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Danny POV

Gasping for breath; Danny bolted up in bed, beads of sweat dripping down his face; he grasped at his chest trying to reduce the never-ending pain. It had been 2 years since the accident at the Nasty Burger that claimed his family's life and he was currently living in Jump City, and the owner of a small café, courtesy of Vlad Masters. Danny never understood the sudden kindness of Vlad, but he assumed it was because of the loss of Maddie, Danny's late mother and Vlad's 'secret' love. Still trying to catch his breath, Danny looked at his watch; it read 5 past eight, about time to open the café.

He sat up in bed still breathing heavily, and sauntered over to the bathroom connected to his bedroom. His reflection in the bathroom mirror reflected the feelings felt from his recurring nightmare, that of pain, and tiredness. He washed his face and put on his mask of a stoic expression. He jogged up the stairs and unlocked the door, letting in his usual early morning customers. Sitting at the cash, he got into his usual routine of taking money and giving change, not paying any real attention to the world around him. Before he knew it, it was time for lunch. His regular customers; knowing about his usual noon hour walk filed out of the old building and took their places at the picnic tables set out in the front.

Danny set out, paying mild attention to passer-by's and mainly trying to think about new items for the café, trying to keep his mind off the painful subject of his past. Mid-way through his walk he heard some screaming and groups of strangers started swarming the sidewalk retreating from some sort battle. The normally dormant superhero side of Danny suddenly kicked in. Fighting his way through the wave of fleeing citizens he saw five teenagers (The Teen Titans) getting their butt kicked by a man wearing silver and black body armour with a black and bronze mask. Determination setting in, Danny ducked into an alley and hid behind a dumpster, willing himself to go ghost.

A silver ring of energy appeared at his middle and slowly made its way up and down Danny's body after splitting in the middle. It revealed a new side to the 17 year old boy, reversing his jet black hair with a single ghostly white stripe, and piercing green eyes replacing his icy blue ones. His usual black jeans, grey hoodie pulled over his head, black high-tops and black wristbands that hid the Danny Phantom insignia he had scarred into both his arms by the potential future him, melted away into a black HAZMAT suit with the same D insignia on his chest and white combat boots, with short fingerless white gloves, a white belt, and to top it all off a black cloak draped over his shoulders, and a hood pulled over his snow white hair, leaving only his glowing green eyes visible. Turning Invisible, he took one leap, and soared into the air spotting the fight a few blocks down the road. Feeling the energy build from his core spreading down his arms and threading through his fingers he aimed at the armoured man, and shot a green ectoplasmic beam directly into his face.

Teen Titans POV

Robin knew Slade was winning, and that he would soon try to finish them off, but his obsession for beating him set in as he finally landed a kick to the right side of Slade's face. His head shot to the side, but rolled back into place, the receiver of the kick barley phased.

"You're going to have to do much better than that if you are going to AAAGHHH!" Slade was cut off mid sentence as a bolt of something green smashed into the very spot Robin's foot had been only moments ago.

"Great shot Star!" Robin exclaimed, searching the sky for his alien friend. He then spotted her helping Cyborg when she looked up.

"I am not the one who hit him," she explained confused, "I have been helping Cyborg with the removal of his foot from the wall." Now Robin was the one who was confused, If Starfire wasn't the one who got Slade, then who was? His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a yell from Slade; he turned his attention back to the battle and saw Slade being targeted by an invisible force. Robin watched in bewilderment as Slade's foot connected with something solid in the air, and a hooded figure flickered into sight.

"Nowhere to run boy," Slade mused, he was sure his opponent was cornered, up against the wall of a thirty story building.

"That's what you think." The figures ghostly voice seemed to echo through Robin's ears as he watched the boy phase straight through the wall just as Slade threw his fist at him. He was gone before it connected, but reappeared suddenly behind his back sending another green beam into the back of Slade's head. Suddenly Robin snapped out of his trance and noticed the other Titans standing off to the sides, watching the eruption of energy coming from the boy's limbs. As the last blow was delivered and Slade made another attempt to throw a punch at the mysterious boy, he suddenly yelled.

"Titans, get behind me and cover your ears!" Bewildered, they complied, and plugged their ears as the boy drew in a very deep breath. Slade was thrown into the wall as the deserted building came crumbling down on top of him after the release of a terrifying sound originating from the boys lips. The Titans whipped their heads back in anguish as the ghostly sound penetrated their covered ears. With one last note of the sound, the boy stopped suddenly and collapsed onto the ground. Raven was the first one to the boy's side, and the only one who heard him whisper, "I was strong enough… unlike like last time..." as he vanished into the night.

All of the Titans stood baffled at what they had just witnessed, and only after a long wait did they make their way back to the tower, chatting about the mysterious boy.

"He's obviously one of the good guys," said Cyborg, "He wouldn't have helped us if he was evil!" Beast Boy agreed with him, Starfire merely enthused about the possibility of a new friend; "Perhaps we could get him to join our friends, Raven, what do you think?" But Raven was lost in her own little world, the only one aware of the boys parting words. What did he mean by last time? And why wasn't he strong enough? What happened to him? "Raven?" She snapped out of her trance at the sound of Starfires voice,

"Huh?" Beast Boy rolled his eyes, clearly not surprised by Raven's lack of interest.

"Don't bother her Star, she's thinking of something else," Robin whispered sweetly, confused by the look of angst on Ravens face.

"I'm going home now," Raven murmured as she transformed into the shadow of a raven and flew the rest of the distance home, not even fazing the rest of Titans. As she phased through the roof of the building she went into the lab, "Time for some research." She whispered pulling up a chair to the computer.

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