Part Three: Hello, Mysterious Stranger

Finn worked as an actor in random productions around the city. Currently, he was starring in the production of 'The starlight man', which was a musical that Harv had never heard of. The rehearsals were being held at 'The Grand Ol' Performance' theater in the ritzy part of the city. Finn had seen that Harv be dragged along to today's rehearsal, and insisted he shadowed him pretty much every step of the way. First was acting exercises, which looked ridiculous, second was wardrobe for fittings and costumes touch ups on outfits that looked even more ridiculous than the acting exercises. Harv ended up being the pin cushion holder. Protect and serve. Finn talked the whole time, BLAH blah blah BLAH blah blah BLAH BLAH blah blah blah BLAH—ENDLESS! Did this man even need oxygen? And he talked about the stupidest things! Fashions, and costumes, and stage make-up and lame celebrity gossip! During the speaking portion of the play, Finn kept stopping and complaining about EVERY. LITTLE. THING! The lights were too bright, another actor was on his mark during his entrance, He's too far from the audience, the lights were too dim, the make-up was cheap, his character wouldn't say this, her character wouldn't say her lines like that, constantly asking where his water bottle was! Harv had never heard a man whine so much! He was unbelievable. No wonder someone was out to kill him! Harv wanted to punch him in his face just so that he would just shut up for a second. Though he knew as soon as he did, Finn would just stand right back up and start making even MORE noise. Harv couldn't take it much longer! And he thought the head aches he had from this case were bad BEFORE! Finally they came to a singing portion.

Finn told Harv that he could go sit in the audience and enjoy the song. Said he needed a moment to himself to find his center. Harv didn't argue. He shrugged and sauntered off towards the seats in the audience. He chose a seat in the middle of the fifth row. Harv sighed, rubbing his head and soaking up the last few moments before Finn's voice started up again. Finally the moment came. Finn, wearing a classic piano player's tuxedo, glided gracefully to the piano in the middle of the stage, and daintily lowered himself onto the piano seat. Despite being completely sick of his voice, Harv actually was a bit excited to hear Finn sing. With all the fuss Finn had made throughout the day, and with that cheesy overly acted way he delivered all of his lines, Harv figured that there must be SOME reason they actually hired Finn. Finn took a light breathe and then began to play. Harv was a little surprised. He seemed so calm now. His fingers so quick, pressing down on each piano key with a gentle skillful touch. He seemed like he was a million miles away, completely lost in the sound of the piano. Harv leaned forward crossing his arms over the back of the chair in front of him and laying his head on them. He guessed that this is what it looked like to be in your element. He wondered if he had the same happy enthusiasm on his face when he did his police work back at the department. He knew that if he did have a look like that, then it certainly hadn't shown itself in a while. It was then that Harv reminded himself that, even though he was fussy and whinny and that Harv could barely stand him, Finn was supposed to be the thing that changed all that. 'He might just come to surprise you.' Harv told himself. Then Finn began to sing. His voice mixed into a melodious harmony with the notes from the piano. Harv watched, a bit bemused as to how lost in it all Finn seemed to be. As the soft stage lights fell on him, he almost seemed to glow with a sense of belonging there. Harv watched the light shine on his platinum blonde hair, his face warm and eyes sparkling a vibrant violet. It was then that Harv came to the somewhat obvious conclusion that Finn wasn't that good. Oh, he was very much in tune with the music, but his singing voice was only mediocre at best. Harv sighed. 'oh well' he thought, 'so much for surprises.'

It was only after this moment of semi-disappointed realization that Harv finally noticed the other person sitting in the audience. He was off to the far left, in one of the last seats in the third row. He had pale skin and pink hair and was dressed all in white. After a moment, Harv's gaze on the man grew stronger, and he noticed that he had something on his forehead. Was that—a horn? What? What in the WORLD. Man, these artsy types sure get strange! He returned his eyes to Finn's performance. White…. Pink hair…. A horn… where had Harv heard that before? He thought deeply for a moment and then remembered what Finn had said about his attacker. 'But wait,' he looked back to the man in white, 'Finn said…. Well Finn said a lot of things. Most of them boring and endless—but he had said that his attacker was white with pink hair and a horn. But Finn had also said that his attacker was a unicorn! This man—he's a man, not a unicorn!' Harv looked back at Finn who was finishing his performance and taking multiple bows, while the man in white was giving him a one man standing ovation, 'Men are men, unicorns are unicorns.' Harv decided. 'but stiiiill,' Harv sighed. He guessed he would just keep an eye on him. And also see how Finn reacted to the man.

