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Summary: The zanpakuto are rebelling, a rogue zanpakuto known as Muramasa is the leader! 12 year old Ichigo Kurosaki, wanting to help her friends joins the fight only to fall prey to Muramasa's dangerous influence. What does Yoruichi mean when she says that Ichigo's an abandoned blade?

Warning: Fem!IchigoxHyorinmaru, zanpakuto!Ichigo, Koga is a good guy. I use google translate to find out what a word is in Japanese and other words. It may or may not be accurate, as there seems to be some inconsistancy with what the manga's say and what it says, but it's the only thing I have, sorry!

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Prologue: Zanpakuto Grand Betrayal! The Rebellion Begins!

Ichigo's Innerworld-

She found herself standing in her innerworld, which was a city full of skyscrapers, that were all sideways. The buildings were the ground and sky, while the sky and ground were the walls. She looked around easily spotting her zanpakuto's spirit, Zangetsu. He was a middle aged man, wearing orange sunglasses, his hair was somewhat long for a man, and his face went unshaven. He wore all black, a stark contrast to his surroundings.

"What's the matter Zangetsu? You don't look so good..." she looked at him with concern. He answered after a while,

"Do you not hear it?" Ichigo tilted her head as she listened for anything. There was a small ringing in her ears, but that was it.

"There's a ringing, why?" Zangetsu went silent, before speaking again,

"Be careful, something may happen in the near future." he warned. Ichigo gave a nod, though she didn't understand how a ringing in her ears could translate to oncoming danger.


All the shinigami captains and vice-captains,along with Rukia Kuchiki, were standing about confused. They were wondering why the Captain-Commander had ordered such a gathering, when everything was so peaceful at the moment. The three Kuchiki relatives, Byakuya, Rukia, and another named Koga stood together, along with Renji Abarai. Koga seemed concerned about something,

"Koga-sama...What's the matter? You seemed worried." Rukia asked. she watched as Koga shook his head slightly before responding,

"Somethings off. Muramasa's not answering me lately. Byakuya, didn't you say that while training with Abarai-san, you got cut by Senbonsakura's petals?" he turned to the head of the Kuchiki family. Byakuya gave a curt nod,

"Yes, that hasn't happened in a long time." He stated calmly, before going back to observing the others, Rukia looked at her older brother, before stating to Koga,

"I've heard from some of the other shinigami that they've also been having some trouble with their zanpakutos. Mine included. Sode no Shirayuki has been ignoring me, quite a bit actually." she told him. This caused Koga's eyes to widen slightly, Rukia thought about the last time she had seen Ichigo Kurosaki, a twelve year old girl she had met in the human world with high spiritual powers. She was a substitute shinigami, who had gotten involved in quite the mess because of Rukia.

She was acting weird, complaining about an annoying ringing in her ears that wouldn't go away. "Ichigo was acting strange as well. She said that she's been hearing an insistent ringing in her ears for a week now at least. It's been making her irritable, she even lashed out at Urahara-san when he hadn't done anything. She also said that Zangetsu's been acting weird too." She watched as Koga got a confused look for a few seconds before he spoke his mind,

"I'm not sure about Ichigo-san's sudden increase in irritability, but if from what you said...I think we're about to have a huge problem on our hands." suddenly everyone's attention darted to the bridge that connected the plateu that they had gathered on. From the heavy fog, a figure could be made out. It was the vice-captain of Squad 1, which was under the leadership of the Captain-Commander. Something was off though. He could rarely be seen far from the Captain-Commander, so where was Captain-Commander Genryƫsai. He suddenly collapsed, as Kyoraku and Ukitake lept up, cathing the man.

"The...Captain..The Captain-Commander...He's..." he passed out before he could answer the others. The sound of laughter could be heard echoing from the bridge as everybody looked up, slightly panicked. There were people on the bridge, and all were dressed somewhat strangely. At the front was a man clad in purple. His hair was a violet red, a cynical smirk adorned his face as he held out a hand, his nails were very long, painted a lilac color. Koga's eyes eidened in recognition,

"Muramasa!" he called to the man, Muramasa, the physical manifistation of his zanpakuto. The zanpakuto ignored him as the group he was leading came closer. Koga realized what was happening, he swore under his breath, "Everyone! Prepare for battle! The zanpakuto have betrayed us! It's a rebellion!" Everyone was immediately drawing their blades. The rogue zanpakutos were upon them. As the fighting continued Muramasa cackled loudly as he faced off against his former wielder,

"The Rebellion...has...BEGUN!" He called, lunging at his wielder with full intent to kill.

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