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"What do those Graecus think they're doing with their mother warship, for the gods' sake?" Frank shrieked. The "mother warship", otherwise known as the Argo II, was slowly arriving onto the soft dirt of Camp Jupiter. Slowly arriving meaning, about to crash into the principia at hundreds of miles per hour.

Percy took his arms from Frank and Hazel's shoulders. He was expecting a smooth landing and a warm welcome, but that apparently wasn't the case.

The son of Poseidon let out a deep, troubled sigh. "I hack through Laistrygonians, drown skeletons that attempt to kill me, regain my memory, and lose my curse of Achilles in the course of a week, and I still can't get a break?" he looked up at the sky resentfully.

"Why do you hate me?" he questioned. Thunder rumbled in the distance, probably saying something like, "Because I am stronger than you with my big, silver lightning bolts!"

Reyna stood beside him with a seemingly relaxed posture, but had a worried look upon her face. "Please don't crash...second time this year." she mumbled.

Percy felt the need to ask her how it collapsed due to a huge flying ship the first time, but decided that trying to prevent it from happening again was more important.

A steady breeze came from behind Percy, and he turned around to see the blond haired augur he felt he needed to strangle.

"So what are you going to do, praetor?" Octavian sneered. He seemed perfectly comfortable where he was standing, even though he would probably be crushed by a golden bronze dragon head if he stayed there.

Percy gritted his teeth and focused on the object in the sky. "I don't have time for this, Octavian." he muttered. The ship seemed to be way too close for his liking.

"It's approximately 120 seconds away, praetor," Dakota warned. "Do something!"

"Oh sure, Dakota. I'll just use my Elder wand and blast the ship to pieces and let the passengers float gently to land." he snapped caustically.

The son of Bacchus gasped. "You have the Elder wand? But Harry Potter DESTROYED that wand! Whoa!" Dakota burped noisily and waddled away

. Percy let out a second breath. 'If he keeps drinking sugar like that,' he thought to himself. 'We're going to have some serious liver problems with that boy.'

"We have literally a minute, Percy!" Hazel yelled from across the field.


"Valdez!" he heard a Piper scream from the upper deck. Leo huffed indignantly. "It's Supreme Commander to you, McLean!" he hollered back.

Piper skidded into the control center, her choppy brown hair blown wildly in all directions.

"We're going to crash into some big white building!" she panted. Her brown jacket was torn and muddy, her fair complexion tinged with red scrapes. The multi-colored eyes on her face were like poisonous darts, and they were aimed directly at Leo.

She was torn up and yet still beautiful to an extent that only an Aphrodite girl could uphold...Well, that's what Jason says.

If this is what perfection looks like to you Jason, Leo thought. Well, he would have plugged in the words "pretty yet crazy," but...He shook his head and left it at that.

Leo focused his attention on the overheating buttons and wires, which were hotter than a blazing summer day in Texas.

The multi-colored buttons on the panel blinked haphazardly, blue and white colored streaks filling the room. Leo's fingers played with the millions of wires below the panel. Beads of sweat slid down his face as he worked in a frantic concentration.

"Gah! Why must you be colored blue, wire?" Leo scolded the copper line. The boy tapped the wire three times. He frowned when it didn't "magically turn green." Piper rolled her eyes and sat down next to the hard working boy.

"What can I do to help Repair Boy?" she asked hesitantly.

Leo sighed in relief. "Normally, I would reprimand you and tell you it's FREAKING SUPREME COMMANDER...But...Just match these wires together, and hopefully they'll help the ship steer correctly." he gave the large wire bundle to Piper.

"It's simple if you can distinguish each wire from the other," he explained monotonously, as if it were second grade math to him.

" The pattern is, red goes to green goes to blue, goes to blue and green, then goes to red. Afterwards, just take the remaining blue wire," Leo held it up as an example and pushed it against another wire, causing a few switches on the control panel to turn on and off.

"And attach that to the yellow wire which will connect to white. Thanks, Pipes!" Leo brushed the dirt from his jeans and walked across the room, fumbling with the keyboard there.

"Red goes to yellow goes to green- Wait, what?" Piper asked. Jason rushed into the overheated room. "Guys, don't mean to rush you, but we have less than 30 seconds until we crash into the principia." he said, concerned.

Leo furrowed his eyebrows, still attaching wires and pressing buttons. "Principal? What is this, an elementary school?"

Jason glared at the son of Hephaestus. "It's the building we are about to crash!"


Hazel gazed nervously at the ship, muttering incoherent comments every now and then.

You had better not crash, Percy thought. Or we'll all be dead.

"Guys! It's steering away from the principia!" Frank said, astonished. Percy sighed, obviously relieved. The only thing he had to worry about now was the fact that if his old friends messed with his new friends, he and his friends would all die.

He silently prayed to Zeus that he wouldn't die in the only place he's supposed to be safe in, especially not from something so stupid.

"Hey guys! Where's Percy?" One person would ask excitedly.

Then another half blood would look at the first solemnly and reply with, "He died...a Greek ship landed on the Principia and blew him to little pieces."

Yep, how lame was that?

The Argo II landed gracefully and all the passengers came running down from the deck.

Percy felt compelled to hug everyone that came from the ship, but he figured that was be incongruous of him...besides, he probably didn't even know half of the people who went on board..except for Annabeth, that is.

