Author: Grayheart

Beta: Aoirann

An old Ford Focus rolled up to the large three story brick building that was Midtown elementary school. An elderly man with dark brown, graying hair and blue eyes was trying to coax a much younger brown haired boy out of the car. Only for the young boy to cling to the man's jacket.

"Peter you can't hide behind me the whole school day," said the elderly man to the boy, Peter.

"Why can't I stay at home with you and Aunt May?" Asked the younger boy softly as other families and students walked into the school.

"Because getting an education is important and who knows? You may make some friends this year," said Ben pushing his nephew into the attendance office to find Peter's home room.

Peter's homeroom was on the first floor on the other side of the building. The room was full of eight year olds and a few other parents dropping their kids off. The desks were arranged in groups of four. The teacher was a perky, happy younger woman with her brown hair tied up in a ponytail.

"Hello my name Miss Poirier! I'm teaching this class," she said this in a too cheerful voice. This freaked Peter out and he hid behind Uncle Ben.

Miss Poirier looked embarrassed that she made one of her future students react in such a way.

"Don't worry Miss Poirier. Peter is just a little shy." Said Ben pulling his nephew out from behind him, again. Miss Poirier knelt down and smiled softly at Peter.

"Sorry I scared you Peter," she apologized and held out a hand to the young boy who smiled hesitantly and took it. She showed Peter were his desk was and Peter said goodbye to his Uncle who gave him a hug and wished him good luck.

The rest of the day was interesting and chaotic to say the least. The first thing Miss Poirier had them do was introduce themselves. Then they started on subjects the first of which was math which Peter found easy. Then they had spelling and writing which was a little more difficult. Then they had Gym class Peter thought he did ok. They ran laps and while he wasn't the fastest he wasn't the slowest either. Then they had Lunch which was ok, but it wasn't as good as his Aunt May's food. The next class after Lunch and recess was Science which Peter found really interesting, because Uncle Ben said his parents had been scientists. The last subject that day was Art which Peter was horrible at.

"I hope everyone had a fun day," said Miss Poirier as the students packed up their back packs. Peter and the other students exited the school to the steps and waited for their rides and/or guardians car and left. Peter waited on the steps as more and more of the kids were picked up, until Peter was sitting alone on the steps.

Peter looked up when he heard a car drive up only for him to see a police cruiser. A tall police woman with blonde hair in a bun exited the vehicle and walked over to where Peter was sitting.

"Peter Parker?" asked the officer and Peter nodded shyly.

"I need to take you to the station, Ok?" she said. Peter was bit hesitant but followed her to the cruiser.

The ride to the station was rather short. They entered the station the place was busy, officers bringing people in, people leaving, cops writing things down and taking pictures of the arrested. In other words organized chaos. The female officer led Peter through the station taking a right turn into a much quieter hall with waiting rooms. She then led Peter into one of the waiting rooms, it was small, but large enough to fit the two couches that were against opposite walls and the coffee table in between them, a few magazines were on the table.

"We're going to wait here for a bit ok?" said the cop sitting down on one of the couches and Peter sat on the opposite one.

"Miss Cop Lady?" Asked Peter and she looked up at him.

"Where's my Uncle Ben? He was supposed to pick me up."

The cop took a sharp breath and gave peter a pitying look. There was a knock at the door and a brunette woman walked in. She looked sadly at Peter and walked to sit next to him on the couch.

"Peter, my name is Laura Fuller" said lady, Laura who paused before taking on a serious tone.

"Peter the reason your at the station is because, there was... a break in at your house."

Peter froze as Laura continued. "The robbery was armed and he shot you Uncle and Aunt when they refused to give him the valuables, they didn't make it to the Hospital" By then Peter was crying and it got hard when he realized he was alone.


A cell phone rang in a small dark bedroom and a rather hairy arm reached out from under the covers, a voice grumbled about hang over's and super healing.

"Hello?" Said a gruff male voice.

"Is this James Howlett?" said a female voice on the other end.

There was a pause before Logan remembered that 'alias'.

"Yeah this is him," he said with a yawn sitting up.

"Do you remember Richard Parker?" the woman asked hesitantly.

Logan blinked and a face and a few memories came to mind.

"Yeah I knew him, nice guy. His wife was nice too. Heard they had a kid a few years ago, Peter I think his name was. But I haven't seen them in years." Said Logan scratching his chin.

"He and his wife died in an accident a few years ago," said the woman sadly. That made Logan pause.

"Goddammit." Muttered Logan and he blinked when he realized something.

"What happened to the kid?"

"That's actually what I'm calling about, he's been in the care of his Uncle Ben Parker, Richard Parker's older brother, and his wife May. But they were killed in a burglary and you're the last on the potential list of guardians. If you don't take him he'll be put into the Foster Care System."

Logan swore loudly.

*A few days later*

A scruffy man and a woman in a business suit stood outside a decent looking orphanage.

"Now remember..." started the woman.

"I know, I know you've told me a thousand times," grumbled Logan through his cigar.

"And for God sake put out that cigar." The lady added as they entered the building, the man dropped his cigar and stomped on it before following. There were kids everywhere screaming, running and playing. Their ages ranging from around four or five to eighteen, the older kids trying to keep the younger kids from causing too much trouble and giving the two adults weird looks.

They found the head caretaker settling a dispute between two fifteen year old boys.

"Mrs. Miller," called the lady to the caretaker who walked over.

"My name is Laura Fuller and this is James Howlett" said Laura pointing at the scruffy man who nodded.

"We're here about Peter Parker."

Mrs. Miller nodded

"Yes you called about him being taken in by his legal guardian. Mark can you go get Peter and help him get his things?" Mrs. Miller called to a tall, skinny teen with brown hair, nodded and walked out of the room.

The three adults talked, well Laura and Mrs. Miller did, and the two women filled out the paper work Logan helping when he was needed. They were almost done when Mark came back with a slightly small eight year old with a back pack trailing behind him, the older teen carrying Peter's suitcase.

Peter's first impression of Logan was to hide behind Mark. Logan's first impression of Peter was 'Cute' though he must had thought that out loud because the three present were giving him looks.

"What?" said Logan, Mark looked away, but the two women looked a little pleased.

"Peter," said Laura and the boy slowly edge out from behind Mark looking nervous and shy.

"This is James Howlett, he's going to be taking care of you."

Logan tries to give a reassuring smile, but being himself this scares Peter into hiding behind Mrs. Miller. Logan face palmed grumbling to himself. Laura was coaxing Peter out from behind Mrs. Miller and towards Logan.

Peter and Logan started at each other for a moment before Peter looks away and down at his shoes. Laura sighed.

"I know this is awkward for both of you but you'll get used to each other." The last part sounded more like an order for Logan. The three left the orphanage, Logan carrying Peter's suitcase.

Out front was a white R.V. parked a little ways down the road. The three stopped in front of it. Laura gave Peter a hug.

"Now you be good Ok?" Laura said mostly to Peter and partly to Logan. With a wave she then left.

There was a short pause between the two males.

"Mr. Howlett-" started Peter.



"I prefer to be called Logan"

Peter blinked then nodded and Logan unlocked the door to the R.V., the inside looking like it had recently been cleaned. Logan made his way to the back and put Peter's suitcase under the bunk bed.

"Which bunk do you want" Logan asked Peter and the boy pointed to the top bunk. He tried to put his backpack on the bunk, until Logan lifted Peter onto the bunk.

Aoirann: And yet another story that involves Peter being orphaned. Do you have issues with your parents or something?