i. could have been different.

She was unconscious for barely two minutes, yet it seemed so much longer.

He thought she was dead. He couldn't help but stare at the pale mess she had become. In that second, he'd do anything to have her back, with her bad attitude and sarcastic remarks yet the worst part, it was all his fault.

He was the one shagging the killer.

He should have done his job properly and because he hadn't, he had very nearly lost her.

ii. watching angels sleep.

He had spent the last seven hours watching her sleep.

He was a little worried about leaving her, (just incase she never woke up again.) but he wouldn't admit that to anyone. Whenever someone asked why he spent so long by her side, he lied. Lying was the only thing he could do without admitting the truth.

The Doctor said she had been lucky, a second later and it would have been a different story altogether. And he was warned, they weren't out of the woods just yet. She could take a turn for the worst at any moment.

So, until she woke up and was out of the woods, he wasn't going anywhere.

He kissed her forehead, tucked her up and sat down on the chair, her hand in his.

iii. waking the dead.

She woke to hear the rain hitting the window and to see a sleeping Michael in the chair beside her.

She smiled a little, thankful that he stayed with her (even if it was his fault she got hurt.) She blinked a couple of times before she sat up in bed and whispered to the sleeping figure,


He stirred a little but didn't wake so she gave up. She just sat there, watching him sleep like he had done a couple of hours earlier. She didn't know how long she had been sat there, in silence, watching him sleep but eventually he stirred.

He yawned, shuffled in the seat and noticed she was awake, "How long have you been awake?" He asked.

"A while." She replied. There was silence between them again before he asked, "How you feeling?"

"Truthfully." She paused, "I ache and I'm tired."

He smiled a little and she smiled back. Again, there wasn't a word uttered between them.

iv. heart to hearts.

Once the nurse had checked Roisin over and left, Mike produced a bag of green grapes that had a couple missing. She took the bag off him, looked inside and then placed it beside her on the bed.

"I'm supposed to be the patient." She answered before she remembered that there wasn't a bunch of flowers in sight, "You remembered?"

"That you didn't like flowers?" He repeated, "How could I forget?"

He made eye contact with her, his brown eyes connecting with her green eyes. He smiled and she smiled back, neither of them breaking eye contact.

"I thought—" He began but she cut him off, "You can't get rid of me that easily." She joked.

There was a silence before he stood up and sat on the edge of the bed. They didn't say anything, he lent forward and she closed her eyes, butterflies in her stomach and she knew it had to be a dream.

A knock on the door interrupted them and as Michael turned to the door, David Sachell popped his head around it, "Bad time?"

"Yes." Michael answered whereas Roisin answered no.

He looked at both of them before he said he'd leave them both alone for a second. As the door closed behind them, Michael pressed his lips against hers. She gasped, didn't respond for a split second and then, kissed him back.

As they pulled away, she smiled and he smiled back, kissed her again and told her he'd be back in a minute.

She didn't reply though. Her head was in too much of a daze. Had that just happened?

It couldn't have done, no, it really couldn't have..

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