A/N: This is the second in our What Happens in... series! If you haven't read What Happens in Zurich yet, we highly recommend that you start with that one.

This is a prequel and tells the story of Edward and Emmett's past (years before Edward meets Bella). So... just so we're clear, no girls here. This is definite SLASH territory. Enjoy!


I unfold the letter I carried in my backpack and take one last look at the picture of my host family. They all look very nice, and they each wrote me a note telling me how excited they are to have me as a guest in their home. The parents, Carlisle and Esme, look kind and happy. Their two boys, Edward and Jasper, look younger than their ages-Edward is supposed to be my age, seventeen, but he looks about fourteen in the picture. Maybe that is normal in America? To have the growth spurt later? I will find out soon enough.

The landing is smooth, and I jump out of my seat. My long legs have been cramped for the entire flight, and I'm so excited to stand up and walk around. I follow the other passengers through the enormous airport, the baggage claim, and the long line for customs. Once I'm clear I check my letter again and move to the passenger pickup area, following Dr. Cullen's instructions.

Airports are funny; they are the same everywhere you go, but the little differences really stand out. It's jarring to see all the signs in English; I can figure most of them out based on context and the travel vocabulary list I studied before I left. I make a note to ask the Cullens what a "Family Restroom" is for.

I see Dr. Cullen first, his blonde hair standing out among the crowd. Mrs. Cullen is next to him, holding a huge sign that says "Welcome, Emmett!" I wave to catch their attention, and he spots me first. He smiles, waves back, and grabs his wife's arm to get her attention. He points me out and she starts waving too, holding her sign up higher. I fight through the crowd to reach them, excited to meet my new American family.

"Emmett! It's so nice to meet you, son," Dr. Cullen says, reaching out to shake my hand.

"Thank you, Sir," I tell him.

"Oh my! You're a tall drink of water!" Mrs. Cullen says, holding her arms out for a hug. Drink of water? I add this to my list of English phrases to ask about.

"Hello, Mrs. Cullen. Thank you for having me," I tell them, mindful of my mother's warning to be polite at all times. She threatened to fly over here herself to set me straight if I step out of line.

"The boys are around here somewhere-they just went to find the bathroom," Dr. Cullen says, resting an arm around my shoulders. "There they are. Boys!"

I spot the younger brother first, blond and awkward, looking a little older than he did in the photograph. He's carrying some kind of pocket video game and barely looks up at me when he says, "Hey."

I look around for the other gawky teenager, but all I see is an older boy-a redhead with a shy grin, tall and lean and ... headed straight for me.

"You must be Emmett! Hey man, it's good to meet you. I'm Edward."

Oh my. If this is what all the boys look like in America, I may never go home.