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He sat there alone in his room. The silence was crushing him. There was nothing to do. He glanced around the room in boredom. With no problems to fix, he realized just how important she was to him. Her. He shudders in an unknown and unexplored emotion. He doesn't want to know how she had penetrated so deeply into his barriers. He had convinced himself that she was a nuisance and she needed him more than he needed her or actually more than he wanted her. But he knew both of those weren't true. He needed a mess to fix to test his mind and his patience for her. Whether or not he liked to admit it, he depended on her to give him a purpose. What was he going to do with his time now that he has finished his studies for the wizard competition and she was gone?

"Justin! It's almost time for dinner. Wash up."

Justin is snapped out of his trance by his mom yelling upstairs to get his attention. He effortlessly gets up from his bed and walks downstairs. He almost feels numb with emptiness. Is this what being depressed is? No. He can't be depressed just because Alex left. That would mean that she means more to him than he wants. He glances up at his parents as they send cautious looks at one another. Justin knows that they are worried about him. At first he couldn't sit still. He wanted to do everything that he "couldn't" do with Alex there. He tried doing homework for an hour and half. He kept looking at his bedroom door expecting her or Harper to barge in requesting his services to help them out of a predicament. But nothing came. That was one of the moments that cracked his ego and his heart.

"Justin, honey are you okay? You haven't touched your broccoli." Teresa questions him. Justin just merely nods. He uses his fork to push around the food on his plate. Somehow eating doesn't seem to be interesting or useful at the moment. No matter how much food he could consume, the emptiness she left will still be there.

"Mom, I am going upstairs. Max can come get me when you guys are all done and I will do the dishes." Justin's voice cracks as he excuses himself from the table and carefully puts his plate of untouched food back onto the counter where it was served. He leaves his parents feeling baffled and Max eager to consume the food he left behind.

He reaches his room and rushes in. His heart races as he closes the door quickly but stops himself from slamming to door. Putting his back against the door, he allows himself to be pulled down by gravity. Putting his head in between his hands, Justin lets out a frustrated cry. Why does it feel like his heart has been ripped out? Why does he miss her so much? He shouldn't feel like a large part of his life is gone. Giving in to his broken emotions, Justin closes his eyes and lets the tears fall. Trembles rack his body as he chokes out cries of despair.

Time drowns on and soon all the tears have dried, leaving salty trails. His eyelids grow heavy and he can feel all the energy he has leave. Closing his eyes, he wishes that his dreams would take the pain away.

Justin's heart is beating like crazy. He just turned professor Crumbs into a hamster. And for what? A sister that does nothing but ridicule him and endlessly tease him with insults. He sees his parent's look of shock when they register that he did it. Justin nervously watches Alex. Will she tease him for this for the rest of their lives? To his surprise and happiness, he sees Alex actually look at him like he means something to her. His heart is filled with joy that he could make her see him but it is also in his throat for clearly breaking a major rule.

"Alex… I can't have you lose your powers. You messing up all the time and me fixing it is what makes me a better wizard." He takes a deep breath and waits for the coming insult about how mushy that is. It never comes. Instead he gets a look of gratitude as Professor Crumbs hands her back her magic. His parents sigh collectively that the moment of errors has ended and all is right… except that Alex turned them into hamsters and she failed the exams. After they embrace, their parents proceeded to pull Alex out of Max's room. Justin followed nervously and listened in to what Alex's punishment is.

"Alex… you defied our rules against using magic against people's wills and worse you almost lost your powers because of it. You are grounded. You don't get to do anything besides study in the lair for the next three weekends." Jerry says with authoritativeness.

"Okay." Alex says with a defeated sigh. Justin bites his nails at her sadness. He wants to stick out his neck to reduce her punishment but his rule obeying side won over and he let Alex have what was coming to her.

Later on…

In the lair, Alex was restless. Justin walked into room to find her listening to her iPod and doodling spell notes. He lets out a quiet chuckle at her small dance moves. Seeing Alex so vulnerable was heartbreaking so now when she is dancing to a song that is probably inappropriate makes him smile. Deciding to not be creepy anymore, Justin clears his throat loud enough that Alex turns around. His heart jumps when he sees that she smiles back at him. He wants to savor this precious moment.

"Hey." He cautiously greets her. Justin picks up on the way she approaches him friendlier than normal.

"Hi." She grins widely. He raises an eyebrow at her gently swaying in the beat of her one ear bud that is feeding her music.

"What are you listening to?" Justin leans closer to grab the ear bud and hears her breath hitch just for a moment. Maybe she is as nervous at this new friendly attitude as he is. He puts in the ear bud and is pleasantly surprised to find that she is listening to' Fix You' by Coldplay.

