E/O Challenge: Bonfire

Word Count: 100

Summary: Sam's stranded outside. Waiting for Dean. Who's studying... Sam thinks...

I'm being a dark angel for halloween... and although I am a little old for it, I am going Trick or Treating :) Come on! Who can pass up a night of free candy? (Dean can't ;) Anyone else being something and/or going out?

He sits. Waits. Shivers.

The air smells like smoke. A bonfire. It burns his nose.

He paces, hopes it'll warm him up. It doesn't. More like it makes him restless.

He shivers some more.

Someone taps him on the shoulder. He jumps, turns around. Dean grins, laughs.

"Dude!" Sam calls. "What took you so long?"

"I was in the library," Dean replies, "studying."

"The whole time?"


Sam stands. Smiles. "Nice! That'll really help us!"

Dean grins.

"Oh yeah!" Sam calls on his way to the heated Impala. "You have chocolate all over your face."

Dean rubs his mouth. Busted.