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Inori felt her heart beating at a rapid rate, each thump threatening to cause her heart to burst through her chest at any moment.

A soothing voice called out to her and Inori nearly gasped as she felt a pair of feminine arms embrace her from behind. Locks of violet hair meshed with her plum, entwining them together in a purple collage. She felt a warm breath down her neck and Inori felt her lungs seize up.

This could not be happening. There was no way.

Inori tried to fight, tried to resist. She moved forward, only to feel the arms grip down harder, holding her close. It did not matter. Inori's attempt was only half-hearted anyway.

"Honey...there is nothing to be afraid of. I know that you have been wanting this. I love you and I'll do anything for you. Even go as far as I am right now."

The plum haired woman closed her eyes and shook her head. She desperately screamed in her head that she wanted no part of this and that she should leave right now.

Before she could muster up the gall to resist once more, the woman started kissing her in the lips in a soft, sensual manner. Inori could only moan as she suddenly felt herself become pliant. She did not want to fight back. She wanted this.

Inori returned the kiss with an aggressive vigor, nearly causing the older woman to gasp in surprise. However, they found their rhythm as they soon began to devour each others lips. Inori soon pulled away to get a good look at the woman before her as she took a deep breath.



At once, Inori found herself waking up in a cold sweat. Her eyes were wide open in the darkness of her room. She found herself breathing deeply in and out. The green, dim light of her alarm clock told her that it was still only 3:00 AM. The plum haired woman got up and headed to the restroom.

She looked herself in the mirror, her face still lined with sweat and her eyes red from drowsiness. Inori cursed silently to herself as she threw water in her face. Considering that she was due for final exams soon she did not need these distractions and late night surprises.

Sighing in frustration, Inori turned the light off the restroom and proceeded to shuffle her way back to her room. As she jumped onto her bed and proceeded to close her eyes, her thoughts strayed to the dream that she had just experienced.

Not again. This has got to be the second time this week. Why? Why is it that I keep dreaming about her like this? Its so wrong yet why do I feel like I need her like that?

These thoughts troubled the plum haired woman and it took her another half hour to finally fall asleep.

The alarm buzzed far too soon for Inori's liking as she slammed her hand down on it, effectively turning it off. Knowing that it was often a scramble to get to the restroom first, she got up quickly so that she could take a shower first.

She walked quickly. The last thing Inori wanted was for Matsuri to get in there before her. Goodness knows how the brunette would literally spend an hour in the restroom and use up all hot water before anyone had a chance.

So determined Inori was to getting to her destination that she did not notice the person walking in front of her and both she and the other person collided with each other and fell down.

While normally level headed and hard to anger, Inori was in a particularly edgy mood this morning and was about to mouth off at the person who bumped into her before the sight of the violet hair made her breath hitch.

"I'm so sorry dear. I didn't mean to bump into you." said Miki as she managed to get herself up.

Inori could not help but blush at the sight of the woman before her. Her heart raced and her palms were beginning to get sweaty again.

Stupid dreams. Making me act like this in front of mom.

"I-It's okay. I was trying to get in the restroom in a hurry before Matsuri got in there. Didn't feel like taking a cold shower this morning." stammered Inori a bit.

"Well I don't blame you. I've tried to talk to her about it but she still doesn't listen." frowned Miki a bit.

There was an awkward silence for a bit as both women stood in front of the bathroom door. It was then that Inori realized that her mother was up earlier than usual.

"What's the occasion? You're up rather early." asked Inori in confusion.

"Your father had just taken off not too long ago for a business trip. He won't be back until Monday. I was up to see him off but now I think a warm shower and some more sleep will do me good." smiled Miki.

I'll do you good.

Inori blushed over her lewd thoughts once more, getting attracting some concern from Miki.

"Are you alright honey? Your face has been flushed the entire time. Do you have a fever?" asked Miki with a slight frown as she made her way toward her eldest daughter.

Inori instinctively stepped back from her approaching mother, worried that some contact would make her do something she would regret.

However, Miki's face firmed a bit as she quickly placed her palm on Inori's forehead.

Inori held her breath as she could hear her heart beating more and more quickly. The cool, feminine hand on her forehead was driving her mad. So desperately did she want to grab the slightly smaller woman before her and do things to her that she shouldn't do.