"I like this song." She absent mindedly says to fill the silence. He can tell she doesn't know where to start so he does it for her.

"This is where you are supposed to say thank you." He coaxes her. Now it is Alex's turn to raise an eyebrow.

She smirks confidently before answering. "Really? I think you owe me a thank you."

"What for?" He begins to feel warm inside from all the happy vibes and it is weird to think Alex is causing that.

"Technically, I saved your butt because Crumbs would have taken away your powers too for turning him into a hamster but when you lied about me making you a better wizard, it saved you. Therefore, I saved your powers." Alex grins at the winded explanation that leaves him speechless. Even when he does something ridiculously heroic for her, she still has to make it seem like she did all the work. Justin lets it slide because he is feeling good.

"I didn't lie." He admits. Suddenly he is all too aware of how close they are. The ear buds are keeping them close together and Justin can feel her body warmth. He sees her eyes look up into his. He can't help but to smile gently at her surprised expression. He must have rendered her speechless. Taking the lead once more, Justin continues. "I couldn't imagine a world where I have to deal with Max's magic mistakes by myself. And plus when you mess up I get to rub it in your face when I do fix it." He plasters a cocky smirk on his face that earns him a hard slap on the arm. He lets out a squeal of pain.

"Doofus. You didn't need to do that for me. I was actually going to take the consequences." Alex glances down when she remembers that she caused a huge mess. Justin takes this time to snake an arm around her shoulder. She gazes back up at him in wonderment.

"I can't take seeing you like that. I need to protect you." By this time, Justin's pulse is going past comfortable levels. He shouldn't admit things that could be used against him in future circumstances. He feels his cheeks grow red as her eyes light up.

With one swoop, Alex has him in a tight embrace. He lets out a sigh of relief and puts his arms around her torso. He feels her nestle into him as he relaxes into the hug. Honestly, one of the things he likes best about their relationship is the hugs that end a day of battles.

Justin doesn't want this moment to end. He wants to stay in this comforting embrace forever. But he feels Alex pull away slightly at the sound of the door opening behind them. Before this moment is lost, Justin tries to capture it in words.

"Alex, I-" But the moment is gone. Max was there.

Justin abruptly bolts up from his sleep. A loud bang is heard as his head hits the brass of his door handle. He muffles the words that escape his mouth in an attempt to silence those not so nice things he felt like yelling.

"I didn't know Justin could use cuss words. I thought that it was inappropriate." A girly giggle follows. Justin's ears immediately perk up and he nearly gets whip lash from the speed that he looked up at.

Justin can feel his pulse rising with the nervousness. His mouth becomes dry when he tries to talk to her. He doesn't want her to know that he is probably depressed without her so he puts up the barriers that he thought he had put up against her and drew a blank face that revealed nothing.

"Alex. What are you doing here?" He tries to remain strong and not let his voice crack.

"Well I could ask you the same question. Why were you sleeping by the door?" Alex smirks at her deflection. Justin hates the way she got that smug look. She might know that he hasn't been acting normal but she won't get the satisfaction of knowing she caused it. Suddenly a random question comes to his mind.

"Wait… how did you know that I was sleeping?" Justin eyes her carefully. He woke up like a minute before she might have appeared in his room. He sees her blush at her fumble. He caught her. "How long were you there before I woke up?" He growls to her. She could have done some serious damage to his room while he was asleep. This realization propels him to quickly stand up and start looking over his room. He ignores the flash of hurt before being turned back into a smirk.

"I didn't do anything to your precious doll collection."

"For the last time, it is an action figure collection!" Justin lets out his anger about being left come out in that sentence. He immediately looks over at her because he knew he used a harsher tone than he should have. He sees her smirk falter. Alex drops down with a soft plop onto his bed. He walks over to her and sits beside her on his bed. Letting out a deep sigh, he gathers the nerve to do what he promised himself he would never do. Be vulnerable in Alex's presence.

"I am sorry." Justin drags his hands over his face. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Alex look at him weirdly. There is something there. Something in her eyes that he can't quite place. Whatever it is, it is new to the way she looks at him. "What?" He finally snaps after being examined for a minute.

"You have changed." Alex says. Justin groans and nods gently. He thought that she had picked up on his weird behavior.

"Yeah." His voice cracks along with his emotional barriers. He doesn't want to admit anything to her but the hurt in her eyes is killing him. She is concerned about him. Justin allows himself to have a small smirk on his face. "You are worried about me?" Alex just glances down at her hands. Justin knows this is a way of saying yes.

"Oh wow the independent Alex is actually concerned about her family. What happened?" His bitter tone snaps at Alex. He can tell he hit a cord. Somehow he can't find it in himself to feel pity for her. For all the pain she has caused him, she should feel some of it too.

