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Sergeant Will Carter leaned against a tree surveying the tenth group of pilgrims coming through the portal. He tried not to convey his boredom to his superior, Lieutenant Alicia Washington, as she strolled around the forest clearing where the time fracture opened. Watching families with their required two children in tow held no interest for the seasoned soldier. His brown eyes were drawn to the pretty female faces of several single women and that made him smile. Nice to have some fresh women to try my best lines on over the next few months.

Most of the people who came through from the polluted future of 2149 where it was toxic to breathe for long without respirators collapsed not far from the portal. Medical personnel filled the clearing, giving people less oxygen-enriched air to breathe while they acclimated.

For a reason unknown to Will his eyes followed the newest family to stagger into the clearing. The husband walked several paces ahead and spouted loudly to his family that they might have difficulty… breathing. He was the first to have difficulty and staggered over to a tree. One of the nurses-Susan, if Will remembered correctly-was there to help him sit down. Carter couldn't help but chuckle that the pompous newcomer needed assistance. Arrogant scientists and medical personnel were plentiful around the base since only the best and brightest in their fields were invited to come. The random lottery winners did even things out a tad, but they usually never required security escorts anywhere. Only the damned scientists.

The fracture was open for eighteen minutes. Not a lot of time for pilgrims to come through and communications to be sent back and then before it closed. The portal had been open only about four minutes, which meant this man and his family was of some importance. The rich or those with connections went first in case the portal closed too soon lest they be stuck until the next cycle.

The Sergeant looked at the man's family: two blond children, one boy and one girl, holding their mother's hand. When his eyes fell on the mother, they became fixated. The first thought to cross his mind was that she had to be at least a foot shorter than his six-foot-three frame. She wasn't standing up straight due to the two backpacks she was carrying. A quick glance at the man confirmed his suspicion about the owner of the second pack she carried.

Will was too far away to catch her eye color, but he saw her face long enough to realize he wasn't going to forget it any time soon. She had a simple beauty about her that caught the jaded ladies man's attention. Her light brown hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail and Will imagined what it would look like framing her face.

Dragging his eyes away from the woman, he looked at his commanding officer to see if she caught him staring at a married woman. Will had some requirements when it came to the women he pursued and not being married was a big one. Lucky for him, Wash wasn't looking his way. The fragile new society definitely didn't need that kind of scandal. Commander Taylor truly frowned on his soldiers hooking up randomly with the civilians under their protection. Carter didn't need to add messing with a married woman to his less than stellar record in that area.

Lieutenant Washington motioned for him to move to the other side of the clearing, closer to the family that caught his eye and he nodded. Will skirted other families and a few of the pretty ladies he noticed earlier to talk with Jenkins, a young soldier near the front of the clearing. "We need to get some of these folks moving. Check in with medical and see how many they feel can start walking. Don't want to set up a buffet to draw in the Carnos."

"Yes, Sergeant Carter," the young soldier replied with an enthusiastic nod.

"Your class has got to be the most polite bunch of soldiers I've ever met. Between you, Foster and Reynolds I seem like a heartless son-of-a-bitch."

"That's because you are, Sergeant." An impish smile split Jenkins' face as he headed over to the lead doctor.

When Will looked back to the tree where the man was seated, his fists clenched. He surged forward but was nowhere close enough to catch the petite woman as she pitched forward. It was the second pack and the children who kept her from crashing face first onto the forest floor.

The husband glanced at her, said something to the nurse and tossed an oxygen unit to his son. The children got their mother seated and gave her the mask.

Will seldom let the affairs of others affect him, but something about this woman kept his attention. Memories from early childhood and his neglected mother surged out of that dark place he locked them away in. He found a desire to punch the pompous bastard of a husband in the face wouldn't go away.

Of course the husband was deemed fit to get moving while his wife continued to breath oxygen through a mask. It usually took a short time for people to get up and move around so he doubted the jerk would be too far ahead of his family. It was the principal of the matter that infuriated Will though-the jungle was dangerous. If he were married, he'd never let his wife and children out of his sight out here.

No matter how loudly the voice of reason, which finally appeared after all these years, said don't get close enough to learn anything about her, he moved forward to stand slightly behind their location.

"You'll be fine in no time, Abs," the husband said as he turned to smile at the nurse. "Miss Warren is a surgical nurse and I'm sure we'll be working together a great deal. I'll walk ahead with her. You and the kids can catch up in the village."

Carter silently steamed as he watched the husband leer at the redheaded nurse. Leaving his wife on the ground recovering from the sudden flood of oxygen-rich atmosphere to her system and flirt with a future staff member was beyond low. The man was half a head shorter than Carter and seemed to be fit enough, but the Sergeant was certain he could take the man down in a second. Oh, he's going on survival training with me.

"Why does he call you that when he knows you hate it?" the little girl asked, shooting a nasty look at her father's back.

Will immediately loved the kid.

The woman removed her mask, took a deep breath and replied, "Because your father likes to annoy me just like you like to annoy Jason."

He wasn't sure what Abs might be short for. Since she obviously didn't like the name he didn't even want to associate it with her. His mind raced around to come up with a name for her and a slew of endearments that he'd never uttered to any woman before came to mind. It hasn't been that long since I've had a woman. What the hell's wrong with me?

The boy nodded. "Yeah, Jessica annoys me all the time."

"It's Jess," the sister interrupted.

"Jessica," Jason retorted.