All too quickly did Miki take her hand off with her face frowning.

"Inori, I know that your studies are extremely important and that you are due for graduation in a couple of months but that does not mean that you have to run yourself ragged. If you are feeling sick, make sure to give yourself a break. It won't do you any good to pass out once your final exams roll around." chastised Miki a bit.

"I-I'm fine. I'm going to take a shower." stammered Inori quickly as she rushed into the restroom wanting to get away from Miki.

School came and went and Inori was soon able to get home at around noon. The entire time during her classes, her thoughts strayed to her recent dreams and her current infatuation with her mother.

This was certainly not healthy but Inori could not help it.

I need to get a boyfriend.

Inori soon managed to get home and opened the door and was welcomed with a wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen. Her stomach grumbling a bit due to hunger, Inori instinctively made her way to the kitchen. Her eyes widened as she saw the sight before her.

Miki was currently busy in the kitchen preparing various foodstuffs but that was not what was keeping Inori in shock.

It was her attire.

Normally, Miki would wear a rather conservative gown with a long skirt and apron, looking the part of a housewife.

However, today, she was wearing a pair of very short jean shorts and a tight fitting, sleeveless tee-shirt with cute animals on it that belonged to Tsukasa.

Inori could not help but stare at the sight before her. She knew that her mother was pretty for her forty four years of age.

But Inori never realized just how much of a babe her mother really was until right now. The older woman's breasts, a respectable c-cup, strained against the tight tee she was wearing. Her waist was still thin, giving her a lovely hourglass figure. And the jean shorts extenuated her delectable, heart shaped ass with creamy thighs that descended below it. The plum haired woman looked down at her own body and suddenly felt inadequate. She blushed as she continued to stare at her unsuspecting mother.

I can't believe father actually does it with mom. Lucky bastard, how I wish I could be in his place.

"Whoa Mom, what's with the get-up?" asked a loud, obnoxious voice.

Inori jumped and nearly shrieked in surprise as she was disrupted from her perverted thoughts and turned around to see her slightly younger sister, Matsuri, walk in and make herself known.

Miki turned around and saw her two elder daughters in front of her. She smiled as she saw them.

"Most of my clothes are in the wash right now. I hope that Tsukasa doesn't mind if I borrowed a couple of her clothes." replied Miki.

"You should just keep those clothes. They look far better on you than on Tsukasa. It'll definitely get dad's attention." smirked Matsuri.

Miki's face blushed a bit at her daughter's remark before responding.

"Oh Matsuri stop it, you're embarrassing me." replied Miki with a blush still on her face.

Inori had to agree with Matsuri on that one. When Tsukasa wore those jean shorts and shirt, she looked like an overgrown elementary kid. When her mother wore it, she looked incredibly sexy and trendy.

"What are you making anyway?" asked Matsuri in curiosity as her hunger began to make itself known.

"I'm just going to fry a bit of left over fish that we had yesterday. I hope you all don't mind." said Miki with a smile.

"Sounds great. Looking forward to it." said Matsuri.

"I'll make sure to let you two know." replied Miki before turning her gaze to Inori. Her face soon turned to that of concern. "Inori your nose is bleeding. Did you need me to get some cotton swabs?" asked Miki with a slight frown.

Inori's breath hitched as she realized just now that her nose was bleeding just at the sight of her mother in skimpy attire. She blushed as she averted her eyes.

I'm like an old man bleeding like this at the sight of my very own mother.

"I-It's alright mom. I'll take care of it on my own." said Inori as she hastily made her way upstairs.

Unknown to Inori, Matsuri's eyes followed Inori and narrowed in suspicion.

Inori managed to finally get her nosebleed under control. It took quite a bit of toilet paper but soon it was gone.

As she opened the door of the bathroom to leave she was suddenly met with Matsuri, who was standing there apparently waiting.

"Matsuri? What is it?" asked Inori in slight confusion.

"I know what you were doing." said Matsuri in a low, almost threatening voice.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Inori.

"I saw you. Oogling at mom like some perverted old man. I can't believe it." responded Matsuri with a bit more hostility in her voice.

Inori's face suddenly went white as she heard this. However, she did her best to deny the accusations.

