Record of Agarest wars

Zerva drew a long sigh, staring out towards the sunset. It had been almost 2 years since the world had been saved from Chaos. He has put away his battle scythe and now spends his days tending to crops on his farm.

When Zerva looks at this sunset, he can't help but think of the people he has lost in the past.

His dearest sister, Fyuria who died shortly after giving birth to his nephew, Ladius.

Ladius, he was always prepared when it came to accepting his fate that was chosen for him.

Thoma, Ladius's son. Zerva chuckled remembering him. He was always a skirt chaser thanks to the guidance of Winfield. So many times Thoma had come home with a hand print on his face saying it was the mark of love.

Duran, Thoma's son. He was always complaining about his fate, never really wanting to accept it. His attitude getting them into trouble many times.

But the one who Zerva missed the most was Leonhardt, the one who started it all. Zerva had hated Leo the first time they had met. Zerva had accused him of holding his sister hostage and attacked blindly at him. Leo had just taken Zerva's attacks but making none of his own. After the battle Zerva joined to make sure Leo wouldn't betray his trust. Over time Zerva had become close friends to Leo, eventually the feelings hatched into more than friendship. Before his final battle with Leo, Zerva pulled him aside and told him his feelings. Zerva had expected Leo to laugh at him or call him sick, but instead Leo's response was pressing his lips to Zerva's. It had been a quick kiss and before it could deepen Leo pulled away with a sad expression. "I love you too. But the destiny I must follow will not let us be together," Leo had said.

"I know we cannot be together but I ask of you to be with Fyuria, so that way I will always have a part of you with me." Leo nodded and smiled, embracing Zerva for the first and only time.

Zerva could feel his eyes filling with tears, but refusing to let them fall. He stared out at the sunset awhile longer when he felt a pair of strong arms wrap around his waist. Zerva turned and saw Rex. His beautiful golden hair, his bright blue eyes, his facial features all resembling his great-great grandfather's. Zerva smiled at Rex who had yet to remove himself from Zerva. Rex chuckled as Zerva tried to pry Rex's hands off him, only to wrap his arms around Zerva's neck and bring him into a deep kiss. When they had pulled away for air they just gazed into each other's eyes.

Zerva was surprised when Rex showed at his doorstep a little after Chaos was defeated. Zerva had always thought he would choose Ellis to spend his life with. Zerva had tried to turn him away many times but somehow Rex knew about my feelings for Leo. "Since destiny got in the way of my great-great grandfather's love for you, I wish to do what he could not and be there for you. And that's not the only reason why I want to be with you. I love you for my own reasons."

Zerva smiled lazily at Rex, who did the same in return. Rex took Zerva's hand in his own leading him back into their home. Together.