Only own Molly


Molly Heavens was a beautiful girl, she was in fact the most beautiful girl in town at least that what her parents and friends would say, every guy wanted her. But she only settled for one, that was Royce Clayton the town hero as everyone called him. She never talked to him, Molly never thought of herself as beautiful, she thought she was like every other girl in town. She had black curly hair that went down to her shoulders, she had natural color in her face and she had drown eyes.

As Molly walked home from school she passed a baseball field were Royce and his fellow team mates were practicing. Molly walked up to the fence and looked at Royce in amazement.
"Hey, Royce, check it out." one of his team mates pointed to Molly, she blushed and started to walk away, but she was stopped by a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to the handsome face of Royce Clayton himself. "Hey." "Hi."
"Your, Molly Heavens, right?"
"Yeah, we go to school together."
"I know, listen Molly, I was wondering if you want to go get some ice cream or something." Royce looked to the ground in embarrassment, Molly however thought it was cute how he was shy. "I would love to." Royce looked up and smiled,"Great, I'll pick you up at school tomorrow after school."

Molly spent the whole night picking out an outfit for her date. She decided to wear a red dress with matching shoes, she put a red head band in her hair and red lipstick. Royce picked her up in his Hot-Rod or his 'Sweetheart' as he liked to call it. They drove to the ice cream bar and ordered a large chocolate milkshake which they shared with two straws and then went to the drive-in were they saw the movie 'Frankenstein',whenever a scary part came on Molly clung to Royce.
When Royce and Molly got to her house, they stood on the front porch saying their goodbyes.
'' I had a really good time, Royce, I hope we can do this again."
" I did too, Molly." They gazed into each others eyes and leaned in, Royce kissed her lovingly and pulled her close. Molly wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. They pulled apart and smiled,
"I'll see you tomorrow." Royce said as he walked to his car.

Molly smiled at herself, she never felt this good in all her life, she was in love with the town hero.