Derek shuffled around in the dark. It was the sixth or seventh time he'd stayed at Spencer's house, so at least he knew where the bathroom was in theory. His boyfriend's penchant for redecorating meant that he'd probably run into at least one lamp or short bookshelf on the way there and back. He moved into the dark hallway, careful to be quiet so that he didn't wake the younger man. Somehow, he made it to the bathroom without running into anything or tripping over one of Spencer's books.

A few minutes later, after having his customary chuckle at Spencer's "6 Steps to Handwashing" sign, he made his way into the dark again. It was funny, but he always followed the sign's steps. He was afraid Spencer would sense that he'd skipped step four, or something, and make him go back and redo it. As he walked back into the room, he kicked something small and hard. "Umph," he grunted. It didn't hurt so much as sting. He picked it up as the blonde stirred. It was a nightlight.

"Derek?" Spencer called sleepily. "Did you walk into the dresser again?"

"No. And I wouldn't keep walking into it if you left it in one place. I kicked your nightlight."

The younger man shot up in bed. "My…what?" he asked unconvincingly.

"Your nightlight." Derek reached for the lamp to turn it on.

"No, wait!"

It was too late. Derek had already flipped the switch and was looking down at a Scooby Doo nightlight. He smiled.

"Please don't laugh," Spencer grumbled.

"I'm not," Derek said. "I'm actually kind of confused. I never pegged you as a Scooby Doo fan."

"It was a present—from Garcia. She knows how afraid of the dark I am. Gets me one for Christmas, Halloween and my birthday. I have about four for every room."

"Why is it on the floor?"

"I…uh…" Spencer broke off with a chuckle. "I unplug them when you stay over. Guess I didn't move that one far enough back behind the dresser."

Derek plugged it in and turned it on. Turning off the lamp, he climbed back into bed and cuddled against him. "You don't have to hide things from me, Spencer. I know about your nyctophobia. It's fine. And I won't tell anyone." He kissed his boyfriend on the shoulder.

"Five points for learning the term for fear of the dark," Spencer said, smiling as he squirmed around to face him. "It's not that I was embarrassed…. Well, partially. I just… don't need them when you're here."

Derek smiled brightly. "Goodnight, Baby Boy," he said, and kissed him. "And I think I should get ten points for 'nyctophobia'."

"Fine," Spencer yawned.