Hey all, Happy United Nations Day, otherwise known as Hetalia Day! I wanted to upload something to celebrate this day and my current Hetalia fic is only about half done. I hope you all enjoy this. Please read and review and tell me what you think. Sorry its short and not beta'd. The beta I did have is too busy with school so I lost my beta and haven't replace them yet. If you would like to be my beta, either message me or write so in a review.

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England's mood that day was bordering on dangerous and no one had noticed. Well, almost no one had noticed. Surprisingly enough, it was Russia who noticed the dark look in England's eyes. Well, perhaps it wasn't that surprising, Russia was known for being dangerous and it took a predator to recognize another predator.

"As I the Hero I will be the one to go in and all of you will back me up!"

"Nein, ve need to have a plan set so ve vill not get in each other's vay."

"Doitsu, will they have pasta?"

"I agree with America."

"Japan, you are allowed to have opinions of your own, why don't you come visit France to learn how to express yourself."

As the country's argued, the oppressive atmosphere around England grew. One by one the nations noticed and started to back away from him. His hair and clothes were beginning to move with an unfelt wind, and his head was bowed so no one could see his eyes.

Germany and America were the only two left arguing when a sudden wind blew through the meeting room. The drapes on the closed windows moved in time to an unheard chanting

"Doistu, you should stop fighting with America, England's chanting something creepy under his breath."

"Vhat is it now Ita…Scheiße (shit)."

Turning around, Germany noticed the dark aura glowing around England and heard his soft chanting. He tried to take a step back only to find that he couldn't move his legs. The rest of the nations tried to move away from England also but found themselves in the same predicament as Germany.

England finally lifted his head and every flinched as they saw his green eyes glowing. They all kicked themselves for not believing that England could work his so-called magic.

"Now that you all will listen to what I have to say, I will not participate in another meeting where absolutely nothing gets accomplished."

Turning around, England walked to the door and stopped to turn around once again.

"You can stay there until you can get a long for more than ten minutes without fighting. Come flying mint bunny."

With that said, England walked out the door and slammed it behind him, leaving a room of confused and slightly disturbed nations.

Not sure I wrote Germany's accent right. Sorry if it's wrong. Happy Hetalia Day