of my bags into the trunk. I watched as Mark gave my mom a quick peck goodbye, and shook Charlie's hand.

"We'll see you guys soon, at the first game next weekend!" Mark called as the car began to drive away.

"Well, how does it feel? My little babies are growing up!" my mom said with tears in her eyes. "I can't believe you two are already going to graduate high school!"

"Chill Mom, we haven't even moved in yet. Can we save the tears for the end of the day?" Charlie replied. "I just want to hurry up and get there. This is the first time all of the Ducks have been together since the end of last year!"

Of course, we've all kept in touch. But this summer was pretty hard for the Ducks. With everyone going on vacations with their families, going back to their hometowns, and going on college tours, it was impossible to organize an entire group outing. And trust me, Connie Moreau, Queen of Planning, tried her very best to make it happen. It was going to feel so good to be reunited with the whole gang again!

Not to mention Adam has been on vacation with his family for two weeks, and his flight got in late last night so I wasn't able to meet him at the airport. So, yeah. I kinda miss him, to say the least.

As my mom pulled into the Eden Hall parking lot, I began to get a little nervous. Connie, Julie and I had decided that this year, we were all going to randomize our roommates, rather than living together in a triple like we have the past two years. It seemed like a really good idea! I never really thought about the fact that I could get some total weirdo who is anti-social and performs seances using strands of my hair as sacrifice... Oh god I hope not.

"Here we are! Am I allowed to start crying yet, Charlie?" my mom said jokingly.

Charlie, however, was already out of the car. He had just spotted the Bash Brothers Fulton Reed and Dean Portman standing to the left of the check-in desk. None of the guys knew who they were rooming with yet either, but Eden usually tends to group sports teams together so none of them were too worried.

I ran over to catch up with them-I mean its been two moths since I've seen Portman!

"Hey Dean!" I yelled, running over and giving him a gigantic bear hug. "I missed you!"

He squeezed me back, effectively leaving my lungs airless. "I missed you too, DJ!" he said with a laugh.

After he released me, I turned to the man by his side. "Don't think I forgot about you, Fulton! Good to see you too!"

"I know, Darce, jeez, whats it been, a day? We've really got to get together more often!" Fulton jokingly replied. He has been the one constant throughout the summer, since neither one of our families went on any trips.

"Where is everyone else? Already got their assignments? Who are you guys rooming with?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah, Julie, Kenny, Dwayne, Luis, and Russ all made it in safe. I think they're all with their parents, wanting to get in as much time as they can before they have to leave. My mom just left, her flight was pretty early this afternoon," Portman said. "And as for everyone else, they should be around here somewhere. They were here just a few minutes ago!"

Right as he said that, I heard a shout from behind me. I turned around and saw most of the team coming over from the dining center. They better not have been eating without me!

There they were: my ducks. All of them. The out-of-state ducks must have already bid their parents farewell, or like mine were checking them in. It felt really good to have us all back in one place again. We've all been through so much together, that we're pretty much a family now. Friends don't get much better than ours. Charlie, Dean, and Fulton started to walk towards them, with me bringing up the rear.

And there he was. In all his six foot one, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, muscular (but not TOO muscular) glory. Adam Banks. My boyfriend. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky. He is too good to be true. Smart, funny, athletic, incredibly good looking... I just don't even know. He spotted me, and was making his way toward me with a huge smile on his face. Did I mention he has a great smile? Because he does. He has an amazing smile.

I couldn't wait anymore. I ran up to him and jumped into his arms. Has it really only been two weeks? It feels like two years! He was holding me so tight I thought I was going to explode, and yet he wasn't holding me tight enough. And finally, after two agonizing weeks, he put his lips on mine in a soft but passionate kiss.

"Hi," I said when we finally broke for air.

"Hi," he replied with a smile. "I missed you."

"I missed you, too," I smiled back at him.

"Well now that THAT little reunion is over, can the rest of us say hello?" Les Averman, the team funny-man and one of the original Ducks, said with a laugh.

"Aww, Ave, you know there's enough of me to go around!" Adam said, causing everyone to laugh.

"Yeah, yeah all right Cake Eater come here!" Averman grabbed Adam in a man hug, resulting in everyone laughing even more.

"Okay, okay, I get it. Now hands off my boyfriend!" I said with a big laugh, giving Adam another quick kiss on the lips, before I began to make my rounds around the group, giving everyone hugs and catching up.

"You guys never answered my question earlier! Who is everyone rooming with?" Charlie asked, addressing the group at large. "We still haven't gotten our room assignments yet, so we don't know."

"Well, its your lucky day, Captain Duck! Looks like we're roomies!" exclaimed Greg Goldberg, the goalie turned defenseman.

"Oh sweet!" said Charlie. "I was starting to get worried about who I would be with. Well, who is everyone else with?"

Adam, who was now standing with his arm around my shoulders, spoke up. "I'm gonna be rooming with Portman."

"Me, Dwayne, and Averman got a triple," said ex-figure skater Kenny Wu.

"Fulton and Russ are together, and me and Luis," said Guy Germaine, the long time boyfriend to my best girlfriend Connie.

"And what about you two? Have you met your roommates yet?" I asked my best friends Connie and Julie "the Cat" Gaffney.

