GunnerPow7: Okay, I know I have Camp Pokemon still sitting in the rocks but I want this story in now so here is the first chapter of the Unity Tower Competition!

October 24, 2011, Castelia City, 9:00 AM

In the large bustling city of Unova, A pair of trainers are boarding the ship that is heading out to the place that unites the world, Unity Tower!

In the ship, a boy wearing a green vest, blue pants, purple shoes, red and purple hat with jet black messy hair is talking to a girl wearing a blue dress , cyan shoes, and a red ribbon tying her two ponytails.

"So Shay, We are finally going to Unity Tower! Where the best trainers in the world are here to compete!" said the boy.

"Yeah Chris! I'm so excited!" Shay replied.

"To think that we are going to represent Team Philippines! I wonder who are we going to be teaming up?" Chris asked.

"I don't know but I hope they will be nice!" Shay hoped.

"We'll see..." Chris said while they were waiting for the boat to sail to Unity Tower.

GunnerPow7: Okay so here are the rules:

1. I need 15 OCs (including mine) in this story so I need 13, 3 in each team. I named each team from the top 5 countries visiting my stories so here are the teams!

Team United States of America

Team United Kingdom

Team Philippines

Team Canada

Team Australia

Again they are in order.

2. I will only accept OCs from authors who are from their countries respectively (meaning I will look to your profile and check your country.)


4. The Sign Up Sheet

Name: (First and Last Name)

Age: (13-16)

Team representing:(I will check your profile!)




Hometown: (In the Pokemon world, okay?)


Pokemon: (up to 6, no legendaries, please write the moves and gender)


5. Vote in the polls in my account because 30% of the story's outcome comes from the readers!

6. Put all your entries in the reviews


And that's all! See you in the UTC!