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Aithusa was beginning to bother Kilgarrah.

The baby followed him everywhere, and asked stupid questions that made Kilgarrah facewing.

"Is the boy that visits destined for anything?"Aithusa asked once.

KIlgarrah stopped and blinked.

"Yes. He is destined to bring Albion greatness through the king, Arthur."

"I thought I was going to bring Albion greatness."

"You thought wrong."

"You're so mean." Aithusa whined, and started crying.

He didn't stop crying until Merlin came. Merlin saw Aithusa and gave him a sympathetic look.

"What was it this time?" Merlin asked Kilgarrah, "Really, he's just a baby."

"He asked if you had a destiny." Kilgarrah scoffed.

"Well, he's so young," Merlin said, waving a hand at Aithusa, "You can't expect him to know!"

"Right. Kilgarr's mean." Aithusa said, making Merlin smile.

Aithusa couldn't say 'Kilgarrah', so he said 'Kilgarr' instead.

"Oh, trust me," Merlin said, "I know how mean he can be."

"MEAN!" Kilgarrah roared, "ALL I'VE EVER DONE WAS HELP YOU!"

"Yeah, but some of your riddles cost time." Merlin said.

Kilgarrah closed his eyes, trying to accept how stupid his life had become. He was being upstaged by some… weakling! And Merlin was falling for it!

"Please, Kilgarrah, just leave him alone?" Merlin said.

"Whatever." Kilgarrah said.

Merlin left.

"I love you, Kilgarr. Why do you hate me?" Aithusa said, looking so adorably miserable.

Not falling for it, notfallingforit, Kilgarrah thought.

"Because I like Merlin, and you're stealing him."

"But he's not yours…"Aithusa said.

"Well, no, but…"

Aithusa had fallen asleep.

Damn that cute little beast, Kilgarrah thought, Soon I will get rid of him.

Aithusa turned over in his sleep.

But he's just. So. Cute…

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