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Chapter 15

Happily Ever After Epilogue

Edward waited as patiently as possible beside his wife's bed. Softly dragging a cool, damp cloth across her forehead, her watched her doze and prayed. The poor thing was covered in sweat and he tried to his best to cool her down from the hot summer heat. Looking down at her now, he thought back to all they had been through together. He would never forget that night after the ball, everyone just seemed to fall into place right where they belonged. When everyone returned that night, he and Bella had been wide awake, chatting about their future life together and just enjoying each other's company.

At first, his father was hesitant on the prospect of them remarrying and Esme was concerned that Father Daniels would not grant them another marriage, but she did suggest speaking to the priest back in Forks. The next day, Edward had gone with Jasper and Carlisle to talk to the aging priest. Father Daniels always liked him and Edward suspected he knew exactly why they were there. As soon as the words left Edward's mouth, the priest was nodding and happy.

Originally, they were just going to marry at the mass Father Daniels was going to give at the chapel, neither wanted a big wedding and he suspected a big wedding saddened Bella. That it would remind her of those who wouldn't be there. Alice remained sleeping in Bella's room and, one night before Bella snuck away for their nightly trysts, she asked if Edward and Bella wanted to get married the same day as her and Jasper. Bella agreed, excited to share their special day with her best friend.

Bella insisted on wearing her ball gown while Esme and Rosalie helped make Alice the perfect bridal gown. Edward had never seen Jasper so happy and until they all moved out to go to Forks, that feeling had been contagious. They decided to move together shortly after the wedding and everyone else seemed to go their own separate ways shortly after. It was no surprise to anyone when Jacob informed everyone that he would not be returning to the place he had previously called home. He was going to remain in Seattle with Tanya. A few months after their own wedding, they all went back to Seattle, as well as his family, to witness Jacob and Tanya's marriage.

Alice's mother returned to Forks to live with her daughter and son-in-law when her first grandchild was born, almost nine months to the day after their double wedding. She now stood in the doorway of his and Bella's bedroom, peeking in at them. "How is she?"

"Tired," Bella spoke, her voice slightly hoarse.

"Hang in there, dear child," the kind woman said, giving Bella an encouraging smile. "Edward someone is here to see you."

Edward bent to kiss his wife's forehead, letting her know that he'd be right outside. She just nodded and gave him a half smile. He hated leaving her but had a sneaking suspicion on who his visitor was. A smile lit up his face as his suspicions were confirmed. "Papa!"

"Charlie, why aren't you over at Aunt Alice's playing with Demetri?" He asked his little boy who had eyes the color of his mothers and just the right amount of red in his dark hair.

"I wanted to see if the baby was here..."

"Not yet, son..."

"Edward, I'm sorry!" Alice said from the doorway as she carried a two-year old, brown-eyed, mahogany haired baby on her hip. She looked flustered and began to ramble. "He took off before I could grab Katelyn and my mom thankfully found him..."

"No trouble, Alice," he said, holding his arms out to his little daughter. She definitely got her looks from Bella.

"How's she doing?"

"Good. My father is in with her now but he suggest we just let her rest. The baby isn't quite ready to come but the pains are strong. She's just exhausted."

Alice nodded knowingly, "It took three days for my Demetri to come into the world..."

"Where is he?"

"With Jasper. He and Brutus were out on a patrol but they returned about an hour ago. Would you like me to bring you over some dinner? Does Bella need anything?"

"No. Thank you, though. My mother went into town to get a few things and I believe she is planning to make something for us."

Bella let out a low moan that brought chills down his spine and Alice took Katelyn back from him. "Charlie, come on, your mama is fine but your papa needs to go help her. I bet Uncle Jasper will take you on the ponies if we ask him..." Edward laughed as his excited little son all but flung himself out of the front doors and took off running back towards the bridge to go to his aunt and uncles. Alice's mom just rolled her eyes and followed him out.

Alice lingered for a moment before lowering her voice and removing a hand from Katelyn to place it on Edward's shoulder. "She's going to be okay, Edward. Baby number three will be a breeze for her."

"I hate this..."

"Think of what it brings you," Alice reminded him of the blessings Bella had given him by raising his daughter up a little and kissing her cheek. "Stay strong for her and everything will be okay. Send Esme when the baby arrives. We are all excited."

"Thank you, Alice. Really. For everything."


