this is actually a part of a story i'm writing for my creative writing class. i started it off thinking about apples and pomegranates and regret, because that's sasuke and karin in a nutshell, and then i realized it applied well to the c.w. piece. most questions should be answered as i build this up.

Once upon a time, when she was alive (living unmarred) and a certain older sister was missing (gone with the wind), a certain girl was loved most dearly by those she never wanted.

The stench of fruit sneaks in from the kitchen, apples yellowing on the counter under the artificial glow of the flickering light. Yards away, he sits at the table, fingers drumming mercilessly on the standard-issue textbook paper that crinkles with every badum of his fingers.

It curls into his nostrils and he starts with a clash of chair hitting wall and breathes brokenly, in and out as he stumbles into the kitchen and his fingers grip the countertop. His obsidian gaze sweeps the cluttered countertop until, across the surface, right next above the compartment where the trash is kept, an apple sits. Silently, he steps over to it and pick it up, turning it over in his hand.

A set of teethmarks, fresh and leaking juice, glares back at him. The smell of pomegranates wafts up, overpowering and deceitful.

Whip fast, he pulls the trash compartment open and drops the apple into it, slamming it shut and sinking to the ground.

No, he thinks, curled up into himself on the sticky floor of his battered kitchen, she is gone, she is (dead)(donefor)(finishedwithme) GONE.

(that night, he dreams of pulling the apple back from the abyss and sinking his teeth into it, ripping out its pomegranate innards. he can't stop all the bile from pouring out of his throat when he jolts up and into the bathroom. When he goes back to sleep, he dreams that she comes back and sews the apple together again.)

review or not, i don't really care. just don't flame, there's no point.