(A/N): Hey people I'm here with my first uploaded fanfic about my favorite disgaea couple Lahral and Flonne! This started out as a one shot, but I got so many ideas it wasn't all going to fit. So I decided to make a multi-chapter story! I'm still not sure exactly how many chapters this is going to have, but the minimum will be 10, I think. Anyway, read, review, and leave comments and ideas! Hope you enjoy!

He was irritated. He had no idea why, but he was angry. His ruby red eyes watched the scene before him with disgust. There was Flonne, the fallen angel, talking to the "Dark Hero", Axel. Laharl scoffed, that moron was anything but an idol. It was stupid, really, the way he was trying to convince the Love Freak that he was popular. Laharl growled to himself. Why did that idiot have to show up here anyway? This wasn't even his Netherworld! He and his vassals had just been strolling through town when that moron appeared out of nowhere. Then Flonne, being the kind ditz that she is, just had to talk to him. Laharl's demon sense of hearing caught the conversation between the two demons just a few feet away from him.

"Wow, so you're an idol?" Flonne asked excitedly, her vibrant scarlet eyes sparkling.

"You know it! I'm the one and only Dark Hero! My music and poems are known throughout dimensions, across space, and nestled into the hearts of fans everywhere!" Axel proclaimed haughtily, pleased that someone held an interest in him. Laharl wanted to laugh out loud. There was no way in hell that even someone as slow-witted as Flonne would ever believe-

"This is my first time meeting a Netherworld idol! I'm so excited! Can I please have your autograph?"

…..Laharl stared, dumbfounded. Was Flonne actually believing this..this..idiotic moron? Why in hell did she trust him? Lahral felt his anger rise as he continued to watch the conversing pair.

"Of course you can have an autograph, babe, but wouldn't prefer something better? Like a date?" Axel responded, a suggestive smile on his self-proclaimed handsome face.

"Huh? A d-date?" Flonne asked in response, a pretty red blush spreading across her face.

"Yeah, a date," Axel replied, "Surely a cutie like you has been on a date before?"

"Um, actually," Flonne hesitated slightly, "I've never been on a date before." She said, her blush growing adorably.

"What? You've got to be kidding me! A sweet cutie like you has never been on a date?" Axel exclaimed, genuinely surprised, "That can't be true!" Flonne nodded her head, "It is," She replied.

"Well, that's gonna change right now," Axel declared. He leaned in closer toward Flonne, making her face heat up even more.

"How about you and I go-" Axel didn't get to finish his sentence. All of a sudden, his blonde hair felt hot, and smoke began to cloud his vision. In a state of utter panic he ran, desperately trying to put out the flames, his arms flailing wildly.

"Put it out! PUT IT OUT!" Axel shrieked as he ran past Flonne and into the distance.

"Oh! Um, Mr. Axel?" Flonne exclaimed in confusion, trying to figure out what just happened. Laharl stared at her turned back, trying to get his anger under control. What the hell just happened? Why did he suddenly snap like that? He just couldn't understand how livid he had become at that moment. For reasons unknown to him, he had gotten furious at the thought of Flonne going out with that moron.

"Ooo, Prince, are your eyes turning green?" A teasing female voice asked.

"What the hell are you going on about now Etna?" Laharl snapped, turning around to face the pretty red-haired demon lord.

"Come on, Prince!" Etna smirked placing a gloved hand on her hip, "Don't tell me you're gonna go into denial about this, too. Can you just admit that you're jealous and spare us all the trouble?"

"Denial?" Laharl raged, "In denial about what? Jealous of who?"

"Jealous of that moron who was hitting on Flonne , of course," Etna answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "And in denial about your crush on Flonne." Etna nimbly dodged the sword that was swung in her direction.

"Now, now, Prince," Etna scolded, "This is just proving my point." Laharl gripped his sword tighter in his hands as Etna spoke, trying to use his over-sized dark red scarf to hide his equally red face. He considered trying to hit Etna again, but thought better of it and decided to put his weapon away. He wasn't about to risk losing a vassal.

"Shut up, Etna," he growled threateningly, telling her the conversation was over. He was still trying his best to keep his blush under control as he began to walk in the direction of his castle, calling out to Flonne in the process.

"Hey, Love Freak!" Flonne turned. "Quit standing there like the idiot you are and let's go home!" Flonne nodded as Laharl began walking forward again. Suddenly she stopped. A pair of curious eyes watched her movements. The blonde ex-angel turned to look over her shoulder in the direction that Axel had run in, and turned toward it. She seemed to be thinking about something, and then, she decided to take a hesitant step forward.

"Hurry up, Moron!" An impatient voice called out from somewhere up ahead in the opposite direction. At the sound of his voice, Flonne quickly turned around again, a crestfallen look on her face.

"Coming, Sir Laharl!" She called in response, beginning to jog back toward the castle. The eyes that had been watching her lit up in mischievous delight.

"Heehehe, the Prince isn't going to like this," Etna thought, "Now, how should I go about this?" A wicked smile found its way onto her face, and she dissolved into evilly playful laughter as she headed back toward the castle along with Flonne and Laharl.