Wow we have been quiet this weekend. Anyway the other day Niall was tweeting about having to do ADR for a shower scene, apparently Erica is also in that scene. So after I stopped squealing I came up with two different ideas of how this could go. Both are M rated, this one language the next one for other stuff.

Once again, I don't own Eureka or make anything off of these other then the joy I get from reviews.

Alarms were blaring around the lab and water showered down from the ceiling as the decontamination procedures had been activated when an explosion happened in Dr. Sterns' lab.

"Damn it, this is your fault you know." Zane yelled, cold water streaming down his face.

"How the hell is this my fault?" Jo asked incredulously, shivering from the water.

"I told you to stay the fuck out of that man's lab," anger rising in his voice.

"I'm the head of security; he had a test run that required my presence. So now because you're overly possessive and jealous I'm not allowed to do my job? I don't think so." Her own voice now tinged with anger.

"He wasn't taking no for an answer, unless you wanted him to keep coming on to you!" Zane spat back.

"You think that just because he wants me he gets to have me? Does the same go for you, because that new neural engineer has been checking you out for the last week?"

"Of course not, but I still don't like that guy looking at you."

"It's not like I'm interested in him, Zane. You are currently the only one I'm interested in but if you keep up these caveman antics…"

"Maybe I am possessive but I want everyone to realize that you are mine. You're my woman Josefina Lupo. Get used to it." He gritted his teeth.

"I am not a piece of property. No one owns me." Jo was beyond pissed at this point.

"Fine! I know that you aren't property and I don't want to own you. Damn it, Jo I want to marry you." It was obvious the last part slipped out. "Shit" he mumbled,

"Are you serious?" Jo crossed her arms over her chest.

Zane tried to wipe the still falling water from his face and met her eyes. "Yeah I meant it."

A smile lit across Jo. "Good because I don't want to say yes again just to have you laugh and ask in what universe." She uncrossed her arms.

"You are never going to let me forget that are you? I'm sorry ok." He paused. "Wait did you just say yes?"

Jo took a step forward. "If you are serious about wanting to marry me then my answer is yes."

Zane was now smiling too. "I love you. Let me at least try to do this right." He dropped to one knee and fished a ring out of his pocket. "Marry me?" He slid the ring on her finger.

"Yes." She pulled him into a kiss.

Suddenly the screen flickered off.

"Jo is going to kill the both of you if she knows you guys are watching this again." Allison said to Jack and Fargo after she had switched the monitor off.

Jack flicked a final piece of popcorn into his mouth. "Come on Allie. These two have become better then any of the reality TV shows."'

"Come on we were just watching some of their greatest hits." Fargo said. Allison gave him an icy stare. "Well none of the R rated stuff, we just like the happy endings."

Allison laughed, "fine keep watching but if either of them finds out I know nothing about this and I am not covering for you." She flipped the screen back on and left the room.

Fargo tapped the keyboard and turned to Jack. "So you want to watch the proposal again or their reunion after the Astraeus fiasco?"