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"talk" normal

"think" normal

"talk" demon

"think" demon


It was a silent night in the village hidden in the leaves. The crickets were chirping, couples were watching the moon, and an angry mob was chasing a five year old with the intend to kill him, yeah all was peac…WHAT! Let's see what's happening shall we.

Back with the young child and mob, the boy was cornered in an alley. He was short for his age group and wore what seemed to be rags, he had sun kissed blond hair, bright blue eyes, and three whisker like markings on each cheek. His name is Naruto Uzamaki and he was once again fearing for his life as the mob closed in on him. You see five years ago; Kyuubi, the nine tailed fox, attack the village. Many died that day including the Forth hokage who was only able to stop the beast by sealing it in a newborn child at the cost of his life. The last wish of the fallen leader was for Naruto to be seen as a hero, but this was not so. People hated him for what he held and called for this his death. In order to protect him Hiruzen the third Hokage made a law to never speak of the sealing or Kyuubi being sealed. It didn't work remotely.

Even though Naruto acted like it, he was no fool. He knew about Kyuubi after the first time he was beaten unconscious, but he couldn't communicate with the fox seeing as it was asleep.

"Alright time for you to die demon!" a villager shouted.

"Your going to pay for what you done you monster!" yelled another

They began the merciless beating. They kicked, punch, stab and everything else that can hurt him. Pain was all Naruto could feel, every inch of his body ached and was covered in blood, bruises, or cuts. Naruto soon lost conscious. Finally the mob backed up for a man with a axe to walk up.

"Time to die once and for all demon!" the man shouted.

The man was brought the axe down.

"LIKE HELL! CHIDORI!" a voiced ranged out.

In mid swing a hand covered in lightening shot through the man's chest. He fell down dead.

"Weasel! You take Naruto to the hospital. The others and I will bring these basturds to Anko and Ibiki." a man with silver gravity defying hair wearing a dog mask ordered.

Weasel nodded and took Naruto. While the rest of the ANBU captured the mob. "Naruto please be safe. Sensei, I sorry I failed to protect him from this." thought Inu. But what they didn't know this was the birth of a legend.

(Naruto's Mindscape)

Naruto's eyes twitch as they open.

"huh? So I'm here again. No surprise. Oh well, I might as well see if the fox is up or not." Naruto muttered.

"Well you could do that, but I already checked and kyuubi is asleep." a voice said.

Naruto spun around see who spoke. In front of him was a woman with red hair and green eyes. Her outfit seemed to be made of leaves that just covered her modesty. If one was to look closely there was a green tint to her skin.

"Who are you and why are you in my mind?" Naruto asked as he got ready to fight if need be.

The woman gave a warm and caring smile. "Sit down Naruto and I'll explain everything."

"Ok but how do you know my name?" Naruto Questioned as he sat down.

" I'll start with my name and go from there. My name is Pamela Isley but I'm better known as Poison Ivy. You see Naruto, I was alive over thousand years ago, technology was more advance back then and I was a normal girl who fought for nature with my best friend Barbra Gordan. To make things short we were going to sabotage a chemical lab that used plant for experiments. There a villain called Mr. Freeze was fighting with a hero called Batman. There was an accident with a platform full of chemicals and plants fell on top of me." Ivy sighed remembering that day.

"But that's when it began, the plants and chemicals gave me these powers, but at the same time warped my mind making me think all animal life should be destroyed and plants reign supreme. It was years later with help from my friend Barbra I was able to regain my sanity. Now to answer your question of how I'm here and how I know your name, I am your ancestor and I seen how these…beast have treated you and I begged Kami-sama and Tozi-sama to help you. Luckily for you they let me and here I am." she finished with a smile.

Safe to say Naruto was shocked. After taking a couple breathes to digest the information he finally spoke up.

"How are you going to help me Ivy-baachan?" Naruto asked.

"Well for one thing I'm going to activate your powers. After Kami-sama is going to resurrect me so I can help you learn your powers and control them completely so you won't destroy things by accident and have a family you rightfully deserved." Ivy said with a very happy smile.

Naruto tackled Ivy into a hug with tears in his eyes. Ivy could only smile and return the hug.

"Alright Naru-kun when you wake up your powers will be activated and I'll be at your side. Ok?"

"(sniff)Ok Ivy baachan. I'll see you when I wake up." Naruto said.

(Outside of Konoha)

Just outside of the village an eerie glow from the ground started to sprout up. Vines turned to bone, grass turn into flesh, and leaves turn into clothing.(For better visual watch Swampthing it's a old cartoon). There stood Poison Ivy wearing a black t-shirt, forest green pants and black combat boots.

"Well I better not keep him waiting."

(Within the Village)

Hiruzen was mad, strike that, he was piss the fuck off. First he got three times the paperwork, then he had to deal with the idiots on the council wanting to ban, kill, or turn Naruto into a weapon, true the clan heads except the Uchiha wanted the best for him but it is still a pain, and then he finds out that a mob sent him to the hospital.

"Why can't they see him for a hero like he is?" the old kage asked for the hundred time as he approach the front of the hospital.

RUMBLE! CRUNCH! "LET ME GO!" a scream came from the inside of the building.

Quickly the Third rush into the building to find the receptionist was tangled by a vine-root hybrid and a very pissed off woman with her back towards him.

"What's going on here?" the Hokage demanded. The woman turn around making the third think he was seeing a ghost.

"Kushina?" Hiruzen gasped.

"Good, you knew my cousin, this will make things easier." Ivy exclaimed.

"Your cousin?" the third questioned.

"Yes, my name is Pamela Isley Uzamaki, I just found out my cousin is dead and her son is in the hospital but," Ivy points to the receptionist "this bitch won't let me see him." Ivy growled out.

"Hmm I understand" turning his attention to the bound woman "Your fired." Hiruzen said plainly.

"Now may I see Naruto or do I have to turn this village to fertilizer?" Ivy asked.

"You do realized you would have the entire village against you right?" the kage deadpanned.

"And you should realized that I can level a country with out breaking a sweat, unless it's Suna then there be a lot of sweat." Ivy mused.

"Alright let see Naruto" Hiruzen said quickly. He seen the wrath of a woman before and he didn't want to see Pamela's wrath as long as he lived.

(Naruto's Room)

As they entered Naruto started to stir and wake up.

"Ivy Bachan! I wasn't a dream!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Hello Naruto it's good to see you." Poison Ivy replied.

"Baachan? Dream? What's going on?" Hiruzen demanded.

"Oh hehe Weeeeeeellllll…"Ivy explain every thing to the third, who she was , Naruto knowing about the fox and their powers.

"I'm too old for this shit." was all the kage could say after the explanation.

"Alright now that every thing's explained can I take Naruto home now seeing he's awake and healed." Ivy said and Hiruzen knew it wasn't a question.

"Alright I'll let two ANBU escort you there. Inu! Weasel!" two ANBU appeared. "You heard everything right?" They nodded "Good, do not breathe a word about this to any body understand?" "HAI! HOKAGE-SAMA!" "Good, I'll see you two in the morning" the third said leaving.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++(Naruto's Apartment)

When they arrived Ivy got pissed, the place was trash and vandalized. Making a note to talk with the Hokage in the morning she took Naruto to bed and he fell asleep in her arms. This in turn only made her smile. "Good night Naru-kun." and kissed him on his head.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++(Unknown location)

"SO the demon brat has a family member huh." a ugly looking pink hair shrew remarked.

"Yes Minikui-sama." the former receptionist answered.

"Well, we will see about that," MiniKui remarked.

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