All is fair in Love and Charades

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Everybody has secrets

Even the popular clique does

But does anyone know how it feels to fall in love with someone you hate?

Especially when you have put up walls and play charades

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Chapter 1: Piper

A regular day in high school. Boring. I could barely stay awake. Good thing lunch is next. Just got to spend five more minutes in class.

Piper doodled on her notebook. She knew she should have been paying attention, but they were reviewing over homework. Besides, if she didn't get it, she could always ask Annabeth or Leo. Piper sat there in the wooden desk, bored out of her mind. She glanced at the clock in the front of the room. Only a couple seconds left. . .

When the bell rang, the teacher was still discussing the homework. Piper pretended she had been paying attention the whole time. Having a dad who was an actor really paid off.

The teacher finally dismissed them and Piper raced out of the class.

"Piper!" a voice called from behind. Piper looked at the mob of people and saw the hand that was sticking out. Piper quickly pulled it and out came Jade Brooks, a childhood friend of Piper's.

Jade had red hair that stopped at her shoulders with blue streaked bangs and if that wasn't unusual enough, she had pale blue eyes. She always had part of her in a side-ponytail. Jade wore a black T-Shirt that said "For a minute, you literally bored me to death" and blue pre-ripped jeans. "Hey Jade," Piper cheerfully greeted. "Where's Christine?"

Christine was Jade's step-sister. Unlike Cinderella, they got along quite well.

"She's still in pre-calculus," Jade explained. "Packing up her stuff takes a while for such a neat freak."

"Well…" Piper began. Jade was a neat freak too, but she didn't really show it in the way she acted or the way she treated her notebooks.

"Shut it, McLean. I know I'm a neat freak too but unlike Christine, I don't take fifteen minutes to perfect every single knot in my hair."

Piper laughed. "If I have a sleepover, I guess I know to set my alarm clock. Hey, do you think we should get going to lunch now?"

Jade glanced at her wristwatch. "Nah, I'll wait for Christine. I brought a sack lunch."

"'Kay, I'll save you two some seats," Piper walked towards the cafeteria.

On the way, Piper saw Annabeth.

"Annabeth!" Piper called. Annabeth turned. Annabeth had princess-like curls in her hair but stormy gray eyes to ruin the picture.

Annabeth was a year older than Christine, Jade and I. Annabeth also had a friend named Thalia Grace who had a brother who was super popular. We all attended Goode High School which was an okay high school but I didn't particularly pay attention. I usually had Annabeth teach me if I missed anything important.

"Hi Piper," Annabeth greeted. She joined me as we walked to the cafeteria. Thalia had the same lunch period but she was on the other side of the school.

"Annabeth," I said. "Did you have any friends before you met me?"

I looked over to her but her curls covered her face. "Yeah," she said quietly. "He even goes to this school."

"Who's this 'he' guy?" I pressed further. "What's he like?"

"Oh, it's no one important," she replied.

Piper could sense it was a touchy subject so she left the subject alone. For now.

I heard the running of sneakers and soon turned around. I saw Christine and Jade running towards us.

Christine looked a lot like her sister but had a different sense of style. She, alike her sister, had red hair but no streaked bangs and she had lime green eyes. Her hair was elbow length and today she had a T-shirt that read "Talk Nerdy to me!" and faded jeans.

"Give me back my notebook!" Christine wailed at her sister.

"No way!" Jade screamed back.

Piper sighed and snatched the notebook back from Jade. She walked towards Christine and gave her the notebook.

"Honestly, what would you do if I got sick one day?" Piper asked.

The step-sisters shrugged. "So what are we talking about?" Jade asked.

"Oh…nothing much," Annabeth said. Jade gave Christine a knowing look and had a silent conversation. Piper was good at reading faces so she thought they had said.

What do you think happened? Jade mouthed.

Don't push it, Sis! Piper's staring at us! Christine mouthed back.

Oops! Jade stopped mouthing and they stopped their conversation.

When we finally got to the cafeteria, Thalia had already saved us a table.

Just then, the popular clique walked in. The popular clique was formed by Jason Grace, otherwise known as Thalia's brother, Percy Jackson, Drew, the Stoll brothers, Luke Castellan, Clarisse La Rue and a girl named Reyna.

They all walked to their table where everyone craved to be able to sit at. You know besides my friends and I. We were fine being the way we were. In fact, Jade had the streak in her hair to show how unique she was.

Annabeth and I got our lunches and sat down at the table in the corner.

Katie Gardner, a girl who was also a mismatch joined us at our table. Leo Valdez joined our table too.

"Hey everybody," I sat down next to Jade. "How were classes today?"

We all had lunch in for eighth period

"Good," all of them said in unison. We ate silently for lunch 'til the popular clique came by.

Clarisse was snickering as she held out her foot in front of Jason. Jason stumbled and spilt his lunch all over Jade.

Jade was covered in spaghetti, her T-shirt and jeans ruined. Jade turned and faced Jason, while the rest of the clique cowered.

I stood and put my hand on Jade's shoulder. She turned and I saw something even more horrifying than Medusa. Jade was making a fuss over the mess.

"Look, Grace," Jade murderously said. "I don't care how popular you are or that you're my friend's brother. You have made an enemy and this enemy is great at revenge."

Thalia quickly got up and we shared a knowing look. We dragged Jade out of the cafeteria and into the bathroom.

"Geez," I said to Thalia after I had grabbed a spare set of clothes from Jade's locker. "Your brother's dead meat. I haven't heard her say that since kindergarten. And even then, she had gotten suspended because she made the poor kid eat sand. All because he broke her blue crayon."

Thalia grimaced. I could tell that she was hoping that I wasn't telling the truth.

After Jade had gotten her spare set of clothes and the spaghetti out of her hair, she looked better.

"Hey, we better get going," Piper said. "By any chance, Thalia, do you have handcuffs? I think we'll need them."

We glanced at Jade who was beginning her preparation to punch people. Thalia shook her head.

"Um…I think I'll go ahead," I whispered at Thalia. "To warn your brother."

Thalia nodded as she tried to calm down the outraged Jade.

I headed towards the cafeteria. The popular clique was at the middle table, like any other day.

I headed towards the middle table, where they sat.

I tapped Jason's shoulder. He turned reluctantly and stared at me with disgust. "What do you want, you popular wannabe?"

I was subtly offended but I remembered my purpose. "My friend, Jade, the girl who you spilled spaghetti over…she's going to kill you."

Jason rolled his eyes. "I don't think she could beat me up."

I was boiling with rage at that point. "Look, Jason, whatever you want to be called, first off, she will kill you! I don't care that you're my friend's brother-"

"You've already said that, popular wannabe."

I was about to beat him up myself. I gritted my teeth. "Don't you realize it? When you're popular, how are you any different than us, 'wannabes'? You're just as isolated as us! You spend your whole life thinking that you're going to be popular but haven't you realized it? You won't be!"

The popular people stared at me after my speech. In fact, everyone was. But I didn't really care. I stormed off towards the bathroom and soon heard the clashing noise of sneakers on the floor. I turned to see Christine, Annabeth, Katie, and a face I hadn't expected.


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