Annabeth. The name got stuck in his throat every time he tried to say it, and he hoped it wouldn't be the same this time.

The ladder descended and Percy cleared his throat. "Weapons down guys, remember!" he announced. Of course, weapons were already supposed to be put away, but from his peripheral vision he noted that about ten half bloods looked guilty as their swords clanged to the ground.

"Fresh air!" a curly brown haired boy kneeled down on the dirt and thanked Zeus repeatedly. He looked about 15.

"You may be the best mechanic in the history of half bloods, but really, next time you decide to make a warship, let me do the measurements." A blond haired boy teased.

Percy chuckled. "Might be Jason," he guessed inwardly, After all, as Percy looked closer, he held the exact same electric blue gaze that Thalia had.

He looked at the line of teens descending the ladder and he gasped. On board were mostly unfamiliar faces, but one stood out against all of them. She had wavy blond hair and searching grey eyes. Her expression was concerned and confused, like many of the other half bloods that were visiting the Roman camp.

"Annabeth?" he whispered, not sure if he was looking at reality or a mirage. The girl seemed to acknowledge him, even from so far away, and smiled.

As the rest of the Greeks moved forward, Percy smiled.

The Romans, however, gripped their pilums and pugios tightly until their knuckles turned white. They were uncomfortable with the fact that these supposed enemies were just waltzing into their camp and no one was able to do a thing, Percy hypothesized.

His thoughts were cut off by an object bumping rather forcefully into him.

"It's you!" Annabeth hugged Percy tightly, and he relished in the warmth. Annabeth slapped Percy on the arm when they broke apart and scolded him. "Why did you leave Camp Half Blood for eight months?" she asked, her mother instincts kicking back into gear.

He shrugged. "Just the goddess of marriage toying with my life." he muttered.

A flash of frizzy, red hair exploded in Percy's face. "Annabeth gets a hug, I understand that, but what about me?" Rachel asked, playfully squinting her eyes.

Percy gladly returned her hug, but when he stepped back, he bumped into someone roughly.

"Woah dude, I'm so sorry-Oh. It's you." Percy inwardly scowled at eighteen year old before him.

Octavian cleared his throat. "If the Gracchus is done, I'd like to point out just a few more risks of letting these people into our organized society, Reyna."

"No, shut up." she snapped. He scowled and walked off, muttering about how he was never respected as Camp Jupiter's augur, and how he should've been elected as praetor instead of that two faced Greek idiot.

Percy pointed a finger at the remaining three teenagers that got off from the boat. The leader type alter ego he never knew he had took over him.

"I'm Reyna, daughter of Bellona, Praetor of the Twelfth Legion." Reyna quickly introduced herself to the Greeks. Percy stepped forward.

"I'm Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, member of the Fifth Cohort," the blonde boy seemed to have a smile tug at his lips, "and praetor as well." Any trace of happiness that lingered on Jason's face was probably gone by now.

Reyna's eyes softened slightly at the boy. She whispered something incoherent and her fingers twitched slightly, as if wanting to wave.

"I am Piper McLean, daughter of...Aphrodite." the girl spoke out, pausing at the name of her mother. Percy briefly studied her. She had uneven brown hair pulled into two short, hastily put together braids. Her black boots were worn out, and her eyes swirled and morphed into different colors. She had a small dagger along her side. She was a new Greek camper, Percy confirmed.

She held hands with the blonde, but he squirmed under the weight. He was obviously a bit uncomfortable.

The next guy had some sort of dirty tool belt around his waist. "Okay..." Percy said out loud. That was a weird object to be carrying around. Maybe it gave out free soda or something. Percy never knew.

"I'm Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus. You know, from the video I sent you guys?" Leo smiled. "Demigodishness? Remember that?" the praetor nodded and rolled his eyes. Definitely new. Percy would have remembered a guy like that. They would have become close friends.

Hazel stiffened and cleared her throat a little too loudly. "Are you...?" she whispered. Frank squeezed her hand, hoping to comfort the daughter of Pluto, but it only seemed to make her more worried.

The next guy stepped up and cleared his throat loudly. A bit too loudly, as if he were trying to force something nice out from his esophagus.

"My name is Jason Grace, son of Zeus, younger brother of Thalia Grace, member of the Fifth Cohort, and uhh...former praetor of the Twelfth Legion, I guess." Jason got quieter as he struggled to finish his sentence. Percy could only nod. He felt guilty for taking the guy's title. Like, really guilty.

Reyna cleared her throat and adjusted her purple cloak. She called her Pegasus, Scipio, and hopped gracefully onto it. "I hope you find that my fellow Romans treat you well. Have fun, half bloods." With that, she flew off into the cloudy sky.

Percy knew that last line was meant to be her own idea of a joke, but it seemed like she saying, "Show them around or face the other end of my dagger."

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Leo asked anxiously. He looked at the Imperial Gold swords and Reyna's two dogs; Aurum and Argentum, and widened his smile. "I want to see this camp!"

Jason scoffed. "The camp or the weaponry shed?" he asked, walking away from the rest of the group.

Percy could barely hear Leo reply (only half joking), "Jason, would you kindly shut up and take me to where I want to go?"

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