The day finally wrapped itself up. Harv hadn't seen hide nor hair of the man in white since Finn's piano performance, not that he was paying much attention by that point. Finn left him too mentally drained to concentrate on much of anything. He currently found himself leaned against the wall outside of Finn's dressing room, just pushing himself forward through each moment until he could get home.

"Ready to go Harvey!" Finn chirped happily as he stepped out of his dressing room with his 'satchel'. 'Satchel' is what Finn had called his bag, though frankly, with how frilly it looked, Harv felt the more fitting term was 'man purse'. But Harv digressed.

"Yeah." He said with a sigh, using his shoulder to push from the wall to standing straight. His eyes even more tired than they were when he first met Finn.

"Good! Now officer," Finn flung the end of his scarf over his shoulder, "If you will take me home, then your services will be done for the day." They began walking down the hallway,

"Hey, wasn't there, uh, some kind of deal we had?" Harv said somewhat slyly, knowing that Finn knew what he was talking about, "Something about, if I followed you around for the rest of today, and the killer didn't show up at all, then I didn't have to keep following you around?" Finn froze, face turning pale. He shook himself into motion again,

"W-well, I assure," he began nervously, "he WILL show up." He began walking briskly down the hallway at an unsteady pace, "why, we could bump into him at any moment!" Finn declared as he rounded a corner of the theater hallway and slammed hard into another person. He stumbled back, and almost fell,

"Now now," said the man in white, catching Finn tightly by his arms and pulling him up, "Don't be like that." Finn glanced up into two pink eyes that looked deeply into his.

"Be like what?" Finn murmured out in unthinking response. The man in white smiled warmly,

"Clumsy!" He said, steadying him on his feet, "Don't be so clumsy!" He fit Finn's shoulder harshly, but his body language implied that it was meant to be a friendly bump in the arm.

"Right." Finn said rubbing his arm and giving a nervous chuckle and the man in white put his hands on his hips, and an overly enthusiastic smile on his lips. "Well, I-I must be off now." Finn was slightly unnerved by this guy, and he quickly walked past him, "Come along Harvey." Harv followed past the man in white and then the man in white turned their direction and did the same. Harv watched him as he picked up his pace and walked past him and right up next to Finn.

"Hey." The man in white said smiling at Finn.

"Uhm, Hi?" Finn replied glancing quickly at him and then quickly returning his gaze in front of him.

"You don't know me, but I'm a huge fan of yours!" The man in white said. Finn perked up a bit,

"Really?" He asked.

"Oh yes! Heh heh one might even say I'm obsessed."

"Really?" Finn's tone went back down again.

"Yeah, but, I feel it's hard not to be. You have such a lovely singing voice." Finn stopped and turned to him,

"I do? I MEAN—" He turned away gracefully brushing the hair from his face with a swift side stroke, "I know! I've been practicing my whole life." He began walking, but it was no longer out of nervousness. It was more he wanted the man in white to begin following him again, like an adoring fan ought to! "It is, as the French say, my raison d'etre!" The man in white looked confused.

"Your…. Raisin detture?"

"It means reason to be. Basically it means that I live for it." Finn said this with a dash of superiority in his voice. Harv questioned what effect an adoring fan would have. He figured it couldn't be good.

"Oh," The man in white said, "I have one of those!" He smiled slyly at Finn, "it's you." Finn said nothing, though he honestly didn't have to. His beaming smile pretty much said it all. "And now that I know where you work," the man in white's smile grew, "I can follow you even more.—YOUR WORK I MEAN! Not you…. Well, yeah, okay, you, but uh—you know what I mean." Finn didn't. But it didn't worry him. He had an adoring fan, and that's all he needed to know. The man in white looked back at Harv, and then slowed his pace to match his. "And… you are?" the man in white was hoping for almost anything but another adoring fan. Though he did like the idea of CRUSHING competition. Harv looked up at him.

"Detective Harvey Valiant." He said, extending his hand.

"A police officer…." The man in said, face growing a little worried, "You're a… a cop?"

"Yeah," Harv said beginning to smile, "Why? Do I have a reason to arrest you or something?" he joked with a small laugh. The man in white looked back at him with dead faced seriousness. He stared at Harv, almost looking like he was getting ready to fight back in assisting arrest. He then broke his silence with loud fake laughter,

"." He smiled once more, though this time it seemed a bit strained, "Naw. I'm a good lil' egg officer—wait, did you say your name was Harvey Valiant?"

