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It wasn't until the early hours of the morning that the castle was finally dead silent. All of the demons that had been partying had either left or had been kicked out, leaving the residents of the castle to go back to their rooms and get some sleep. One resident, however, couldn't seem to stop thinking. Laharl was in his coffin, simply staring at the lid of the pitch black casket. He still couldn't seem to grasp the fact that what had happened between the fallen angel and himself had been reality, and not some sort of demented daydream. The memory of the kiss replayed constantly in his head, causing him to let out a small growl of frustration.

'Why was the Love Freak acting like that?' he thought tiredly, 'She's never acted like that before, so why now..?' He couldn't understand what had made the fallen angel kiss him. Even more confusing was the fact that he had kissed her in return.

'What was it?' He wondered, desperately trying to come up with an excuse for his behavior, 'Instinct? Hormones? Maybe…' Although he couldn't understand why he had done it, one thing was certain, he liked it. No matter how much he denied it, he knew he couldn't pretend he didn't feel that overwhelming sense of pleasure, the feeling of ecstasy and growing desire that burned within him.

'Of all the demons in the Netherworld, I had to kiss Flonne.' Flonne. She was the stupid, idiotic, moron who went on and on every single day about love, peace, and kindness. She was the girl who had an annoying love for robots and heroes, and had a burning sense of justice that she never hesitated to proclaim. She was the former angel who worshipped the stupid Seraph that turned her into a flower as punishment for a crime she never even committed. She was the one he cried over, the one who cared for him, and believed in him when he wouldn't even believe in himself.

Laharl opened his coffin and got out. He was an overlord, damn it, and as an overlord, he was entitled to get whatever the hell he wanted, and what he wanted right now was to feel that feeling he got when he kissed the fallen angel. He walked over to the door and opened it, destination set.

He didn't care that he was walking through the hallways in complete darkness.

He turned a corner; his feet seemed to know exactly where to take him.

He didn't care that it was so early in the morning she wasn't going to be awake when he got there.

He stopped right in front of her door, hand reaching for the doorknob.

He didn't care, he didn't…

Laharl stood frozen right in front of the fallen angel's room, the door the only obstacle that stood between him and his desire. His hand ghosted above the doorknob for a moment, and then it fell back to his side. He stared at the door for a second, and then his face exploded into a shade of bright crimson. He backed away from the door, as if it was going to attack him at any given moment, and took off running in the opposite direction, back to his room. He slammed the door behind him as he entered, got back into his coffin, closed the lid and lay in there for a few minutes. He regained his breath, while still trying to calm down and fight the blush on his face.

'What the hell was that?' Laharl thought, listening to his frantic heartbeat, 'What the hell was that?' He had been so sure, so confident. He knew what he wanted, but for some reason, the moment he thought about seeing the Love Freak, he became nervous.

'Why the hell is this happening?' Laharl wondered, 'Just what the hell is wrong with me?' How was he supposed to face the Love Freak if he got all nervous like this? Laharl groaned and turned around in his coffin. Fate just loved to screw him over.

Flonne woke up late that morning with a fuzzy memory. She looked around at her surroundings in a daze. She was back in her room. She felt puzzled, how in the world did she end up back in her room? And why was she wearing the same clothes that she had been wearing the night before? Nothing made sense to her, what happened last night? All that she could remember was being at the party,…and Etna…

'Oh, that's right! Maybe Miss Etna could tell me what happened last night.' Flonne thought happily. Suddenly she winced and held her head in her hands. Her head was throbbing painfully; she had a splitting headache for some weird reason. Flonne stretched her arms and yawned. She got up from her bed, slightly disappointed at having to leave its warmth, and walked over to her closet. After changing back into her usual fallen angel outfit, she went out to begin her search of the castle for Etna.

'Now, where could Miss Etna be?' Flonne wondered, looking through the castle's corridors in search of the mischievous red-head. She stopped two female demons, a mage and an archer, that were chatting in the hallway.