Will thought they were no more than eight or nine and appeared to be twins. They were just about the same size, had light blond hair and, it appeared from his vantage point, blue eyes. The kids were facing him as they knelt in front of their mother so he still couldn't catch her eye color.

"Can you breath now?" Jason asked their mom.

"Yes, sweetie," she said. "How about you?" Her hand reached out to stroke the boy's cheek and Will felt like he'd been punched in the gut. "Do either of you need the respirator?"

"I don't ever want to touch one of them again," Jess replied, visibly recoiling from the device.

"And you won't have to," her mom replied as she touched her daughter's cheek with the same gentle caress she bestowed on the boy.

She'd just come through time, fallen, watched her husband leave with another woman and still managed to speak with love and compassion to her children. Images of Slashers, Carnos and other assorted dinos feasting on the surgeon's flesh filled his mind. Why do nice girls always marry assholes?

"I'm fine. Just like you said I would be," Jason replied as he suddenly threw his arms around her. "We're really here. I can't believe we're really in Terra Nova."

"I know. I can't believe it either," she responded with wonder in her voice as she hugged the boy. His sister threw her arms around them as well, sandwiching the petite woman between her kids.

Will couldn't help but smile. Man, I'm getting soft. Ignoring his voice of reason again, he approached the happy scene. "Excuse me?"

The family shifted to look up at him and three sets of eyes as blue as the sky above the canopy stared at him. Of course she'd have blue eyes to counter your brown ones.

"Do we need to get moving?" she asked as she shifted to her knees. "I feel much better."

Will immediately had his hands out. She had tiny hands, but they gripped his with a strength he wasn't expecting as she got to her feet. He wished he wasn't wearing gloves, as this was possibly the only time he'd ever touch her.

"Thank you," she said as she pulled her hands back. A tint of pink colored her cheeks and a soft smile touched her lips.

I am so screwed. "I'm Sergeant Will Carter." Taking a page from the pretty-boy soldiers he just complained about, he tilted his head and saluted. "At your service, ma'am."

Jessica giggled and her mom got redder. "Abigail, Jason and Jess Porter." She pointed to the children.

"Mrs. Porter." Abigail. He let the name float around in his mind. It was an old name that had fallen out of fashion ages ago, but it seemed to fit her perfectly and was definitely better than Abs.

Jess and Jason laughed while Abigail shook her head.

"She'd kill our dad if she wasn't his sister," Jess explained while laughing. "Eww. I could never see you married to a guy like Dad."

"Aunt Abigail?" Will felt like he'd just thrown a brachiosaur off his chest. A dumb grin set up shop on his mouth as his plans for the next few weeks changed drastically in a heartbeat.

"Yes, my brother's divorced and asked if he could bring me instead of his ex-wife," Abigail explained, glancing at the laughing children. "I'm a teacher so I have a somewhat useful skill."

Will wanted to kiss her. Of course this intelligent woman would never marry a womanizing asshole. As he leaned down to grab the extra pack on the ground, he said, "Miss Porter, let me welcome you to Terra Nova." He swung the pack up over one arm effortlessly.

"What are you doing?" she asked, following the path of her pack with her eyes.

"Making sure you don't get too tired that you can't outrun a charging dinosaur," he said with a wide grin.

"What?" Her eyes widened with fear and then hardened with anger. The children both gasped and looked at their aunt. "Can we talk for a minute?" She grabbed his arm and tugged him a few steps away from the kids. "How could you say that? You'll scare them to death. This portal has been here for years. Surely by now you've made sure dinosaurs can't come here."

Will was taken aback by the intensity in her voice and the tight grip she had on his arm. He was annoyed that he grabbed his jacket this morning because he lost another opportunity to feel her hands on him. Calm down, they'll be plenty of time when you're not in the jungle. "I'm joking."

"It wasn't funny," she snapped. "You scared the kids." She let go of his arm and crossed her own.

Will looked back at the kids who appeared to be looking around eagerly. "The kids?"

"Yes, they've lived a sheltered life. I don't think they've ever seen a live animal except on vids."

"Well, I'm sorry I scared… the kids," he said, his brown eyes now openly raking over her body. He didn't miss anything: her arms resting on her heaving chest, her rigid posture hidden under a baggy jacket and pants and her dark blue eyes darting around the clearing. It was obviously not the kids who were afraid. "You're right. We've placed sonic mines along the path from the portal to Terra Nova. We might hear some dinos but none will come near. You're perfectly safe."

She seemed relieved but still shot an annoying look at him. He found the fire in her eyes intoxicating. "Besides, I'll be right beside you to make sure nothing touches you." His eyes glanced once more over her petite frame as his thoughts went south.

"That's reassuring," she snarked. "Now please return the pack. I do appreciate the gentlemanly gesture, but…"

At that moment all hell broke loose. Will heard several voices shouting and Washington called for extra security at the entry point. The Sergeant pivoted and put himself between Abigail and the disturbance. "Get the kids and get behind that tree," he shouted with a quick glance at Jess and Jason who were running toward their aunt.

He moved forward with his gun raised, but had to pause and glance back to ensure they'd be safe. It appeared that even though Abigail was angry at him, she trusted him enough to follow his orders. He said a quick prayer that this wasn't a Sixer attack or a dino getting through the perimeter because he meant to keep his promise to Abigail. Nothing would touch her. Well, almost nothing. A smirk touched his lips before he cleared his mind and went into combat mode.

TBC, maybe

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