A/N: A certain reader suggested these boys engage in some docking. If you don't know what docking refers to, we suggest you do some googling. Maybe search for "docking +foreskin" :) Thanks for the pervspiration, Conversed!


"Fuck! I can't beat you at anything," I cry in frustration. Emmett is bent over, hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath, and I hurl the basketball against the garage door in mock anger. "Why do you have to kick my ass all the time?"

He stands slowly and grins at me before wiping the sweat from his face with the hem of his tee shirt. "Why? Are there other things you'd rather I do to your ass?"

Shit. With an exaggerated swallow, I turn and head toward the house, hoping he can't see the red tinge in my cheeks or the growing erection in my shorts.

"Whatever, asshole. I'm taking a shower," I toss the ball over my shoulder and run inside.

After a winter of being beaten at Xbox and shown up on guitar, I took the first nice Saturday of spring as an opportunity to challenge Emmett to a game of real basketball. Little did I know that he'd be much more likely to make the team than I would. He won three games in a row before I called it quits.

I strip off my shirt on the way up the stairs and turn into the doorway of the hall bath, grabbing a towel from the cabinet and cranking the water on hot. Pulling down my shorts and boxer briefs in one motion, I jump in and try not to think about Emmett while I stand under the spray.

We've messed around a lot this winter. Nothing too serious, mostly just jacking each other off and some grinding on each other. We've even made out a few times in the heat of the moment. I know I'll never call Emmett my boyfriend, but I've definitely had fun. And I'll always want him as my friend, no matter what country he lives in. However, we've never ever talked about anything involving an ass until today. I know it was a joke, but still ... I can't do ... that.

I hear the door open and close, interrupting my train of thought.

"Mom, don't you knock? I'll be out in a minute."

A throat clears but it's significantly deeper than I'm expecting. The shower curtain pulls away from the wall, and a naked Emmett stands there, letting his eyes roam slowly over my entire body.

"Your mom went to the grocery store. Said she'd be an hour or so," he says, voice hoarse and low.

"Oh ..." I can't stop myself from looking down, down, down, and his cock is standing straight up, taunting me. "Did you ... I dunno, need to shower too?" I move a half-step to the side, making room for him to get in with me, and hope he can't see my hands trembling or hear the increased pounding of my heart.

Emmett steps in next to me, his thigh casually grazing my own as he turns to close the curtain again. It takes about two seconds for my dick to get hard, but he doesn't seem to notice, grabbing a bottle of shampoo behind me and squirting some into his hand.

"So ... any plans tonight?" I try to remain calm as I rinse my hair.

"No-unless you wanted to see a movie or something?" He slides in under the spray as I move aside, almost as if we've been showering together for years.

"Nope, I'm good. Probably just stay in and relax." I reach for the body wash but freeze when I feel Emmett's hands on my hips. I whirl around, caught off guard.

"Em, I can't do that!" I'm sure I look ridiculous - shocked face, hand full of body wash, and a big hard dick between my legs. But Emmett takes it all in stride.

"Edward, shhh." He pulls me gently toward him. "I wasn't even close to thinking about doing what you are thinking. I just want to play, yes? Same as always." He leans in as if to kiss me, but I can see the question in his eyes, waiting for me to meet him halfway.

And I do.

We kiss for a few seconds, and the combination of the water running over us and his mouth on my lips, my neck, my shoulder, nearly makes me come.

"Fuck, Em. Don't stop." I reach down and gently hold his cock in my hand, marveling at how easy it is to move with the body wash I had poured. He grunts as I move back and forth over him, but doesn't stop kissing along my neck and shoulder then back to my mouth.

"Yes, like that," he whispers against my lips and moans, beginning to gently thrust into my hand.

Although most of the body wash is gone now, there's enough water to still move over him, but he reaches down to my hand and stops me.

"What? Did I do something wrong?" I'm always worried that I don't know what I'm doing, but Emmett just grins.


Edward is always beautiful, but here, wet and soapy in the shower with his hair hanging over his forehead, he looks … delicious.

