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Summary: Time has been set back to before the Zanpakuto rebelled. But is everything truly back to how it was before hand. Historywill not repeat itself this time around though.

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Epilogue: Even after all that, you're still here!

The 10th Division Squad-

Toshiro Hitsugaya was going about his usual paperwork, when his annoying vice-captain, Rangiku, came barging in along with her zanpakuto, Haineko. Both busty women were dragging a frazled Momo Hinamori and her zanpakuto, Tobiume behind them. Toshiro sighed as he saw the two zanpakuto begin to fight unneccesarily. He was abou to snap when Hyorinmaru came out to shush the bickering women before someone got an extreme case of frostbite.

Toshiro for the life of him, could not remember when the zanpakuto had started materializing freely in human form around them, but it had made life so much easier. And about ten hundred times better.

Of course there was one more thing that he didn't remember having before, but he wasn't about to question it.

Especially since the Ice Dragon likes her so much.

Suddenly a laughing sound, that could have easily been mistaken for bells chiming beautifully in the distance, could be heard. Followed soon after by a second voice that sounded almost exactly the same.

Two teenage girls, twins, appeared suddenly. One was sitting on his desk, the other was busy cuddling up to Hyorinmaru, who wasn't about to object anytime soon.

The exhasperated captain sighed as he greeted the twin zanpakuto spirits that had been his for who knew how long, as no one could remember when he got them.

"Hey there sleepy heads. Took you long enough to come out here, Mangetsu, Shingetsu." The two girls just grinned mischievously.

"Hello Toshi-chan!" they called together. Everyone present burst out in hearty laughter as Toshiro called out in irritation,

"IT'S CAPTAIN HITSUGAYA!" the two girls took off running as an enraged, white haired captain chased after them, yelling profanities to the wind all the while.

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