Having finally completed his pilgrimage - yea, though the way be long and weary - Andrew Wells ecstatically fell to his knees before the stern yet compassionate gaze of he who was the greatest of them all, declaring in his most fervent voice, "Master!"

Faith strolled to where Xander was standing in the courtyard, slowly shaking his head in pure disbelief at the bizarre scene taking place in front of himself. Leaning over to whisper into his ear (there was no point in giving the other bozos here an actual reason to attack them as an enraged mob), the Slayer dryly said, "Hey, Xan, you gotta know that the only way we're ever gettin' Andy outta here is to drag him off by his ankles."

Not taking his fascinated gaze away from where Andrew was on his hands and knees while banging his forehead against the floor tiles before the combination pool/fountain with a greenish-tinted bronze statue on top of the pedestal centered inside this water-filled structure, Xander absently replied, "That's okay, Faith. It's a nice enough place to spend a few minutes-"

At that point, Andrew allowed his body to fall flat on the ground in a state of absolute bliss, with the supine man then beginning to loudly recite the sacred words passed on by the creator of the writings, known worldwide to his acolytes as George: "Do or do not...there is no try."

"-or maybe a couple hours, at the very least," weakly finished Xander, as he and Faith cautiously backed up, both simultaneously deciding then to head off to explore the rest of Presidio Park. Warily looking over their shoulders, to take with them one last glimpse of Andrew Wells still on his stomach in front of the life-size statue of Yoda, the Jedi master of the Star Wars franchise placed in front of the Lucasfilm headquarters just by this famous San Francisco park, the two members of the New Council picked up their pace, more than willing to leave the obsessed sf geek to his devotions.

With any luck, by the time they got back at the end of the day, Andrew would have calmed down enough so that only a tranquilizer gun or a mild karate chop would be all that was necessary to get him away from here. Neither Xander nor Faith really wanted to explain to Rupert Giles just why they needed bail money on their very first visit to the City by the Bay.

Author's Note: Yes, it does exist, ever since the Yoda statue was put there in 2005. Look it up in Google images.