I can't stop tasting him, kissing down his neck to his shoulder and back up to his jaw. He's hesitant at first, shaking a little as he wraps his hand around me, but I can feel his cock pressing against my thigh, and I know he's just as horny as I am.

I encourage him, and he gets a little bolder, stroking me firmly. It feels so good, my foreskin gliding over the head and the slip of his fingers on my skin, but I want more. I want to touch him, too, and see him. We usually do this at night, in the dim light of our bedroom, and I want to see more. I reach down to stop him, to move him back a little so we can both see, and he jumps.

"What? Did I do something wrong?" he asks with wide eyes, snatching his hand back.

"No, friend, it feels so good. I want to do the same for you, where we can both see," I explain, reaching out to curl my fingers around his erection. He shudders at my touch, reaching up with his free hand to brace himself against my shoulder. I stroke him slowly and then shuffle closer, so our cocks are rubbing together under the hot spray of the shower.

My hand is just big enough to wrap around both of us at the same time.

"Oh, God … Oh, fuck!" Edward cries, tightening his grip on my shoulder as he looks down between us. "So fucking good."

He's thrusting into my hand, pressing his dick against mine, and I'm squeezing us both tightly. It feels good, yes, but it looks even better. We move together for a while, until Edward is breathing too hard and too fast. I know he's going to come, but we still have plenty of time together. I want this to last.

I move back just enough and pull my hand away from his body, using it to stroke only my own cock now. Edward follows my lead and touches himself lightly.

"You're bigger," Edward says, scowling just a little.

"You're longer," I point out, appreciating his long, pale cock. We watch each other for another minute or two, before Edward loosens his grip on my shoulder.

"Does it-does this make it better?" he asks, dropping his free hand down between us. He brushes it against the sheath of skin around my tip and then pulls away.

"Better? I don't know. I can't compare. It feels good, though, to move it like this," I tell him, showing him how I pull it up and over the head, and then back down the shaft.

"I like watching you do that," Edward whispers, his voice barely audible over the sound of water hitting the tiles.

"Hold still," I tell him, lining the tip of my cock up with his. I pull my vorhaut up and over my tip, dragging the skin over Edward's, too. His forehead meets mine as we stare down at our cocks rubbing together, my skin covering his bright pink head. It's not enough to make either of us come, but it's so sexy to watch that I keep doing it, stroking both of us in one smooth motion, over and over.

"Dammit, Emmett," Edward finally whines. "I need to come. I need to come so bad."

I drop my hand from my body and reach down for Edward's cock. "Come, Edward. Right here, on me," I tell him, ducking my head for a long, deep kiss. He fumbles as he reaches for my cock, too, and then we both work together in a frenzied rhythm, both of us past the point of experimenting now.

He comes first, painting my belly and my thigh with white ropes of cum that are quickly washed away by the shower. He hunches over slightly, and the movement makes me picture Edward dropping down to his knees. Just the image of him kneeling before me makes me explode, my thick cock twitching in Edward's hand as my cum streams down his leg.

He rests his head against my chest while we breathe heavily. Neither of us moves until the water starts to cool, and then we hurry to rinse off and jump out before it gets too cold.

Edward wraps a towel around his waist quickly, and I chuckle under my breath as his shyness returns.

"I'm, uh, gonna go get dressed," he says, jerking his head towards the door.

"Ja, okay," I tell him, drying my body leisurely. He turns his head back to check me out one more time before scurrying out the door, dripping water everywhere.

I give him a few minutes to get dressed before following him into our room. He's pulling on a clean pair of socks when I walk in, and he smiles shyly. I open a drawer and fish through it for clean clothes, conscious of Edward shuffling awkwardly behind me.

"I'm gonna go see if Mom's home yet," he says, walking to the bedroom door.

"Hey Edward?" I call, stopping him before he walks out. He turns back and swallows hard as I drop my towel to the floor.

"Yeah?" he squeaks.

"Good game," I tell him, grinning as he blushes and nods before walking away.