i've been doing a meme on tumblr where someone leaves me a prompt and i write a short drabble to go with it. i'm uploading them here as well, sorted by ship :)
these are the first ten finn x rachel ones i've completed, and you can feel free to leave me more over at tumblr! my url is rach-hudson. i've also written quinn x puck, sam x santana, mike x brittany, brittany x artie, finn x santana, and sam x rachel as well :)

some of these are AU, some of them are future, some of them are both :)

one: finn x rachel (i)


finchel, on their honeymoon.

"We're going to the beach today," she declares, opening the curtain so the Caribbean sunlight streams into the room.

Finn blinks up at her. "But, Rach," he whines. "It's our honeymoon."

"And we haven't been outside of the hotel room in three days," she points out.

He just smirks. He has no problem with that, and she knows it.

"I want to actually see the island," she says empathetically. "Not just the hotel bed."

"And the shower, and the desk, and the floor, and the elevator, and—-"


He just laughs when she smacks him across the chest. "Okay, okay, fine, we'll go to the beach today."

She grins, pecking him on the lips. "Thank you," she mutters.

"We'll just end up having sex on it anyway."



finn and rachel have sex.

"You're sure?"

"Yes, Finn."

"One hundred percent?"

"Finn, yes. I love you, you love me. I'm ready."

"It might hurt, you know, the first time."

"I know. I did some research. I'm well prepared, I assure you."

"Okay, if you're sure…"

"I am. Now please just take my virginity."


"Well, you know, in as loving a way as possible."






"What is it? Am I hurting you?"

"Just… give me a minute."


"No, keep going, Finn."

"I love you."

"I know. Now keep going."





"I'm gonna—"




"That was…"


"I'm sorry you didn't—"

"It's okay. Practice makes perfect, right?"

"I really love you."

"Show me."

"Well, if you insist…"


finchel: finn is an astronaut who discovers an alien rachel and must hide her to keep people from trying to experiment on her

"You can't have her," Finn says, his voice low. He stretches his arms out, shielding Rachel behind him. "She's not just some objectyou can experiment on. She has feelings, and she's - she's real."

Sue just smiles. "I always knew you were weak, Hudson. Just hand her over, and no one has to get hurt."

"No," he says, his voice stronger now.

"Finn, don't," Rachel says, her voice pleading. She touches his arm. "Don't do this for me. I'm not worth it."

"Yes," he says, turning to face her. "You are. When I'm with you, I finally feel like I belong somewhere. And that's with you."

Tears fill her wide brown eyes, and she shakes her head. "Please," she whispers.

"I'm not walking away from this," he tells her. "I'm not walking away from you."

"Well, isn't this touching," Sue says in a biting tone. "The moon man and the alien girl. What do you think this is, Avatar? Hand her over, Hudson. Nothing has to happen you if you just step aside."

"I'm not going to do that," he says. "I've made my choice." He turns back to Rachel. "What's yours?"

She bites her lip. "You," she answers quietly. "I choose… I choose you."

He grins. He really wants to kiss her, but he knows now is not the time. "Then I guess we better get outta here."

He raises his gun, points it at Sue, and fires.


finchel getting married.

He's nervous and he doesn't even really know why. It's basic really: She walks down the aisle, they pledge their love to one another, and then they're man and wife. Simple as that.

But he's nervous. He's standing at the end of the aisle, next to Kurt and Puck, and he realizes that the rest of his life literally starts today. He's no longer just going to be looking out for Finn - it's going to be Finn and Rachel. Mr. and Mrs. Hudson.

His lips twitch into a smile.

Then Rachel appears at the end of the aisle, and suddenly his nerves just melt away. She looks like she's floating as she makes her way toward him, her dads on either side of her, and everything just fades away except for her and her smile. He knows that this is exactly where he wants to be.

He manages to not fumble his vows and Rachel actually tears up. (He thinks they're the good kind of tears, though.)

Before he knows it, they're being pronounced man and wife, and holy shit they're actually married now. Rachel gives him this little grin and he smiles back as he kisses her.

"Mrs. Hudson," he mutters against her lips as he's pulling away.