"Yeah," Harv replied, "But, you can just call me Harv if you want. Why?" The man in white stared again, his strained smile unmoving from his face.

"No reason." He said, putting his arm around the other man and pulling him closer, "BOY! I'm sure glad I met you!"

"You… you are?"

"Of course! In this dangerous town, in these dangerous times, it's always good to know a police officer! Cause ya know, there so brave and stuff!"

"You really think so?"

"OH HARV, I know so!" His smiled returned to beaming. Harv changed his mind. He decided he was wrong about this guy. He wasn't bad at all! Or even suspicious! He was nice! Nicer then Finn was at the very least. And yeah he was kind of weird, but some people just act weird sometimes and don't even know it. Maybe he didn't have many friends yet, and he just didn't know how to talk normally with people yet. Harv thought that he could be his friend! This is, if he ever came back to the theater with Finn ever again. Which he still wasn't sure he was at this point.

Harv and Finn got into Harv's cop car. They had said their goodbyes to…. Hey, what was his name anyways? Oh well. They had said their goodbyes to that one guy, and he had responded by staring at them, and then running off into the distance and diving into some bushes. Weird guy. They had come to Finn's place. Harv escorted him across the street, and then Finn had convinced him to stay for a while longer to wait for the killer. They had dinner at Finn's place. Harv never said a word their whole conversation, but he did find out that Finn was a good cook, so he guessed that that was okay. They sat in Finn's posh apartment for another 3 hours, which Finn talked all the way through. Finally, at 11:30, Harv had felt that enough was enough. He loosened his tie, grabbed his coat and stood up off of Finn's couch.

"Listen, Finn. It's almost midnight, and the killer hasn't shown. I'm leaving now."

"But you'll come back tomorrow right?" Finn asked, began to panic. Harv sighed, throwing his coat over his shoulder. He looked back at Finn.

"I don't think so Finn. I have work to do. I can't waste time tracking down a killer that doesn't exist." He began to walked towards the door when suddenly he felt a tug on his leg. He looked down to see Finn on his knees, hands pulling at the leg of his pants.


"Finn! Finn, please!" He began to tug his leg away, but Finn grip was tight. Harv growled and kicked his leg harshly forward, "LE'D GO!" Finn got pulled forward off his balance and as Harv's pant leg slipped out of his hands, he came crashing to the ground. He laid there, curling up into a ball and sobbing. Harv began storming across the room towards the door, and grabbed the knob. Finn was crying loudly behind him. Harv stopped. His hand on the knob, he sighed. Letting his hand drop, he turned back to Finn and knelt down to the sad pathetic ball of weeping man on the floor. "Finn…." Harv gave a loud, deep sigh, "Fine. I'll stay with you till midnight." Finn looked up at him, "But after that I had to head home. I have work tomorrow you know." Fin pounced Harv, wrapping his arms around the other man's neck.


"Y-yeah yeah," Harv said pushing Finn off of him. He rose to his feet, "Grab you coat."


"Cause we're going outside Finn. Where you're an easier target, and the killer is more likely to take a stab at you." Harv's face perked up. He smiled and turned back to Finn. "Pun not intended."

"That's not funny Harv." Finn glared up at him. Harv walked, still smiling towards the door. Finn rose and grabbed his coat, following him out the door.

"It's kinda funny." Harv said.

"No it's not Harv." Harv laughed. "Harv, I could DIE!"

Neither of them noticed the pair of pink eyes glaring after them as they shut the door behind them.


They walked down the street some, to more dark and unpopulated areas. They decided to stand at the end of street Finn lived on, just a few feet from a darkened alley way. Time passed slowly in the darkness. Finn continued to talk. Even though Harv was sure that it was mostly out of nerves, he still found it as annoying as before. Finally midnight hit. Nothing. Harv had been so excited to finally catch the killer. But now that rush he felt from the possibility Finn had originally brought had been drained out by Finn's constant talking and Harv was sick of it. He told Finn that he would walk his back to his apartment, but then that was it, and he was going home. Finn began protesting instantly.

"But Harv! The killer—"

"Isn't really after you Finn!"

"YES HE IS! If you'd just stay a little longer—"

"NO FINN! I'm done! This is getting ridiculous!"