"I-I don't know what you are talking about." snapped Inori as she attempted to walk away. A restraining hand grabbed her shoulder, preventing Inori from walking any further.

"Don't play dumb with me Inori. I saw you staring at her. I should tell her right now." threatened Matsuri.

Inori realized that she was at a disadvantage here. Pleading ignorance would get her nowhere. Inori decided to give up and see if she could keep Matsuri quiet.

"Okay, you caught me. What of it?" asked Inori angrily.

"Well, considering that you admit what you did, I'm willing to keep this matter quiet. I'm sure that if I told both mom and dad they would surely be disgusted with you and probably kick you out of the house. I'll stay quiet but I have some conditions." said Matsuri with a malicious gleam in her eyes.

Inori shivered as she heard this. She did not know what to expect from Matsuri. Her younger sister was often very aggressive and Inori was somewhat concerned about what Matsuri had in store for her.

But she could not afford the dishonor to her name.

"What do you want then?" asked Inori softly, almost in defeat.

"I can't tell you right now. However, come to my room tonight at midnight. It will be then that I'll let you know what you need to do to keep me quiet." said Matsuri.

"Fine." responded Inori dully.

A voice from downstairs soon called to both young women.

"Inori, Matsuri! Lunch is ready!" said Miki from downstairs.

"Remember Inori. Tonight at midnight. My room. You don't show, I tell mom, got it?" said Matsuri threateningly.

Inori shuffled her way quietly across the hallway to Matsuri's room. Her heart was beating in nervous anticipation as she neared her destination.

I wonder what it is that Matsuri is going to have me do. I hope that it isn't something illegal.

She soon got to the door of her younger sister's room and proceeded to knock quietly. The door opened harshly and Inori felt herself tugged inside before the door was closed once again.

Inori felt herself getting pulled before getting thrown onto the bed.

The plum haired woman tried to get her bearings as she sat up on the bed as her eyes were trying to adjust to darkness of the room.

However, a dim light was lit inside the room and Inori was able to see clearly. Inori was somewhat surprised as she saw Matsuri stand in the dim night light in nothing but her black laced bra and panties.

"I'm here. What do you want me to do?" asked Inori steadily though she was still a bit unnerved at the state of her little sister's dress. She supposed the Matsuri liked to sleep in her undergarments.

"Good to see that you are here. Now, you will do as I say and not protest. If you give me too much lip, mom will know of your wandering eyes by tomorrow morning." threatened Matsuri.

Inori nodded as she heard this. She had no idea what Matsuri wanted from her but whatever it was, Inori was sure that she would weather it so that she could keep her honor.

"Now, I want you to strip down to your panties and bra." commanded Matsuri.

Inori's eye's widened as she heard of the request.

"What was that?" asked Inori, not sure if she heard right.

"Take your clothes off. Leave only your panties and bra." commanded Matsuri once more.

Inori stood up as she heard the command and was soon beginning to walk toward the door. She was not going to put up with THAT kind of humiliation.

"Where are you going Inori?" asked Matsuri angrily.

"What you are asking me to do is unreasonable. I will not do it." huffed Inori in anger.

"And I find it unreasonable for you to be staring at mom the way you do. You walk out that door and I swear that she finds out tomorrow. The choice is yours." said Matsuri.

Inori froze near the door as she reconsidered her options. Knowing Matsuri, she would probably make Inori do something embarrassing, like run outside naked or something. She gulped as she thought of the prospect. However, she knew that she trapped.

"I can't believe you Matsuri! What you are doing to me is far worse than what I have done to mom. Asking me to undress." snapped Inori.

"It doesn't matter. You agreed to this when you came here. I suggest that you follow through." responded Matsuri.

Inori narrowed her eyes as she glared at her younger sister. She did not want to do this. This was embarrassing. But she had no choice.

"Fine. I'll take my clothes off. But you won't get away with this." said Inori angrily as she stripped down.

Matsuri watched with lust induced eyes as she watched her older sister undress. Inori took her pajamas off leaving her with only white panties and matching bra. Her breasts, slightly larger than Matsuri's but smaller than her mother's, heaved up and down as Inori's breath became a bit more rapid.

"Good. Now I want you to lie down on the bed." commanded Matsuri.

