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She's a tease. A cruel, vicious, sadistic tease.

She has to know what she was doing to him. She must realize that her blouse is just slightly tighter in the bust. She is has to be aware that when she pulls her hair back, she's only revealing more neck for him to fantasize about kissing. She is must be completely conscious of the fact that every time she crosses her legs her skirt raises higher, exposing more precious skin.

She has to know what she's doing.

It's not as if she's the only girl in school. He could have his pick of nearly any of the girls at Hogwarts. But he wants her. And she knows it.

And it's killing him!

He's a pervert. A disgusting, vile, boorish pervert.

He has to know that she notices it. He must realize that it's obvious that he's ogling at her chest in the school uniform. Everyone can see him start to drool at her neck whenever she pulls her hair back. It's repulsive how he has to pick his jaw up off the ground whenever she crosses her legs and her skirt naturally raises slightly.

It's obvious what he's doing!

It's not as if she's the only girl in school. There are tons of other girls throwing themselves at him. He could spend his time staring at any other girl and they would fall at his feet. But he wants her. And she finds it absolutely sickening.

"Then why do you do it?" Marlene McKinnon asked her one morning.

"Do what?" replied young Lily Evans as she gazed at her appearance in the mirror, and sat to wait for her friends.

"Why do you always walk in front of him with a kind of jaunt? And get books that you don't really need that are just out of reach in the library where he sits, so you have to stretch to get them?" she inquired.

"Oh!" piped up Alice Prewett, "you always seem to 'accidentally' drop your quills in front of him, and you do this sort of slooooow bend when you go to pick them up!"

"I do not!" protested Lily, although her face was quickly turning a rather unflattering shade of crimson.

"You so do," their fourth dorm mate Dorcas Meadows contradicted as she entered the room, "and by the way, you three should hurry. The Marauders are waiting in the common room ready to 'coincidentally' accompany you all to breakfast."

Marlene and Alice laughed at the boys' pathetically obvious ploy and gathered the last of their things together.

"Ready Lily?" Alice questioned as she and Marlene headed toward the door.

"Yeah, I'll be down in two minutes," she replied.

They exited and Lily shuffled about her room doing nothing for a moment. The second that Dorcas left as well though, Lily returned to the mirror. Without a moment's hesitation, she undid the top bottom of her blouse and rolled her skirt at the waist, shortening it a solid two inches. She smiled slyly at the amendments to her outfit and proceeded down to the common room.

Her friends were chatting happily with the four Marauders. As Lily approached them she felt Potter's eyes rake over her body.

"Evans, looking orgasmic, as always," he commented loudly.

"Shove off, Potter" she replied with a glare and dragged her friends out the portrait hole without him.

As she walked away, James was sure he heard her mutter the phrase "disgusting pig" to her friends. But honestly, he didn't understand how he could possibly be blamed.

He looked to his friends in disbelief.

"She has to know what she's doing!"

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