Cautiously peering from their concealed positions inside the tunnel mouth, a gracious lady and her faithful companion watched and listened in astonished wonder to those in the chamber beyond. These people's voices had attracted the overhearing pair from their usual meeting location to here, where nobody should have been at all in the very first place.

There in the room, a young blonde female, her entire body quivering in absolute fury, now hissed to the person next to herself, "Willow, can't you do anything to change us back?"

A very unhappy shrug of this other young female's shoulders ruffled the red hair that was truly a rare shade in her new form. This apparently-named Willow then replied in a genuinely doleful tone, "Buffy, I've tried everything I could think of with my magic, but nothing works! The only thing that makes sense is that Amy made some kind of wish, and this attracted the attention of a vengeance demon."

Inside the tunnel, two heads turned to look each other in the eye, as both silently mouthed at the same time in their sheer disbelief, "Buffy?"

An instant later, the eavesdroppers' attention was suddenly brought back to inside the room, as the brunette male there interjected in his equally glum voice, "Yeah, this is their style, you gotta admit. We might've even had a personal intervention by D'Hoffryn, no less, considering how much we've pissed him off."

Giving her Xander-shaped friend a seriously evil eye for saying something so unhelpful, this young blonde then appealed to the last of their company, "Giles, haven't you figured a way out of this yet?"

Blinking nearsightedly at his annoyed questioner, the clearly-older male with the graying hair shook his head, only to then reluctantly admit, "Nothing really comes to mind, Buffy. Honestly, I have no idea what to do next."

That last comment was more than enough for the lady inside the tunnel. Immediately striding forward in entering the chamber to unexpectedly announce herself to the quartet of strangers, she confidently informed them all, "Well, whoever you are, have you considered working for the Prisoners' Aid Society?"

Taken totally by surprise, the four mice further inside the room at once spun their rodent bodies around in unison, tails flying, to then freeze motionless while staring in utter incredulity at the small mouse with sleek, perfectly groomed white fur as she calmly crouched down on her dainty paws while meeting the others' shocked gazes.

Giving an exasperated twitch of his whiskers, her companion scurried forwards out of the tunnel to make his way towards and then halt at his lady's side, ready to support her as he'd always done for years. Clearing his throat, the larger brown mouse introduced them both, "Hello, I'm Bernard, and this is Miss Bianca. And who might you be?"

Author's Note: Yes, it's a crossover with the wonderful The Rescuers series written by Margery Sharp (but not the animated Disney movie). Don't worry, after all the ensuing screaming and yelling and stomping of little mouse feet, it'll eventually occur to the Scooby Gang to ask about freeing a certain prisoner from durance vile, by the name of Ethan Rayne…