Bella braced herself for the next tightening and set of pains to hit her. Edward was panicked and she was trying to make this as easy on him as possible. With their first child, Charles Garrett Cullen, they had both been absolutely terrified during the delivery. Bella reached a shaking hand out to take her husband's as he returned to her bedside. The memories came back to her full force.

Her first thing she remembered after their wedding was when they finally decided to consummate their marriage. Of course, they had found other ways to satisfy each other...and had much fun figuring it out. When they finally did indulge, he had been so gentle and patient that she knew then, if she was to get pregnant, he would be there to support her. Some husbands spent so much time away from their wives that they missed the births of their children. They did not end up conceiving until months later and Edward had handled it well, only crying a little, and to this day she wondered if they were happy tears or ones of someone who was terrified.

"Edward, please go sit down, you are not making things easier..." Carlisle pleaded with his anxious son who was currently pacing and practically pulling out his hair.

With a frown, Edward sat down beside Bella, taking her hand in his and bouncing his leg nervously. "Do you need to push? Do you need water? Do you..."

"Edward, I just started labor about an hour ago. Please try to relax."

"I'm sorry, beauty," he said sincerely, looking disappointed in himself.

"Look at me," she plead, pulling him towards her. "I am right here and I am going to stay here. I am not leaving you. I am okay."

About fifteen hours later, Charlie was born and Edward began his panic all over again. At first, he was just glad when his father confirmed that everything was normal and Bella was going to be fine. Then, his worry turned to his newborn son. "Father, he's breathing funny..."

"He's crying," Carlisle reminded him and Bella wondered if he was trying not to roll his eyes.

"Do you think he's too little? He looks too little..."

This back and forth continued between Carlisle and Edward went on for another ten minutes before Bella spoke up. "Edward, I just went through giving birth. Please, dear heavens, let me hold my son."

Edward and Carlisle both looked at her, and with a sheepish smile, Edward handed his son to his wife. "I'm sorry. He's beautiful."

It was at that point that Edward sat down and turned away from her. At first, she thought he was upset with her but soon realized what was happening when Carlisle walked over and put his hand on Edward's shoulder. "Edward, they are both fine."

Bella saw that he was crying when he turned back towards her, wiping his eyes as if he did not want her to know how emotional he was. Charles was nearly a month old before Edward eased up on them and decided they were both going to be okay. That had been one long month.

Pain gripped her abdomen and she bent forward a little, feeling like she was going to be sick. She had thrown up twice while giving birth to Katelyn Renee Cullen and so her nausea did not surprise her. Esme came in then, having been to town to get some soap and whatever else she needed to prepare dinner. Edward nodded a hello to her and Bella turned down her offer to get her anything. Carlisle nodded to them both before following his wife out and leaving them alone. The second Carlisle was gone, Bella reached over and pulled his arm towards her.

"Are you okay?" he asked quietly, concern dripping from the smooth, velvet voice she had come to love more than any other sound in the world.

"I am fine. So, what do you think? A boy or a girl?"

"I have no idea. I just want you both safe."

"Do you remember when Katelyn was born? When you swore she was a boy?"

Edward chuckled, a smile crossing his lips as he thought back to that day. "I have no idea why I thought she was. I am glad she was a girl, though. I love knowing that she looks so much like you. She has your temper, too. Always getting mad and trying to run off to be by herself..."

"Now, now," laughed Bella, cringing quickly after when a very sharp reminder that she was in labor hit. After a few minutes, she smiled again and relaxed a little. "At least we are safe now."

Around the time of Katelyn's birth, Edward had been called away on multiple occasions. The old King had been causing more and more problems and unrest could be felt everywhere. In fact, the fourth month of them returning to Forks, the pony-tailed man that had eyed her up around the time of her father's passing tried to break in their home one evening. Thankfully, Edward and Jasper had both been out by the stables when he road over the bridge with a few other people. Bella had never been so terrified in her life. She thanked the heavens everyday that they were able to ward them off before she or anyone else could be harmed. If time told correctly, they had just conceived Charles. Over the next couple years, the King was finally killed. No one knew if it was intentional or natural. Honestly, no one cared. With no heirs to be offered the throne, the state called upon the Denali sister who still owned the palace.

"Jacob is a good King and Tanya is able to debate with the best of them, men and women alike. Things are good."

"That they are."

Suddenly, she could almost feel a ripping take place and she let her pain show loudly. Edward immediately yelled for Carlisle and Bella dug her nails into Edward's hand. "The baby's coming. NOW!"