Her eyes sparkle. "It sounds even better when you say it."

They exit the church hand in hand, and Finn can't stop smiling down at his new wife. And he can totally call her that now - and it's awesome.

He doesn't know why he was ever nervous in the first place, because this right here is easily the best day of his life.


finchel taking their baby trick-or-treating for the first time.

"She's really too young for this, you know," Finn points out, shifting Ava in his arms.

"Well, we're heading to your mom's and my dads' house for her first trick-or-treating experience anyway because they are beyond excited," Rachel reminds him. She adjusts her own princess tiara and smirks. "Plus, you have to admit, she looks adorable."

He grins, glancing down at his daughter. She's dressed in a pumpkin costume, an orange beret with a green stem sitting on top of her head. She looks back at him expectantly. He kisses her on the nose.

"Oh, we better get a move on!" Rachel exclaims, looking at the clock. "I told Dad and Daddy we'd be there by six-thirty and it's six-fifteen."

She rifles through her purse, and Finn just watches her, tiara on her head. She's wearing her prom dress from their senior year as well - a darker pink, sleek and smooth and strapless. She's going as a princess, and he's supposed to be Prince Charming, so he's wearing a suit and tie. Rachel calls it

"Halloween on a budget." Kurt calls it "so sickeningly sweet it gives him a toothache."

"What?" she asks, looking up at him after she finds whatever it is she's looking for - apparently her phone, since it's now in her right hand.

"You look beautiful," he says.

She grins. "Really? Because I haven't lost allof the baby fat yet and the dress makes me feel all bloaty—"

"You're perfect," he tells her, leaning down to kiss her lightly. Ava squeals, putting her tiny hands on Finn's cheek.

"I haven't forgotten about you, baby girl," he assures her, pressing butterfly kisses to her cheek as well. She shrieks in delight.

Rachel laughs, leaning up to kiss Ava's other cheek. "Okay, you two, now wereally have to go! Grandpapa and Grandpapi want to see how adorable you are, and so do Grandma Carol and Grandpa Burt!"

Ava claps her hands excitedly, and Rachel laughs again.


finchel at a journey concert.

Journey comes to New York on their second wedding anniversary, so Finn thinks it's kind of perfect and immediately reserves tickets.

Rachel ends up thinking it's kind of awesome, too. "They'll be singing our song, Finn," she says. "The song that brought us together."

"'You're the One That I Want'?" he teases.

She pushes him lightly. "No. 'Faithfully,' silly. Or 'Don't Stop Believin''."

"Or both," he adds with a grin.

And they do both in the end. Rachel cries when they sing 'Faithfully,' and Finn kisses her cheek lightly, singing the words softly into her ear. She just smiles blearily up at him, kissing the silver wedding band on his finger.

"Happy anniversary," she mutters.

He kisses her forehead.

'Don't Stop Believin'' is the closing number, and Finn starts to tear up by the end. This song started everything. This song is the reason he's standing next to the lovely woman he calls his wife, the reason he met her in the first place.

She's crying again, and he's tearing up a little, too. He believes in her, she believes in him, and they believe in them.

It's always been enough and it always will be.


finn and rachel are sick.

"You got me sick!" she says, pointing an accusing finger at him.

He just sneezes, looking up at her with bleary eyes. "I'm… sorry?"

"I have a show tomorrow!" she wails, coughing hysterically. "What am I supposed todo?"

"Call in sick?" he suggests weakly.

"Finn, I can't call in sick! It's Broadway!" she says dramatically, sniffling a little bit.

"C'mere," he mutters, scooting over on the couch so she can sit next to him. "I know you don't wanna miss a show, but your health is more important," he reminds her, smoothing back her hair as she leans into his shoulder. "And that's what an understudy's for, isn't it?"

She sighs dejectedly.

"Plus, if you just miss one show tomorrow and focus on getting better, then you won't be pushing yourself and making yourself sicker and potentially getting even sicker."

She sighs again. "I guess you're right…"

"How about this? I'll take all day tomorrow off as well, and we can spend it in bed, eating soup and watching movies. What about that?"

