A/N: So I haven't drabbled lately, but I realized a momentous anniversary had sneaked up on us and I thought it should be acknowledged! Once upon a time, when the world of drabbles was small, something happened... There was a truck, a fire, and a few other things... Especially an... oh, if I told you it would totally be a spoiler. So, here we go... Drabble word: Bonfire

Heat of the Moment

The job was over. They were mostly in one piece. Well, Sam was, Dean was a mess. Sam sighed as he surveyed his brother.

"I hate camping," Dean grumbled.

"Yeah, you said that ten times."

"Bonfire's nice."


"I like fires. My side hurts."

"It's scratched. I need to stitch it," Sam said calmly.

"Scratched? Just freaking awesome, you're all calm. I hate camping. Except the bonfire, I like fires."

"You said that."

"Arf ur ruff ruff," something said from the dark.

Dean met his eyes. "Sam? Did I say that?



"Oh shit," Dean said. "I hate camping."

A/N II: Surprise!