(A/N: I don't know much about horses, so I apologize for the lack of correctness. BTW: This is just kinda like a filler chapter...)

CH. 3

After I was dropped off my house, my little sister came running from the stables,"Sissy!" I laughed as the little golden-haired girl jumped into my arms. "Hey, Cassie. Where's Mama?" Cassie giggled & her bright green eyes flickered towards the stables,"She's gotta surprise for you, sissy!" Before I could ask, she jumped out of my arms & started running toward the stables, calling over her shoulder,"C'mon!" I laughed softly & ran after her. "Oh! Hello Gwyn." My mother was in an empty stall, kneeling in the fresh hay, w/Cassie her side. I smiled,"Cassie said you have a surprise for me?" Mama giggled & motioned me to come closer. I raised an eyebrow & stepped into the stall. As soon as I did, I gasped. A new baby filly was sleeping in the hay. "It was born around noon today." I nodded Mama's comment & knelt next to her. She was a beautiful grey, almost silver, color tht faded to white its rear. Its mane was a darker shade & a piece of it was falling over its left eye. Right between its eyes was a spot of white-grey tht matched its muzzle. "She's beautiful." I gently swepted away the piece of mane from her face. Mama smiled me,"She's yours." I looked up her, shocked,"R-really?" She nodded,"Galaxy rejected her, wouldn't feed her or even look her. So you're gonna have to feed her. Kay?"

Cassie crawled closer & looked me,"Watcha gonna name her?" I looked thoughtfully the little filly &, after a moment, smiled,"Mystic, Myst for short." Cassie giggled & gently stroked the animal's back,"I like it" My mother smiled stood up, wiping her curly brown hair out of her blue eyes,"Alright Cassie, lets leave Gwyn to get to know her horse." They left. I scooted closer to Mystic & placed my hand on her neck...

"Mama?" Eve looked down her youngest child,"Yes, Cassandra?" The 4yr old looked back the stables,"Do you think they'll b...uhm...bond?" Eve smiled,"Of course they will. Your sister is very good this kind of stuff." Cassie looked down her worn sandals & dusty toes & smile,"Sissy could tame anything!" Eve looked back the stables w/a small smile,"Yes, yes she could..."

As soon as my fingers brushed her neck, Mystic's eyes slowly opened to reveal a pair of beautiful lavender orbs,'What an odd color for a filly's eyes.' I froze, then grinned to myself,'Like mine.' Mystic started nudging my hand w/her nose. I smile & began petting it,"Hello Little One. My name is Gwyn, & yours is Mystic." The young filly blinked before rubbing her nose against my hand, again. I giggled softly & stood up. "Alright, time to get up!"

A few minutes later, she was running in circles around the stables, making the older horses snort & stomp thier feet playfully. I laughed as she came to a clumsy stop nxt to me,"Alright, time for your food." I walked over to a shelf & picked up a bottle I had noticed earlier. The sticky note on its side explained tht Mama made it. I smiled & turned towards Mystic,"Come here Mystic." I knelt as she walked to me,"Here you go." I smiled gently as she drank the formula...