True Allegiances

Written By: Jessarie

A/N: Well, here goes a new one... it's really different from what Iv'e done before and probably won't be too long, but this is only the first chapter I'm putting up for you all. Eventually Slash (m/m), AU (people live who didn't in cannon), OOC (mainly Severus, but I believe it's justified)... I think thats it for now, lol. If I do not list a person and POV in italics that chapter is from 3rd person POV. Also I do NOT own Harry Potter, JKR does. Enjoy :)

Chapter 1: Real and Fake

Severus POV

I scowled at the door to my chambers. Who would be knocking this late at night? It was almost midnight. Sighing I rose to answer the knock. Opening the door I was surprised to find one Harry Potter before me.

"May I come in, Sir?" the seventh year student asked softly. "It is important and not for the ears of others." he continued when I negated to respond. Stepping back slightly I allowed him entrance into my domain.

"Sit." I ordered when he hovered near the door. "What is it you wish to speak to me about?" I question watching him fiddle with his T-shirt.

"Before we begin, Sir, would you be willing to make a oath not to repeat anything that is said unless given my permission? I would make the same for you." He stated.

I know I scowled at him. I couldn't help it. "I need more than that. What can you tell me without giving anything away?"

"Voldemort." was the only response I got. Green eyes boring into mine. I nodded.

One after the other we both gave the oath. "Okay. What is going on?" I asked Harry.

"Sir, what side are you really on?" He responded a question for a question.

I was shocked. That's what this was about. "My Lord is the only one I serve."

The young man before me nodded. "I see. So what if I were to tell you Dumbledore is an idiot and I know the truth. That manipulative bastard forced me with the Potters. I am not a Potter, I was fucking adopted. I refuse to fight for him any longer."

My mouth was hanging open. "Harry?" I questioned. He looked up. "You want what? Why come to me?"

"Well, Sir, I had my suspicions about you and thought if you were loyal to Dumbledore you couldn't say I was here. I will swear my allegiance to Voldemort. In return I want immunity from the Mark and to watch the old fool die." Harry answered.

I nodded. "Let me talk to him and I'll see what we can do. Do I have your permission to show Voldemort this memory?" I asked fighting to keep my calm.

"You do." he answered. "I know who my parents really were, Dad, and I'm so sorry for everything we have been forced to put one another through." Harry said smiling at me.

"How?" I stuttered.

"I found my real birth parchment stuck to a copy of the fake while snooping in Dumbledore's office. I was already getting suspicious of him and he left me in there alone for a few minutes. I yelled at him when he came back and took it with me." Harry answered pulling out two pieces of parchment about half a sheet each in size.

I didn't know what to do, but found myself being hugged by my only son as I fought not to cry. "Just be here for me now and you can make it up to me, hmm?" he asked.

"Your other... father is a- alive." I spoke softly allowing my tears to fall.

Harry froze in my arms and turned a tear stained face up to my own. "Siri?" he whispered.

I nodded. "Voldemort switched out the veil many years ago with a fake that just apparates the people who fall through to his manor. The real one was destroyed. Sirius was Marked and has always been loyal so we healed his injuries. He has been serving all these years undercover. You can see him soon, I promise."

After a few moments of silence, Harry stood and crossed to the door. "Let me know when things are taken care of?" he asked.

I nodded. "Of course. Don't act any different in class and perhaps you can have the family you have always wanted."

Harry smiled a sad sort of smile. He left quickly and quietly leaving me to dwell in my thoughts. It was shocking to think that the one man everyone thought I hated with every fiber of my being is actually the one I love in the same respect. Sirius Black is my lover and friend. Someday soon we will reunite with our only son and have the family we were meant to.

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