The was terrifying for her. With the other two, the labor had gone on for much longer. Biting her lip, she fought to remain calm. If she panicked, Edward was going to as well. "Carlisle..." Bella cried as she threw her head back.

Trusting her father-in-law implicitly, Bella allowed him to check her progress. "It's time. Are you ready to push?"


Not even fifteen minutes later, Edward was looking down at his fourth child and third son. This little boy had the greenest eyes he'd ever seen and he could have sworn the baby was smiling up at him. Unlike Charles, this little boy looked almost identical to his Garrett, the first baby he had fathered with Katherine. Some may feel that all newborns looked the same but there was just something about this little boy. Edward would never forget how Garrett looked that day and this little baby could have been a mirror image. The difference between the two was that this little one was kicking happily and cooing. He was not gasping for breath or screaming in frustration.

"Edward, love, we're okay," Bella reminded him, as was routine when he got emotional after his children were born. This time it was different, though. He hadn't been anywhere near as afraid but seeing this baby... "He looks like him."

"Who?" Bella asked tiredly, trying to get comfortable as Carlisle prepared to help her deliver the afterbirth.


"Oh." Bella's eyes widened a little and she looked down at her new baby again. A smile lit up her face as the baby's eyes rolled towards her, having heard her voice. "He looks just like you, Edward. He even has some hair already...and those eyes..."

"What should we name him?"

"I think we should name him something strong and something connected to you."

"We already have Katelyn..."

"What about your mother's family name? What about Masen? We can give him your middle name, then."

"Masen Anthony Cullen. Are you sure?"

"Do you like it?" she asked quietly, not wanting to startle the baby and reveling in the moment.

"I love it. I love him. Masen, welcome home."


Bella sat in the tall grass, right beside her childhood best friend, and watched as their children played together. Her children, all five of them, ran through the field chasing grasshoppers with their two cousins. "When is Edward expected to return?" Alice asked, stretching and laughing at something her Demetri just did.


"I can not believe how quickly time has gone..."

"It feels that he has been away forever!" Bella contested.

"Not his trip! Life has come so fast."

"Indeed it has."

Looking down, Bella watched as a caterpillar crawled across the grass in front of them. Every time she saw one of the wiggling critters, she thought of that day in the field with Emily. The day she would have rather cut off a finger than leave Edward. Hooves pounding the ground brought her out of her reminiscing and Bella looked up. Her heart sped up and a smile crossed her face. "He has only been gone for two nights!" Alice laughed, exasperated with her friend.

Edward and Jasper made their way towards them, the little ones saw them and became excited. Even though Jasper had remained in Forks to keep watch of them, his children were caught up in the excitement as well. Dismounting from his young horse, he had to say goodbye to Mulan just a couple years prior, Edward came over to them and helped her up while the children hung on him. "Hello, Isabella, my beauty."

Her lips turned up at the name, it had become and unwritten rule since their marriage that everyone ended up adopting 'Bella'. The only person who did not use her beloved nickname was Jacob, to him, she would forever be 'Isabelle'. It both made her smile and drove Edward to insanity. Allowing Edward to pull her close, he kissed her forehead and then her lips. "How were things?" she asked cautiously. She was just glad that he seemed to be returning from these trips, the only long trips he took, without the look of pain on his face anymore.

"Good. Peaceful. I would like to think they are both at peace."

Bella smiled up at him, squinting a little as the sun was in her eyes. "I am glad and, as I told you before, I know they are at peace. I am also glad you are home."

"I tried to come home early. I do not believe that I need to return as I usually do. It is not necessary to visit every few months. Tanya is keeping up the graves and..."

"They are always with you, Edward. You do not need their bodies underneath you to grieve for them."

"Thank you...for understanding..."

"Of course I understand! Come, let the children play. You can help me fix dinner. Oh, and Miss Charlotte stopped by. She and Peter are doing well. They expect another baby in the winter."

"That is great...and I brought you something."

Bella watched as he pulled from his bag the two books that he had brought to her the first time he went away from her. It had been during their first marriage and it was one of the first gifts he had ever given to her. Hugging them to her chest, she kissed his lips before turning to Alice, who was currently leaning into Jasper. "We are returning to the house. The children will be fine to play by themselves..."

"I will keep watch of them," shrugged Jasper. "Go welcome your husband home."

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