She looks up at him. And then she sneezes, a little squeaking noise.

He chuckles, but it quickly turns into a cough.

"That sounds good to me," Rachel mutters. "I mean I don't want to miss a show, but…"

"It'll be fine," Finn assures her, kissing her forehead.

"You can kiss me on the mouth you know," she points out with a little smirk. "I mean, you already got me sick, so…"

He just smiles, and then he does just that.


finchel camping.

"Finn, I swear to God I just saw a spider."

"Rach, you didn't. That was just a shadow."

"It was hairy!"

"It was the shadow of your head!"

"… Oh."

"Here, you wanna make a s'more?"

"Um, sure, I guess."

"Okay, take the marshmallow."

"It's on a stick."

"That's because you have to roast it, babe."

"Like… stick it in the fire?"

"Yeah, babe."

"Stop laughing!"

"Sorry, but how else would you roast it?"

"I - I don't know."



"Want me to roast it?"

"Oh, would you?"

"Anything for you, Rach."



"Actually, forget the s'mores."

"Wh - but I love s'mores!"

"Well, you can either join me in the tent, or you can sit out here with your s'mores. Alone."


"I'd really enjoy your company, though."



"Rach, we're literally in the middle of the woods! No one else is around."

"Well, yes, fine then."




"Finn! What are you doing?"

"Forgetting about the s'mores so I can ravish my lovely girlfriend in the tent."

"Is that so?"




"I think that sounds about right."


finn has always been a fan of rachel berry, star of screen and stage, and gets the opportunity to meet her when he sees her reading quietly in a corner and a café.

He's so nervous he can barely even move. Rachel Berry, the Rachel Berry, is sitting just across the café, a book open, sipping her coffee. No one else seems to notice her, no one else seems to care.

But he notices. And he's staring, and his palms are sweating, and he just wants to go over and talk to her because he'll hate himself if he doesn't but he can't move.

She flips a page, her hair falling in front of her face.

He takes a deep breath, then he stands, crossing the café. He stands awkwardly at her table for a second. Say something, he mentally reminds himself.

"E-Excuse me," Finn says. "Miss Berry?"

Rachel looks up, and she's even more beautiful up close than she was across the way, if that's even possible. She smiles up at him.

His heart skips a beat. He thinks he might throw up.

"You were awesome in Transformers 4," he blurts out. He wants to hit himself. Stupid, stupid, stupid. He couldn't have told her she made him cry in the Wicked show Kurt dragged him to see? He has to blurt out something about her least acclaimed movie?

To his relief, she laughs, and not in a mean way. "Thank you! It really means a lot. I was actually really nervous about taking on that project, so I'm glad people are reacting well to it."

"You? Nervous?" he asks incredulously.

She bites her lip, ducking her head, and he's sure he's said the wrong thing again. But then she asks, "And what did you say your name was?"

"Finn," he replies quickly. "Finn Hudson."

"Well, Finn," she says slowly, and he thinks he might pass out because oh dear God she just said his name, "would you like to join me for a coffee?"

He gapes at her. She's joking. She's this film star and he's a nobody and just… what is happening?

But she just smiles and gestures to the chair in front of him. So he sits, and he thinks that maybe she's not just this super cool, super hot movie star. Maybe she's just a super cool, super hot girl instead.


finchel in the 1920s.

He's late.

He's never late, and she's starting to worry.

She doesn't even know his name; all she knows is that he's there every Thursday, sitting alone at the third table from the left, watching her as she does her set onstage.

But he's not there today. It's five minutes until showtime and the table is empty.

"Miss Berry, you have three minutes," Sam tells her coolly.

She gives a swift nod, taking a deep breath and taking her place on the stage. She hears tell Sam on the mic, hears him ask everyone to please give a warm welcome to Miss Rachel Berry.

She looks up at the small crowd, taking the microphone from Sam as he passes. And she smiles. Because he's there, smiling at his table and looking at her like she hung the moon.

She begins to sing, her heart swelling. She doesn't even know him, but she feels like he's her good luck charm.

Thank you so much for reading! :)