Let me just say that I don't know which ghost Royce is so I'm just going to say he is the 7th and Molly is the 8th. PLEASE DONT KILL ME!

"Were is he?" Cyrus yelled, looking around the ball field, Dennis walked around until he felt something...
"He's here but he's not the only one!" Cyrus walked over to Dennis.
"Who else is here?" Cyrus yelled grabbing Dennis by the coller, Dennis pointed to the bleachers. Cyrus put on the special glasses and looked at the bleachers, there sitting in the bleachers was a beautiful girl ghost with black hair and was wearing a white dress, she looked about sixteen or seventeen and was extremely beautiful.
"We found the Black Haired Angel, get her." Cyrus yelled at the men, they raced to the bleachers but they were stopped by the torn prince who swung his bat angrily at them. He knocked out three of them but Cyrus was too fast he put the cubical over the ghost cached her, she scratched at the walls trying desperately to get out and crying. The Torn Prince had a face of rage trying kill all the men in his reach screaming and grunting and swinging his bat at the them. Cyrus open the trap and caught the baseball player, the torn up ghost swung at the walls of the cubical hard.

"Why is he so protective of her?" Dennis asked looking at the black haired girl ghost.
"Because their together" Cyrus handed an old article to Dennis titled 'The Romeo and Juliet of Present Day', the date on the article was 1958. "So what she killed herself because she wanted to be with him?"
"Sure enough."

Molly sat in the cubical next to Royce, she was crying and was curled up in a ball. Royce was trying to comfort her with words,"Doll, its going to be alright, I promise."

I'm working on another 13 ghosts story for The Jackel.

I will be doing a movie verse of 13 ghosts with two of my OCs in it.