"I just met mine. She seems nice enough... she was in the process of hanging up like 80 Twilight posters though, so this could be a problem," Connie said with a grimace. "I hope I didn't just get some squealing fangirl for a roommate."

"Oh god. Thank goodness that wasn't me!" Julie replied. "I met mine too. I had English class with her last year. She was really quiet, but she seems okay though."

"Well, I really want to meet them both! They're going to be seeing lots of me since I will be nearly a constant presence in your closets." I laughed. "Come on, can I go meet mine now?"

I pulled Adam with me by the hand, glad to finally have a minute alone, even if it was just the walk over to my mom. We walked up to where my mom was waiting close to the front of the line.

"Oh good, you guys wait here. Charlie and I will start unloading the stuff from the car," my mom said. "And its good to see you Adam! How was your trip?"

"It was great, Casey, thanks for asking," Adam answered with a smile. As my mom walked away, he whispered in my ear, "And I have a present for you. From Italy. But it can wait for tonight when we're alone."

I said nothing but smiled in reply. It was our turn in line. "Hi, I'm Darcy Juliet Conway." They handed me my room key, mail key, living contract, and a slip that had my room number and roommates name. I said thank you and walked off to the side where I could examine the slip more closely.

"Burk Hall, room 322. And my roommate's name is Jacqueline McEmerly. Hmm. Not much to go off of... I don't think I've ever met her before... Maybe she's a new student? I guess we'll see," I said to Adam. "What building are you in?"

"Thorton. Same as last year. I'm on the second floor. I'm pretty sure everyone on the team is either in Burk or Thorton, which are right next door, except Dwayne, Ken, and Averman, their room is in Woodrow since its a triple."

"Are you all moved in already? Shall we go see my room now?"

"Yeah, I haven't started unpacking yet but we'll bring all your stuff up and see your place before I go back to mine."

We walked over to my mom's car and gathered all my stuff. "Well, you don't need me to help you move in. Don't forget to call, and I'll see you in a few weeks! I love you both so much. Don't get into any trouble and keep up with your schoolwork!" My mom said all of this as she was giving us hugs and kisses goodbye.

"Love you, Mom," Charlie said giving her a hug.

"Remember, home is just a bus ride away!" she said as she was driving away. "Have a great term!"

After her mother had driven off, Charlie, Adam, and I began to load all of my stuff into one of those giant baskets on wheels. Once it was all in, Adam and I helped Charlie before making our way to Burk Hall, where Charlie would also be living. "Thank god we aren't on the same floor," I said to Charlie with a sigh. "It seems I can never completely get rid of you."

"Ha ha, you are sooo funny," he replied, grabbing me and giving me a nuggie, just as the elevator was stopping on the third floor. "Well I'm gonna head up to my room, it's on the fourth. I'll come check out yours in a little bit."

I looked up and down the hallway. Pretty much all of the doors were open, and the sounds of moving in were pouring out of them. As I walked down the hall to my room, I paused and greeted the people that I knew from classes and stuff. I smiled to myself. I know this is getting redundant, but this year was going to be AMAZING. At one door, I stopped and looked in, only to find myself face-to-face with my best friend, Connie Moreau.

"No way! We're on the same floor? Yay this is going to be amazing!" I exclaimed happily. "Where is Jules living? Are there any other Ducks on this floor?"

"Oh my god yes! Now I don't have to walk very far when I need to borrow something!" Connie replied with a laugh and a hug to her best friend. "Julie is on the fourth floor, so that's not too bad. That's where Goldie and Cap's room is too so she won't be too lonely. And Fulton and Russ are on this floor, but they are all the way down at the other end. We'll have to go check it out later."

"Yes! What about Guy?"

"He's all the way on the sixth floor of Thorton. So far! He can make the trek over here, because most likely I am NOT going to be down to walk all the way over there," Connie said, semi-jokingly.

"Adam's in Thorton, too. What a pain," I said, elbowing Adam in the ribs and laughing. "Well, we have to go put all this crap in my room. Is your roommate around? I want to meet her!"

"No, she's saying goodbye to her parents. How about when she comes back up we'll head over to see your room?"

"Sounds perfect," I said, smiling. "Let's go! See ya, Con!"

We continued down the hall just a little further, before stopping in front of a door. "Well, this is it. My home for the next year. I don't know why I'm nervous."

"Darce, just open it," Adam said, laughing at me.

I stuck my tongue out at him before putting the key in the lock and opening the door. The first thing I noticed was that it was empty. I sighed in disappointment. Who knew how long I had to wait to meet her now?

"It's okay, DJ! She will be here eventually," Adam said, giving me a hug and a kiss on the head. I squeezed him back, and kissed him on the shoulder, which was right at my face height.

"I know," I said. "I'm just looking forward to it!" I broke away from Adam and actually looked around the room. It was pretty standard, two beds, two desks, two closets... "Since I'm here first I get to choose the bed first, right? She's not allowed to be mad?"

"I believe that that is how things work, yes. Unless she's a psycho bitch."

"Thanks, Adam. That made me feel loads better." I said, dramatically rolling my eyes, before grabbing him in a tight hug again. "What would I do without you?"

"Nothing," he said with a laugh. "Now which one of these is going to be your bed? I think we have a little catching up to do..."

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