"Harv, wait, listen! Please-!" Just then as Finn was walking past a bush, it began to shake fiercely. He screamed, and Harv whipped back around. "Haaaarv—" Harv walked back to Finn, the gun from out of its holster. Harv stood silently in front of the bush pointing a gun at it. "It's the unicorn—"

"SHUSH." Harv began to inch closer to the bush. "Alright," he said, his voice dripping with strength and authority, "Whoever is hiding in there, show yourself! And come out with your hands up." The bush stopped moving for a second. Finn and Harv's eyes were glued to it. It sat unmoving for several moments. Harv began inching towards it again, when a scared rabbit leapt out and run frantically away.

"AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh…..oh…. it's…. j-just a rabbit." Finn laughed nervously as Harv slid his gun back into its holster and glared at him. "W-well…. Creative minds are a dangerous thing, right officer?"

"Sure," Harv said, "If that's what you wanna call it." He continued to glare at Finn for a while longer as Finn meekly grinned back at him. "I'm going home." Harv said, turning and walking away.

"WAIT!" Finn said following him, "I-I'm so jumpy now. W-why don't you stay the night."

"WHAT?" Harv stopped and turned, meeting Finn's face as he almost walked into him. "Ok, now you're just being INSANE!"

"Please, Officer—" Finn put his hand on Harv's shoulder, and Harv smacked it away.

"NO." He grabbed Finn's hand and quickly walked him a few more feet, "There, here's your home," Harv pointed to the apartment complex, "Go inside. Lock your doors, lock your windows, watch some tv and got to sleep," Harv pulled off his tie and left the untied piece of silk dangling from his neck, "cause that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm done here, Mr. Alexander. Good night." Finn tried to protest but it fell on deaf ears. Harv got into his car, slammed the door behind him, started up the engine and it roared away into the night, leaving Finn alone on the street outside of his apartment complex.


What first caught the man in white's eye was that tint of light blonde hair. Finally, all that ducking about corners and dark alleyways and bushes had finally paid off. As he slowly, and quietly came closer to his target, he began to study it's features. The slender build, the dainty poser, the neatly cut hair the hung wispily over a smoothly curved neck, covered by a protective black collar. As he crept up behind his prey, his heart began to pound with excitement. Finally, after all this time. His head would be his! He slowly pulled out his special dagger. The one he had had twisted to a point like the horn on his head. The pride and joy of his weapon collection, modeled after the pride and joy of his own body, specially made to get what would be the pride and join of his MAIN collection. And it was near a dark alleyway too. 'This is almost too easy' he thought. 'It's just standing there.' Even though this would probably be his easiest kill, it would be the one he had waited for the most! He slowly raised his hand, and then quickly pressed it over the blonde's mouth as he dragged him into the alleyway.

"No screaming, pet." He muttered into his victim's ear, "We wouldn't want to be interrupted. I want to enjoy this." He lifted the dagger, and the brought it down hard into the blonde's side. The man in white felt the vibration of a scream through his hand. The felling in his hands, it was all so satisfying. That force he felt when the dagger went in, that vibration of the scream! It was like a drug to him, and he needed another hit. He tightly ripped the dagger out of the blonde's side. It whimpered in pain, and the man in white could fell it's warm tears from it's warm face melting deliciously over his hand. He raised his dagger again and went in for another stab. It wasn't as satisfying this time. For a second the man in white felt disappointed, but then figured out the solution to his dilemma! "I NEED NEW TERITORY!" He spun the blonde around and then pushed it down to the harsh cold grim of the alleyway floor. The man in white removed his hand from it's mouth to join it with his other hand. It saw it's opportunity, and attempted a scream. But as the first sound of it's cry for help could be heard, the man in white brought the dagger down hard onto the middle of it's warm frame. Red sputtered in a light explosion of color all around the man in white and the ground beneath it. It coughed up blood. That shut it up. The man in white's rage and satisfaction grew. He remember the first time he tried to kill it, but it still survived! He stabbed it again. And the time after that! He stabbed it once more with greater force. And the time after that! Another stab! And the time after that! Stab! And he time after that! Stab! And the time after that! Slash right! And the time after that! Slash left! And again! Stab! And again! Slash! And again! Cut! And again, stab and again STAB AND AGAIN STAB AND AGAIN STAB AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! STAB STAB STAB! All his rage. All his frustration. He took out every last drop of it on It's stupid fragile frame! The man is white had also spilled every last drip of It all over the alleyway. It was now an open, beaten, stabbed chest, half wrapped in the remnants of clothes. But the man in white was not yet finished with It. There was one last step. One final important step. The man in white, panting and wheezing in the cold night air, hands shaking with satisfaction, unsteadily held the point of the blade to it's throat and slit across it. He did this, slowly, with increasing steadiness, and when he heard the blade scratch the rocks and dirt beneath It's body, he smiled. He raised the his hand that had held the blonde hair steady and lifted It's head off the ground. He raised it leave to his face, and looked it directly in the cold un moving bloody eyes and he tiredly began to chuckle.

