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Chapter One: Journey Away from Home

As she delicately pulled her lips away from his, their eyes met. When she looked into his ocean-blue eyes, a complex set of emotions could be seen through his simple exterior. He gently stroked her elegant long blond hair which felt like silk between his fingers. It glistened in the beaming sunlight while it lay in perfect arrangement on her head. After creating a mental image of the moment, she slowly backed away from his gentle touch. She boarded the train as he watch with heart wrenching sadness. They waved their final goodbyes and the train began its eight hour journey away from London.

Victoire Weasley spent the last five hours staring out her window into the fields of endless space. Her last words had been "I love you" and they were directed towards Teddy Lupin.

Since the beginning of their romantic relationship in June, Teddy and Victoire spent nearly every waking moment together. The announcement of their romance came as quite a surprise to everyone. They have always been close friends and no one expected their friendship to become anything more. Furthermore, their family and friends were very supportive of them,

"What about you, Victoire?" she quickly snapped out of her sustained daze.

"What?" said Victoire in deep confusion. Saying goodbye to Teddy was one of the hardest things she ever had to do and she continued to relive the last moment they spent together in her head.

"Are you taking potions this year?" Adalyn repeated in slight frustration. Victoire hasn't said a word to them since they got on the train.

"Oh, yeah I am," she replied in an unusually distressed tone.

"Great! That makes all three of us," Adalyn said cheerfully, referring to herself, Victoire and their friend Emma.

"I know this must be hard to you. Long distance relationships are never fun. But you can make it work. Write to him as much as possible and before you know it you'll be on your way home for Christmas break," Emma saw how much emotional pain Victoire was in and attempted to comfort her. She saw a slight look of relief emerge on her face.

"Plus, this is your final year. After this year you can see him as much as you want. You just have to hold on a little longer," Adalyn further explained. The two girls could see that their goal of comforting Victoire had been achieved. A small grin appeared across her face as she took a deep breath and said, "Thank you. You're right, we can make this work. Teddy spent his first two years at Hogwarts without me and he wasn't here last year. But we still remained close friends because we continued to write to each other. I guess it will just take some dedication." this is the most Victoire has spoken all afternoon. She finally felt convinced that their relationship had a chance of working.

"So..." Victoire quickly looked towards the entrance of their compartment. "Will we be hearing wedding bells soon?" she sighed in annoyance. James had a special talent for interfering with other people's personal lives.

"Go away James, this is none of you business," Victoire rolled her eyes and was tempted to abuse her privileges as head girl by punishing him, but decided against it.

"But it's Emma and Addy's business?"

"They're my best friends," Victoire stated a true fact. After all, they have been friends since year one.

"Okay, that makes sense. I'm only your cousin. I've known you since the day I was born and we belong to the same family. But you know... they're your friends..." a hint of sarcasm was suggested in his voice as he continued on his mission to irritate his older cousin.

"Leave! Now!" Victoire was beginning to get very frustrated with James. However, he simply smiled and said, "Fine, I'll leave. Just remember to send the wedding invitation to Grimmauld Place," with that he left, sliding the compartment door shut.

"Sometimes I wish my grandma only had one child," she said after James was out of sight. Having nine cousins and two siblings was very frustrating at times, especially since she was the oldest. But Teddy was there to help her through the tough times.

The remainder of the ride was slightly more enjoyable for Victoire. She finally felt relaxed and was excited to begin her last year at Hogwarts. She realized it was not beneficial to dwell on the negative aspects of a long distance relationship, but to focus on a solution that will help with their situation.

The sun set over the horizon as the enthusiastic atmosphere of the train increased rapidly. Soon after the sky had settled to a dusky blue, with light only visible from the brightly-lit moon and the abundance of glistening stars, the train came to a gradual halt. The doors opened and students began filtering out. Victoire stepped out onto the platform and smelled the fresh air that surrounded her. She looked up at the distant castle which was lit up like a Christmas tree. It was unreal. A long distance relationship was not going to be easy. But with a little time and dedication, it can be successful.