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Normal POV

The Titans followed Robin through the winding streets of Jump City to a small cafe where he pounded on the door. It was still early, and the store had yet to be opened. Moments later, a little girl who looked a lot like Danny opened the door to the Titans warily.

"Who are you?" Robin looked at this girl with confusion, he didn't see any signs of a child living with Danny when he visited last. She scowled and closed the door slightly.

"I should be asking you the same question. Why are you here, it's like six in the morning?" Suddenly a sweaty and out of breath Danny came up behind the girl and opened the door wider for the Titans to come inside.

"What are you guys doing here. I thought you got all the information from me that you wanted last time you visited." The girl shot a confused look up to the much taller Danny, he waved her off.

Looking at his teammates, Robin took a deep breath. "We encountered another ghost, and we think we might need some help." A much more guarded expression came over Danny's already cold features. Clenching his fists, he pulled Danielle closer to him.

"What kind of ghost, what did he say to you?" Robin's eyes were shifting around, looking out into the street. Catching on, Danny led them all downstairs, away from any potential listeners. Once they were all settled in on the couch, Robin glanced at Danielle.

"I'm not so sure she should be here for this." Wrapping his arm around the young girl, Danny frowned.

"She is a part of this just as much as I am." Sighing, Robin pulled out something from his utility belt, he placed it on the coffee table and the face of Plasmius was projected in front of them. Danielle visibly flinched, while Danny tightened his grip on her. "What is this?" Danny asked through clenched teeth. For the first time, someone besides Robin spoke.

"We were hoping you could tell us, friend." Starfire looked at Danny with a pleading expression. "Who is this Plasmius? He informed us of the fact that we would need the assistance of your friend Phantom." Fury contorting within her features, Danielle shot up from her position on the couch, Danny's arm falling limply to his side.

"Why does he want Phantom? What did he tell you?" Confused and shocked by her sudden outburst, the team just looked at each other.

"He said that he was sending a ghost army. Without the proper equipment, we don't stand a chance, we thought that you could help us contact this... Phantom." Robin looked at Danny and Danielle with pleading eyes. "Look, it's not very often that I admit my team needs help, but, we've never dealt with ghosts before, and we don't know what to expect..." A strange look passed over Danny's features. He stood up and took the fuming Danielle by the arm.

"Excuse us for a moment." He dragged Danielle into the bedroom through the door, slamming it shut behind him. In an instant, he collapsed onto the bed and pushed away the nagging voice of Dan, poking at his sub-conscious. "What do I do?" Looking down at her feet, Danielle smiled grimly.

"Well, there isn't much I can do to help, I'm pretty much useless." Immediately, Danny sat up from his position on the bed, noticing the sad tone in Danielle's voice.

"What do you mean, Danielle?" Sighing, she slid down the wall, looking at her hands.

"I can't turn into my phantom form anymore without extreme consequences. I was going to wait to tell you, but... now I feel so useless. With Vlad coming and, oh god... Dan coming. I just, I am useless." Small tears had cascaded down her cheeks as she tried to explain to Danny everything she had been keeping inside herself. Danny rushed over and pulled her into a hug.

"What kind of consequences, Danielle?" Pushing away from Danny almost immediately, Danielle held her hands out in front of her and with an expression of disgust and frustration tried to turn them invisible. Sweat poured from her hairline and suddenly, green ectoplasm pooled at her feet. "Okay, stop!" Releasing her power, the ectoplasm was sucked back into her body, and she wiped her sweaty palms on her jeans.

"I can't use my powers unless I want to melt into a puddle of ectoplasmic goo, I won't be any help!" Smacking his fist against the wall, Danny cursed silently, expression only slightly tinged with anger.

"Vlad did this on purpose, didn't he? You weren't stabilized all those years ago and now... Danielle, I don't care that you can't help me, I wouldn't want anything to... happen to you... You are the only thing I have... I have left from Amity, from my life. So don't worry, but now I ask the question... Do I tell the Titans about Phantom? About me?" Danielle smiled at her clone.. brother... cousin, whatever he was, she smiled at Danny and hugged him, nodding her head.

"If you can trust them, I think it's the only way Danny." She took a step back and frowned. "As much as they can't do this alone, neither can you. You still haven't mastered your po-" Suddenly Danielle was cut off. She stood stock still in the middle of her sentence, not moving a muscle.

"Danielle? Danielle! What is going on?" Danny yelled at her, but no response, when he looked up he saw an old face standing behind her and then noticed the weight of a familiar medallion hanging around his neck. Looking back up, he recognized the elderly- oh wait, the baby ghost as Clockwork, the ghost of time.

"Daniel, it has been a long time hasn't it?" Smirking slightly at his own joke, Danny just frowned.

"What are you doing here?" Switching into a middle aged man, Clockwork took Danny by the arm and led him through a back door in this bedroom to the large laboratory/gym he had kept a secret from everybody, practically even himself. He built it as a memento to his parents and a place to practice his ghost powers, not that he had used it anytime recently.

"It seems you are in a little trouble, my friend. If you give me the next few hours of your newly freed time, I can help you with that which you seek..." Confused, Danny switched into Phantom and looked straight at Clockwork.

"You mean you want to help me master my powers?" Smiling slightly mischievously, Clockwork tilted his head to the side and pulled something out from his cloak.

"Yes, I have been waiting for this moment young halfa. All is as it should be."

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