More Tales of Fluttershy's Harem

by Shadow Crystal Mage

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Friendship is Magic

This is Incubator,the crimson-eyed white beast reported.I believe I have discovered a new method of countering Entropy


Other Elements

Dearest Princess Celestia,

I am writing to say I am perfectly safe. I know everyone must be worried about me since I got sucked into Pinkie Pie's computer— where'd she GET something like that, anyway?— but I'm okay. In fact, I've made some new friends! It turns out there are other Elements to Harmony. Here on the other side, there are more than eight! Can you believe it? Some, like Friendship, Kindness (though they call it something else), Honesty (they call it Sincerity), and Loyalty (though it's Reliability here) are the same, but they don't have Generosity and Laughter (though Hope comes close).

Instead, they have Courage, Love, Knowledge, Hope, and Light. And they're pretty powerful too, and don't need to be used together, though that's a mixed blessing. I'll never complain about Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash arguing again!

There aren't any ponies here. The closest I've found are Unimons and similar, though they're not the same. They call themselves Digimon…



It was with uncharacteristic seriousness and almost military discipline that Fluttershy faced her little woodland creature live-ins. "All right everyone," she said solemnly. "This is it. Angel, candy!"

The little rabbit saluted and gestured at the pile of sweets they had salvaged from every corner of the cottage. Fluttershy made a curt gesture, and the little creatures fell on the candy with a will, devouring every scrap.

"Curtains!" Fluttershy said.

Several birds flew to pull them close.


Angel bounded over and kicked them shut.

Fluttershy nodded, and put on the orange safety helmet and goggles she'd borrowed from Apple Jack. "Ready!" she declared, and promptly dove under her blanket as Angel locked the door.

She hated Nightmare Night.


Awkward Question

There are some things even Spike won't do for Rarity.

"Spike, dearest, does this skirt make my hindquarters look fat?"

Case in point.



Celestia had known this would happen for a thousand years. After all, who did ponies think originally write the legend of how Nightmare Moon would get free?

So when the day came, she was ready. When she was imprisoned in the sun, it was a sun she had steadily pimped out over the centuries to include a water bed, a sound system that could blow your Cutie Mark off, a week's supply of food, and her stash of trashy romance novels.

It was her first vacation in ages!


Decadent Habits

"Twilight, do you have any idea why the princesses would ask me to stitch together maid uniforms in their sizes?"

Twilight blushed. "No idea, Rarity," she lied badly, now realizing why the princess would sometimes scream out 'Luna!'.


The Last Straw

Pinkie Pie would have been inclined to cut Discord some slack, but the big meanie had gone too far! Pinkie could understand being cranky if they'd been a lawn ornament for a thousand years, but they could have worked around that with time, but Discord had done the inexcusable!

"HE MADE ME NOT CARE IT WAS RAINING CHOCOLATE MILK!" Pinkie cried when Twilight had fixed her up. "HE PAYS!"

Rarity rolled her eyes. "Pinky, put your Deadpie costume back in the closet."


Old Times

Twilight's costume made Luna ache. It shouldn't have. Star Swirl had obviously been dead for centuries. She should have realized.

Still, she had to wonder. Had her old student remembered her well? Or had he removed her stars from his robe in shame?



"Gah!" Rainbow Dash cried, running her hooves through her main. "Just how is a pony supposed to keep all this straight! Come on, there are more forks here than I have goggles!"

"Start from close to your plate and work your way outwards. Use the innermost one for the first course, the second innermost for the second course and so on. If you drop one, don't pick it up, just ask for a new one."

Rainbow Dash turned to stare at Apple Jack.

The farmer blushed. "What? I did pick up a few things in Manehattan."


How To Win Friends And Influence Subjects

Luna couldn't fathom why Celestia would have one of her students reporting to her about friendship, of all things. Celestia had never had trouble making friends. Still, it was a stroke of good luck Celestia often left the letters lying around out in the open where anypony might find them.

Luna read hastily and took copious notes.

In her swingin' bachelorette pad in the sun, Celestia snacked on apple chips and read trashy novels as she waited for Luna to finish sneaking into her room. After all, whoever said Twilight's reports were for her benefit?


Didn't We Do This Already?

The little hoof-sized ball of fluff lay on Fluttershy's back, vibrating happily. "Isn't it cute?" Fluttershy cooed.

"I'll say," Apple Jack said. "But what is it?"

"This is a tribble," Fluttershy fluttered. "His name is Jimmy."

Pinkie Pie passed by, took one look at the little fluff ball and screamed. "TRIBBLE!" she cried. "Evil, evil tribble!"

The other two ponied blinked at her.

Pinkie turned and ran. "Gummy! Mama thinks its time to try out your new chomping dentures!"

The other two blinked again. "This isn't going to end well, is it?" Apple Jack said.


Magical Pony Hysterical Fluttershy!

Fluttershy was having a perfectly average day. Get up, get out from under the exhausted, sweaty pile of ponies, feed her little friends, run her errands, almost have 3 panic attacks, head home, hear mysterious voice calling her name…

She screamed and ran for it.

Yuuno Scrya then proceeded to have a very bad day until a little yellow winged-pony, hearing his erminely screams, came to his rescue from a giant evil dust bunny.

He would later have nightmares about The Stare.

"Hysterical! Magical! Stare-light Breaker!"

And the process of hitting something with a buttload of magic became known as 'Befriending'.

Luna considered it a godsend.


MLP: Magical Little Ponies

"Fighting evil by moonlight, winning her subjects adoration by daylight! Never running from a real fight, I am the magical pony… Sailor Moon!" Luna cried.

"Um, I am the pony who has been given a mission. U-under the contract, release these powers? B-but safely! The winds are in the sky, the stars are in the heavens, the light is in my hands and the power is in my heart! R-raging Heart, Set Up!" Fluttershy cried.

Apple Jack looked down at the red dress she was wearing and spat out her spear. "I really don't get this Puella Pony Magi thing. And where's my hat?"

Rarity, Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Celestia exchanged looks and began to slink away.

"Come, Magical Little Ponies!" Luna cried. "We ride to fight for TRUTH, LOVE, and JUSTICE!"

She rode, with the other two following reluctantly.

Pinkie Pie ran after them "Wait for me! Deadpie is here! WAIT!"


Too Much Information


The day after Nightmare Night, Twilight and everyone in Ponyville pretended no one had heard a thing. Apparently, the traditional Canterlot speaking voice was a hard habit to kick.

Cheerilee had a LOT of awkward question to avoid answering the next day…


Too Much Of A Good Thing

"Rainbow Dash!" Pinkie Pie yelled from her Pinkie-copter. "While it's REALLY cool you can make a Sonic Rainboom any time you want—"

"AIN'T IT COOL?-!" Rainbow Dash cried as she made yet another rainbow.

"Super-duper cool!" Pinkie agreed. "It's just that, the town asked me to tell you that IF YOU DON'T CUT THAT OUT, I'M NEVER MAKING YOU A CUPCAKE AGAIN!"


- To be continued...


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