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AN: This is based off the movie version. If you don't like the movie pairings/plot, don't read this. I have seen both the movie and read the book and are aware they are very different. I happen to have seen the movie first, though, and got the idea of Aiden and Vivian stuck in my mind with Gabriel as the bad guy. Once again, I know it's just about the opposite in the book, but this is off the movie. Hope you enjoy.

Who You Are

Aiden was smiling as he stared at her, chopping up cucumber for dinner's salad, her blond hair pulled up in a bun, some strands falling loose. Sometimes it seemed next to impossible to him that he was here with her, a loupguru. That itself would have been enough, but especially with everything they'd been through. They had been in Paris now for three weeks, away from her "family," and completely, effortlessly, happy. He was supposed to be putting the homemade rolls in the oven, and was just about to boyishly toss flour at her.


That idea suddenly went out of his head. Vivian didn't usually curse unless something was really bothering her. He turned to her, the smile fading from his face, "What's wrong?"

Vivian laughed wryly, probably remembering the previous times a couple weeks ago he'd asked the same question, but she still wouldn't look at him as she answered bitterly, "I cut myself."

So that was the problem, on top of the obvious, though their knives were steel, not silver. His expression softened as he slowly went over to her, and gently placed a hand on her shoulder, turned away from him, but she didn't pull away as he said, "You know I trust you. Look at me."

Slowly, she turned around, but still didn't say anything, only flickering a glance for a moment, ashamed and embarrassed. Aiden brought his hand to her face, looking at her yellow eyes, brushing the stray blonde hairs aside, "These eyes are beautiful, and they're part of who you are."

Slowly, he leaned toward her and she allowed her lips to meet his, pulling him close, wrapping her arms around his back. When she pulled back, her eyes were back to their normal soft brown. She looked at him with a weak smile.

"You control who you are," he told her, "When are you going to stop being afraid of it?"

She looked at him sharply, "When are you going to stop running? From your father. We all have things we don't want to face," she gentled, "Eventually, we all have to. One day, I may have to go back and face what we've left."

For a moment he was caught off guard, but thinking about, "Maybe you're right."

She smiled a bit and nodded to the abandoned tray of bread, "Aren't you supposed to have put those rolls in?"

A short while later it was Vivian who was staring. She couldn't understand how he trusted her so completely; she certainly didn't, but she also wasn't complaining. He did understand when she really needed to be alone. And they had a perfect home here, surrounded by sparse woods, not too far from Montmartre, the art center of Paris. In fact, they were planning on going tomorrow, but for now she called, "Dinner's ready," served herself some salad and bread, and went to steal his spot on the sofa.

"Hey," he called, laughing, as he came back over with his plate, "That was my spot."

Vivian just shrugged, smiling.

She was up before him, the next day, as usual. She slipped quietly out of bed, looking out their window. It would be a gorgeous late summer day, the sun was already shining. She went to put on a pot of coffee before slipping on her favorite brown sundress and letting her hair fall down. By the time the coffee was ready, Aiden was up.

"Still going to Montmartre today?" she asked.

He looked out the window, "And not take advantage of the gorgeous weather? Of course we're still going, as long as you still want to."

She smiled in response.

Within the hour, they were shopping in Montmarte, strolling the blue, white, and red umbrella lined streets, stopping frequently to look at the artwork. At one corner, though, their attentions were diverted. Vivian saw a clothing booth and a little farther down across the street Aiden saw a food shack. Vivian noticed, smiled, and suggested, "Why don't you go pick something out to eat while I look at clothes."

He laughed, "Sounds good to me. Feel like anything in particular?"

"Surprise me."