Usagi and Takano had met each other while stalking their ukes. Both had promised their ukes to not the practice until they had finished but that didn't mean that they couldn't eavesdrop. United by a common goal, both are sitting with their ears pressed against the door. Their eyes are narrowed, concentrating on the ukes' conversation.

"Onodera, am I late? I'm sorry, my-uh-landlord was asking me some questions and it took a while." Usagi frowned as he heard Misaki's voice; of course he'd be concerned for Misaki's welfare. After all, he was only one Misaki was allowed to be close to.

"No, not at all. My- um- boss also had a brief discussion with me before I left so I arrived just now. Oh, and since we'll be seeing each other for a while, why don't you call me Ritsu? Since we'll be practicing together and all." Takano's fist clenched at Ritsu's cheerful tone. Boss? Why was he still denying that they were lovers? AND WHY WAS HE BEING SO INTIMATE WITH ANOTHER GUY?

"Sure! Then, you can call me Misaki! I hope we can become close friends, Ritsu." Close friends? Usagi's eye twitched. That Misaki, always being too friendly with other people.

"Alright, let's get started. Hmm, which position do you want to take?" Then both his and Takano's eyes widened at Misaki's question. Position?

Ritsu's voice answered. "Let's see. Well, for now, I'll take the top and you'll be on the bottom, 'kay?" Usagi's eyes gleamed with a dangerous light. Another guy topping his uke?

Takano tried, unsuccessfully, to imagine Ritsu being the seme in their relationship.

"Okay. We can always switch off later if we have too." This time, Usagi and Takano's reaction reversed, with Takano glaring and Usagi smirking.

"Okaaaaaay... Eh?" Misaki sounded surprised. Both semes leaned closer to the door.

Ritsu answered, "What's wrong?"

"Nggggh….the zipper is stuck." Usagi and Takano stiffened. ZIPPER? So they were-

"Here, let me help you with that." HELP HIM? WITH HIS ZIPPER?

Misaki said, "Hey, not so rough, be more gentle!...See?" Usagi felt like he desperately needed a refill of Misaki at those words. Takano began letting off a dark aura.

"My bad."

"Right then, let's begin." B-begin….what?

After a few minutes…


Usagi and Takano were frozen at the base of the door. Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god-


In the semes' mind, both were gibbering: OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD-

Then there was silence, followed by sounds of heavy panting. Usagi and Takano covered their eyes, seeing in their mind their sweaty, panting ukes.

"Jeez, that pace is too much for me. And the top position….it's a lot harder than I thought it would be." Were the goals of these private sessions to become more seme like? Why? Were they not satisfied with their own semes?

"I think we should start off slower next time. As for the top position, that's why we're here practicing, right?" That was Ritsu. Always so optimistic, sighed Takano.

"I guess so." Misaki's pout sounded so adorable, Usagi could barely keep himself from going in after him.

"Ow…." Usagi's eyes widened. Was that Misaki?

"What is it, Misaki?" Ritsu sounded concerned. Takano wanted to kiss his adorable uke.

"Oh, it's nothing. It just hurts a bit after practicing for so long." Hurts…= sore?

"That's because you were so tense when we were doing it. You have to loosen it up a bit more next time."

Usagi and Takano's faces: O_O

"Of course, I'd be tense! You're much better than I am and more experienced with this, too…"

Usagi's heart twinged at Misaki's low self-confidence. He wanted to hug the boy, stroke his hair, and kiss all of those trivial worries away.

Takano grinned. More experienced, eh? It reminded him of how he and Ritsu had done it as high schoolers. Back when Ritsu still called him, "Sempai"…

"That doesn't mean anything. We're equals, okay?"


"You should clean that white stuff off." Usagi and Takano pressed their eyes even harder against the doorway.


"Here. It's sticky, so you have to clean it off." Sticky….white…O_O

"Oh, I see." *sigh* "I told you I was new to this."

"Well, you'll just have to learn."

"Could you show me how it's done?" Show Misaki how to properly have-?

"Here, I'll put it in now and show you." PUT IT IN?

"Just inside like that?"

"Yeah, and then just go up and down." Usagi and Takano's hand gripped the door handles.

"Oh, I see!"

"Ah!" Takano sat up quickly. Ritsu!

"Ah? Why is-"

"I-it's stuck!" The semes stared at each other.


"W-what! Whoa, it really is stuck inside the hole!"


"Wait wait wait wait wait! Uh, ah, here. Can you try to-"


"Crap! It's stuck! Why don't we-"


"Owowowowowow! Stop moving!"



The two of them couldn't hold it back any longer. As the two yells filled with pain and despair rang out, Usagi and Takano jolted upward, smashed the door open, and dashed towards Ritsu and Misaki.

"MISAKI!" "RITSU!" They shouted at the same time, desperate to protect their beloveds.

Then…they stopped and stared at their fully clothed, perfectly clean, uninjured ukes who were sitting on the ground, surrounded by music sheets and shaking a violin. A violin in which something could be heard rattling around.