"Excuse me, sorry to bother you, but have either of you seen Miss Etna this morning?" Flonne asked. The two demons shook their heads in response.

"Sorry, Flonne," the archer answered, "We haven't seen Etna at all today."

"Oh I see," Flonne murmured, a bit disappointed, "Well, thank you anyway." Before Flonne could turn to leave to continue her search, the mage suddenly addressed her.

"Hey, Flonne, we've really been dying to know, are the rumors true?" The mage asked, letting her voice drop to a low whisper. Flonne looked at the two demons with confusion clearly evident in her scarlet eyes.

"Rumors?" She repeated, "What rumors?"

"You know," the archer joined in excitedly, "The rumor going around that you and the prince are finally lovers!" The two watched in surprise as the fallen angel's face turned a shade of bright red.

"L-l-lovers? N-no! Sir Laharl and I are nothing like that! Not at all!" The poor girl exclaimed frantically, flailing her arms wildly. Both of the demons sighed in disappointment.

"Really? Not even after he-"

"Hey! You two! Keep your fat mouths shut and leave Flonne alone!" A familiar voice interjected. The trio of females turned to see Etna walking toward them. As she made her way over, she sent the two demons a warning glare. Grumbling a bit, they took the hint and went on their way, calling out a good-bye to Flonne as they did so.

"Miss Etna, hello," Flonne smiled sheepishly, "Thanks, you really saved me back there."

"Yeah, well, some people really need to learn how to mind their own buisness!" Etna huffed in response. "Anyway, I heard that you were looking for me, Flonne," Etna continued, "What's up?"

"Oh, yes, well, I was wondering if you could tell me what happened last night," Flonne answered.


"You see, I can't remember what happened, and no matter how hard I try, I just keep drawing a blank! It's the strangest thing!" Etna stared at the fallen angel with an expression of mixed exhaustion and disappointment. Was she really being serious right now? Did she really not remember anything?

"Really Flonne? Nothing?" Etna questioned in exasperation, "Not even when the Prince-" Etna's attention was suddenly drawn to a tall azure-haired figure standing a couple feet behind Flonne. The figure was frantically shaking his head, while crossing his arms in an "X" formation at the same time. Grinning, Etna pretended to turn her attention back to the confused ex-angel while keeping the corner of her eye on the figure.

"Actually, Flonne, I think that the Prince-" Etna stopped again as her eye caught the figure begrudgingly hold up a bill of HL.

"Oh, geez, sorry, Flonne," Etna sighed, " My memory's getting really fuzzy; I can't really remember what happened last night either."

" Oh, I see," Flonne murmmered softly, " It's alright. Thank you anyway, Miss Etna."

" Anytime, Flonne," Etna replied, waving to the fallen angel as she left to most likely tend to her flowers. Once sure that she was gone, Etna scampered down the hallway to the figure.

"Hey, there, Prince!" Etna greeted, grabbing the HL before Laharl had a chance to withdraw it. "What's wrong with you, huh?"

"Nothing's wrong, stupid," Laharl replied heatedly. Etna raised a brow at him.

"Really?" She questioned, "Because I say that something had to have happended for you to be hiding like this." Etna grinned. "You know what? I bet something did happen!" Etna gasped in sudden realization. " Prince! You did something pervy to Flonne didn't you?"

"NO! Nothing happened, now shut the hell up!" Laharl snarled, but bright red tainted his cheeks, betraying his words.

"I was right!" Etna exclaimed in triumph, " Oh, come on, Prince! Tell me! How far did you get huh! Did you at least get to second, or-"


"Fine, fine, I'll leave you alone, but I have to tell you right now, before you do something stupid; Flonne doesn't remember a single thing from last night." Etna said in complete seriousness as she passed him. Laharl stiffened at her words.