"Justin. What happened to you?" Justin can barely hear her ask that. He turns to her and lets her see the pain swirling in his eyes. He is tempted to lash out at her but he calms his hot emotions. Instead he stares at his feet.

"You." He says in a low voice. He glances over to her. She is staring at him like he killed her puppy. He angrily looks back at feet. Why does she always get to make him out like the bad guy who hurts her feelings? Fed up with sitting down, Justin abruptly gets up and paces around the room. He ignores the jump that Alex did when he got up.

"Justin!" Alex's voice is laced with pleads and on the brink of tears. "What did I do?" Justin's eyes flash over to her, showing all the anger he has. He sees her eyes reveal a second of fear before returning to concern. He lets out an animal cry and grasps his head with his hands as he stops pacing. Justin looks up and sees Alex stand up. She approaches him and tries to pat his shoulder but he jerks out of her hand. With a new sense of determination, Justin stares right into her eyes and wills himself to finally tell the truth.

"I am done being your toy that you can manipulate anytime you want."

Alex just opens and closes her mouth, unable to form a reply. He crosses his arms as she sadly looks down. "I didn't mean to hurt you." She whispers. Justin takes a step back and lets out a cruel laugh.

"You didn't. You broke me." He takes the time to study Alex's face as she processes the information. Fear passes over then surprise and finally sadness. No. It's more like pity. He rolls his eyes at her naïve understanding. "You don't understand Alex. I keep giving you every little part of me that I have and every time you crush it. So now, I have part of me left that I can recognize from the heap that you left me in."

"I'm sorry Justin. I didn't mean to." Alex whimpers. He can tell that his words are getting to her and he doesn't stop.

"That is just the thing. You don't ever know what you do to me!" Justin yells out. He sees her back up and stumbles onto the bed. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He doesn't want to scare her. Deciding to let his walls come down, he opens his eyes and looks her right in the eye as a tear escapes. "I'm sorry." Realizing what a monster he has been towards her, Justin begins to turn around and walk out the door but a pair of tiny arms stops him. He tenses up immediately when he feels her head resting on his back. He wants to shake her off and not be manipulated in her hands again but he doesn't have the will. So instead he turns around and hugs Alex with all the love he has left in him.

"I am so sorry Justin." She murmurs into his shirt. He sighs loudly as he feels his shirt becoming wet with her tears. He rests his head on top of hers as they sway to the radio playing in his room. To someone on the outside, it may have looked like dancing but it was just an embrace.

After a minute, he feels Alex gently push herself out of his arms. Despite all the anger he has for her right now, his heart still breaks when he sees her pain. Sighing softly to himself, Justin prepares himself for her to disappear out of his room and back to her apartment where she doesn't need him. But she stays right there. He glances up at her with a defeated look and lets her take his hand. She gently pulls him towards his bed but right as she starts to force him to sit by her, Justin stops her by yanking his hand away.

"Okay now it is my turn to be pissed. Why are you so cold and so angry? I get it. I tease and use you too much. But what else is making you this way?" Alex stares determinedly from her seat on the bed into his grey eyes. Justin glimpses at his rough hands before answering.

"Remember when we had to do the wizard competition in Puerto Rico?" He sees Alex blink in surprise. He has a point with this. He knows that Puerto Rico was hard on Alex, watching all the people she loves forget her.

"Yeah." Her voice betrays her uncertainty about why he is brining it up. Justin takes the time to sniff back the tears that threaten to breach his calm features.

"Damn it." He lets it out in a breath. He feels his breathing get shorter and sharper. That always happens when he is about it cry. It feels like an elephant sat on his chest. Not wanting Alex see him practically hyperventilating, he turns away for a moment. When he turns back, he can see the concern and curiosity in her eyes.

"Remember when I forgot who you were?" Justin hears her breathing shorten too like she is about to cry too.

"Yeah. . ."

Justin closes his eyes and refuses to watch Alex as he admits the next part. "Even though I didn't know who you were, I promised you that I would never leave you. I knew that you were someone who I wanted to protect and I will always keep that promise." Opening his eyes, he sees that Alex is crying silently. Gently reaching out and wiping a tear on Alex's face away, Justin lets himself feel the heartbreak that he has been trying to keep away.

"But you left me. I never really knew how much I wanted you around until you left. You are always leaving me but I can never leave you." Taking a deep breath Justin smiles sadly at Alex. He sits down next to her and tenderly strokes her cheek. "So I will always be here for you when you need someone to clean up the messes. But when you leave me, I have to slowly pick up the pieces of me that you are constantly breaking."

Justin feels all the tension and anger he had leave with the last sentence. Finally he knows what is wrong and he can start fixing it.

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