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The air in Hell was a lot mustier than Percy had remembered. Then again, last time he'd been here, his senses were kind of hazed by the stinging water of the River Styx. He trudged along past Annabeth, in the front of the group, leading them to where he thought they should go.

"So, where are we going again?" Jason asked aloud. Percy was about to respond when the very few lights in the tunnel blacked out. The opening from the ground was covered by a sudden avalanche of rocks and when he walked a few more feet, he noticed that there was a large boulder covering their path.

He was confused. 'This wasn't here before, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't make guests very convenient here.' he thought. He furrowed his eyebrows and tried to find some sort of way out of the enclosed space.

He glanced at Jason and saw that he was squirming around uncomfortably. "Why so jumpy, Grace?" he asked, in a slightly teasing tone.

"Son of Jupiter, Percy. I like the sky, the open space...not small, cramped tunnels." he shuddered, trying desperately to claw a way out.

Percy nodded. So Jason had claustrophobia. He always thought it as sort of ironic, considering how his sister was with heights and open spaces.

Come to think of it, he had always wondered how Jason, a guy who loved flying and Thalia, a girl who'd rather kiss Jabba the Hut than fly, ever got to be related.

Annabeth, who was next to him, sighed loudly. "What's wrong?" he asked, trying to console his very frustrated girlfriend.

"I'm supposed to be leading this quest, and it's a freaking dead end, Percy! A dead end. o you know how much time we wasted trying to get here? Gods, I knew we shouldn't have tried the Hollywood entrance, I had a feeling it wouldn't work. I don't' even know what we're supposed to do anymore, they didn't give us ANY directions at all!" she said in one long breath, huffing towards the end.

She ruffled her hair and sat down on the rocky floor. Percy didn't know what to say, other than "Gee. Uh, don't stress out about it, I'm sure we can find a way to escape." She glared at him for the sad response, but eventually sighed again.

"Thanks, but that's not really helping, Percy." He smiled sheepishly and shrugged. "Better than nothing?" he suggested lamely. She managed a smile.

Jason, who was sitting in the corner, raised his hand. "Yes, Mr. Grace/' Leo asked, snickering at the glare he received for the joke.

"Well, shouldn't we be trying to get out of this most likely oxygen limited enclosure and finding a legit way into the Underworld?" he asked obviously. Percy pondered at the thought.

"Well, I was thinking about just sitting here and rotting to Death, literally, and getting to the Underworld that way, but hey! Your idea works too." he announced, thankfully gaining laughs from most people.

Leo patted him on the back. "I vote for Percy's idea, who's in?" he asked enthusiastically. Frank immediately raised his hand and smiled goofily, with a slightly reluctant, but smiling Hazel to join in.

Percy held his finger up and coughed for a moment, ruining his minute of praise. Nevertheless, he held a triumphant look on his face. "Ha, I win Grace." he snickered. Annabeth got up from the dusty rock she was sitting on and giggled. "As tempting as that sounds Percy, let's make that a plan B. How do you guys think we can get out?" she asked as she observed the rock walls.

Percy took a little time to look at it himself while some people started suggesting escape routes. "We could try blasting it." Hazel said, gesturing to Jason. "Or maybe we can try finding a weak spot in that avalanche pile." Frank announced.

Percy liked Leo's the best. "Let's take some of these plastic spoons I have and dig a hole-to China? And then we can take a boat from China and in that time, find out where the other entrance is in that mini prophecy that guy told me about!"

"Yeah, Leo. Sure." Was Annabeth's short response. Percy chuckled. "Leave it to Valdez to joke at a time like this." He stated aloud, once again drawing laughs from s several people.

Percy and Annabeth tried the first idea, and simultaneously eyed Jason. He looked at them with realization of what was happening upon his face.

"I thought you didn't want to die, Annabeth!" he exclaimed, apparently appalled at their implication.

"Well, it's sort of different..I mean, if we died like that, it would be quite painless..." she trailed off and Jason punched her lightly.

"Whatever, Chase. this space is way too small. I don't want to get electrocuted." She pleaded Jason with her eyes and he succumbed.

"Fine! Everyone, stand back. And I mean way back." he closed his eyes and focused on one small spot on the wall.

"How do you do that?" Percy whispered, referring to the way she could so easily convince Jason to do something.

"Charm speaker in training. No, I'm kidding Jackson, relax...I'm just uhm...persuasive." she joked, a smile on her face. He was glad to see she was in a good mood again. And gods, how he'd missed her. But something about her expression sort of irked him, as if she were hiding a piece of information.

He was then zapped-quite literally-out of his thoughts when he saw a bright blue flash fill his eyes and the smell of smoke in his nostrils.

Rocks crumbled and threatened to collapse on them and suffocate them to death, but did nothing to actually make any damage to anything but their clothing.

"Uh...time for plan B?" Jason asked, brushing soot off of his pants. He coughed slightly. A few minutes later, slightly coughing became a coughing fit, and suddenly, it seemed as if Leo had Hay fever.

Annabeth looked worried. "Jason, you okay?" she asked, patting his back. He rasped, "Can't breathe." Percy was about to ask if he had smoke in his lungs, but found that he could barely catch his breath.

His respiration became heavier and heavier. Percy wondered what was going on, when he felt lightheaded and sank to the floor.

"What's happening?" Hazel asked, with frank in her arms. Percy looked with pleading eyes at Annabeth, but she couldn't help.

"It's the shortage of air in here," Annabeth said grimly. "It's getting to them. It won't be long before we get there too, Hazel. Better work fast."

Hazel furrowed her brow., "But...it's only happening to the guys, Annabeth." Percy coughed, and the last thing he heard before he blacked out was, "That's not normal. Not humanely possible to plan."

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