"You won't be coming back to life anymore." He said, his smile growing, his laugh shaky and increasing as the brilliant dark red color began to drip stains onto his white pants. He unsteadily raised himself, and stumbled on his first few upright steps. And then, head and bloody dagger in hands, he slowly clip clopped off into the darkness of the streets.

"Come on, Finn." He said weakly, "we're going home. I have a place all set and ready. Just for you….. hehe….just for you.~ nihihihihi~


Harv sighed. He never caught a break. Yesterday he had assured Chief Radner that the killer would be in custody by the end of the day. And yet here he sat at his desk, looking over the pictures of a new murder. Another point for the killer, another body for the pile, another headache for Harv, and yet another file. Harv looked at the picture in his hand. He sighed as he threw it down on his desk and took a sip of coffee. He weakly set his mug down and leaned back in his chair, taking a harsh breathe in and sliding his hands over his face. His office door swung open,

"Harv." He lifted his hands up enough so he could till down his head enough to see who it was. Emet stood in his door, looking solemn. The bearer of bad news. "Uh, C-chief Radner wasn't to see you." That sentence ended with her voice growing softer. The look of yesterday had returned to him. And quicker than usual. Harv leaned forward, bring his arms down on his desk and his hunched over it released a growly sigh.

"Yeah okay just…" Emet knew what he meant.

"Okay… don't keep him waiting too long." She said closing the door, "He'll just get mad." She opened it up a little more and stuck her head back in, "well, madder, …I mean…" Harv and Emet's eyes met and she slid back out of his office and shut the door behind here. Harv sat there, soaking up a moment of silence peace that he'd need to get him through all the screaming maddness Darren was about to unleash on him. He pushed himself up, and his phone rang. He bang to walk around the desk and picked it up as he did, leaning his weight on the front of his desk.

"Hello, Cailbury Police Department, Detectiv—" Harv winched, knowing that would probably change in the next few minutes, "Officer Harvey Valiant speaking."

"Harv? Harvey! It's Finn! Did you see what happened? There's police everywhere, and news people and—you've got to know by now!" Finn's emotional draining voice started panicking in Harv's ear.

"Finn. Finn, calm down! What are you on about?"

"That man Harv! The one who got killed about a block away from my house! I saw what he looked like Harv! The new is already running the story! He looked just like me Harv! JUST LIKE ME!"

"Ok, you need to not be yelling in my ear right now, I already have a head ache. So wait, are you saying you saw pictures of the body?"

"Oh good lord no! I'm freaking out enough as it is! Do you honestly think I can handle that?"

"Honestly?" Harv thought for a second, "No."


"Finn, please tell me you have a better reason to be calling me then for moral support, or consoling or whatever it is you want from me!"

"Harv! It's it obvious! The body was found a block away from my house! The victim looks just like me! THIS PROVES IT HARV! Someone is after me! And I need your help! I need protection! O-or I'm as good as dead!"

Harv said nothing. He chewed over the idea for a moment. He had looked at all the information, but he had yet to see that, to put two and two together! The weight of this sudden realization— He needed a moment to figure out what he would do next. But regardless what he said to Chief Radner, or exactly how he exactly he would keep Finn safe, he knew one this was for sure. It was true. The killer really was after Finn. Harv let out a small quiet sigh.

"Ok Finn. Give me a couple of minutes. I'll be over there as soon as I can."

To be continued in Part Four: Information man

(…hehe, you thought I was gonna kill Finn. Ha, got cha'! *~^30 )

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-I imagine a door man standing behind Harv and Finn at the end of that scene where they're shouting at each other in front of his apartment complex. It's a ritzy place to stay.

-for all of those who wonder why I'm so scared of Hevvin, THIS IS WHY!

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