"What?" He turned to question her, but she was already gone. Gritting his teeth, Laharl let out a growl of frustration. Why? Could she really not remember what happened last night? Did she enjoy teasing and tormenting him this much? Laharl sighed. He knew that this wasn't her fault; Etna most likely had a hand in this somewhere. Still, he couldn't help feeling jilted over the entire thing, and even though she couldn't remember it, he knew he still couldn't face her. The memory of that kiss was still in his mind. Laharl trudged to the throne room to think over the situation. He had the feeling he was going to be in there for a while.

Flonne, meanwhile, sat in her room alone on her bed, lost in deep thought. Try as she might, she still couldn't remember the events of last night.

"Miss Etna mentioned something about Sir Laharl," Flonne thought, " Did...did I do something to him...?" She blushed, shaking her head to try to get rid of the giddy nervous feeling she had. Whatever occured last night, she had to remember, so she could apologize for anything she might have done. Maybe a walk around the castle could help her clear her head. She got up, opened the door, stepped out into the hallway,...and fell.

"Oh, hell! I'm so sorry," A voice apologized, " I didn't see you standing there." Flonne looked up to see a young male demon carrying multiple armfuls of big cardboard boxes. Grinning, she stood up.

"It's okay," Flonne assured him, " I'm alright." She eyed the numerous boxes the boy held; they looked pretty heavy for a young boy like him to be moving.

"Hey, would you like me to carry..." Flonne didn't finish, as an odd thought struck her.

'Carry?' Flonne gasped in sudden realization, and her face became a bright cherry red. With a desperate shriek of embarrassment, Flonne rushed to the throne room, knowing he was most likely in there. She took off without a second glance, leaving the demon behind her with a confused expression on his face.

Laharl sat in the throne room, completely lost in thought. How the hell was he supposed to fix the situation with the Love Freak? He really couldn't avoid her forever. The screech of the throne room door opening snapped the Overlord out of his thoughts. He had to fight the sudden blush that threatened to form on his face as his eyes fell on a flushed fallen angel.

"F-flonne? Wh-what are you doing-" Laharl was interrupted by a sudden outburst from the red-faced girl.

"I'm so sorry, Sir Laharl!" Flonne cried out, "I had completely forgotten what had happened the other night, but I remember now!" Laharl could no longer keep the blush off his face.

"S-so then, you know...?" Flonne nodded in response.

"Yes! I do, and I'm really sorry, Sir Laharl," Flonne bowed her head in embarrassment and apology. Laharl, meanwhile, didn't know what the hell he should do. Should he forgive her? Comfort her? Yell at her? Kiss her? Actually that last thought didn't seem so bad to him. Besides, if she wasn't reprimanding him for what occurred between them last night, then it should be okay, right? Laharl got up from his seat snd walked over to the ex-angel. Flonne looked up at the sudden presence, only to see burning ruby eyes staring intensely at her. Laharl moved his hands nervously to her shoulders as he moved closer to her. He felt something hammer almost painfully in his chest as he drew his face closer, and closer ...Suddenly, an ear-piercing yelp filled his ears, and snapped him out of his excited trance. A powerful force sent him stumbling backward far enough that the back of his legs hit the stairs and he fell. After recovering, he looked up to see Flone blushing so hard, her face matched he dark red of her outfit.

"Wh-what do you think you're doing?" Flonne exclaimed, trying her best to remain calm, although, it wasn't really working.

"What do you mean 'What was I doing' ?" Laharl barked out in a mixture of shock, confusion, and anger, " After what happened between us last night, you're going to deny me now, stupid?"

"What does you carrying me to my room have to do with anything?" Laharl's anger was immediately replaced by pure confusion.

"Huh? Carry...?"

"Just because I asked you to carry me, doesn't mean that you should invade my personal space like that, Laharl!" With that, Flonne bolted out of the throne room, leaving Laharl frozen on the steps.

'Is me carrying her...the only thing she remembers? No way...' Laharl slummped over in depression and disappointment. Fate really loved to screw him over, didn't it?

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