Inori gave an ugly look at Matsuri before complying and laid herself out on the bed.

"Now what?" hissed Inori.

"Caress your breasts like a man would to you." said Matsuri with a grin now on her face.

"What? You don't mean-"

"Inori! Do what I say or I tell mom." growled Matsuri.

"Fine." snapped Inori as she then started pass her hand through her right breast.

Immediately Inori felt like there was a jolt passing through her body but she did not let that stop her. She continued to caress herself, passing her hands under her bra as she rubbed through her nipples.

Inori could not believe that she was doing this in plain sight of Matsuri but she did not let that distract her as she soon found herself getting absorbed in her act.

"Ooohh." moaned Inori as she continued her ministrations on her breasts.

In fact, Inori was so absorbed into her act she did not feel a hand suddenly grasp at her crotch until Matsuri spoke.

"You're so wet already Inori. I can't believe it." said Matsuri, apparently in awe.

Inori snapped out of her lust induced musing and suddenly clamped her legs shut even though Matsuri already had her hand on her crotch.

"Matsuri! What are you doing? Why are you touching me there?" hissed Inori.

"Why not? Besides, did I tell you to stop? You best continue before I change my mind and tell mom tomorrow." threatened Matsuri.

Inori was normally a calm woman who was very hard to anger. However, at this moment, she just wanted to grab Matsuri by the hair and slam her head on the bed post.

"This is blackmail. No, its worse. This is rape! I can't believe you Matsuri! Forcing me to do this." said Inori through clenched teeth.

Matsuri used her other hand to reach up to Inori's left breast and went under the bra to promptly squeeze it...hard.

Inori gasped in shock and pain. She tried to get Matsuri to let go by getting one of her hands and grasping at Matsuri's wrist. However, Matsuri was physically stronger than her and she squeezed harder. Inori soon gave up as she whimpered quietly in pain.

"S-Stop please. You're hurting me." whimpered Inori quietly.

"This is your last warning Inori. I hope you understand that I am totally serious right now." threatened Matsuri.

"B-But why Matsuri..." asked Inori in pain and confusion.

Matsuri did not answer the question as she instead, said something else.

"Take your bra off. It is only hindering you." commanded Matsuri as she removed her vice grip from Inori's breast.

Inori nodded meekly as she let loose her c-cup breasts. Her breasts grew some goosebumps as she left them exposed to the cold room.

"Play with them...now." commanded Matsuri.

The plum haired woman resumed to fondling with her breasts, caressing them and squeezing her nipples.

Meanwhile, Matsuri proceeded to take Inori's panties off. Her eye's widened in apparent awe as she saw Inori's small patch of plum pubic hair. Underneath it was the small gem that Matsuri was searching for.

"I want you to start to suckle on one of your own breasts. Do it now." commanded Matsuri.

Inori did not wait to be told twice as she brought her head down and did her best to accommodate her left breast.

Seeing that Inori was occupied, Matsuri then slid her hand across Inori's womanhood, playing with her lower lips a bit before sticking a finger in.

Inori gasped at the sudden intrusion. While she was no stranger to masturbation, it felt so strange and foreign to have someone else's hand down there.

"O-Ow Matsuri. Please, don't be so rough." whimpered Inori.

"I'll be as rough as I want. Remember, you have no say in all of this." said Matsuri as she soon started to pump her index finger in and out of Inori's tight little snatch.

Inori moaned in pleasure as she took a hold of her breast once more. Her vision was getting hazy. Her core felt like it was on fire. She couldn't believe that she was actually beginning to enjoy this.

Matsuri soon added another finger, making Inori gasp and clamp her legs instinctively. Matsuri only grinned as she pried the legs apart and started to pump her two fingers into Inori.

"I can't believe how tight you are. Are you still a virgin?" asked Matsuri in curiosity.

Inori blushed deeply at the question.

"Y-Yes." responded Inori in both embarrassment and shame.

"That's hard to believe. You're so gorgeous, you know that? I can't believe there hasn't been a man willing to shag someone like you." said Matsuri.

"I-I don't know why. I guess guys are not attracted to me like that." responded Inori once more.

They are probably too intimidated by your beauty Inori, that's why.

"You know Inori, I've been wanting to do this to you for so long. You are so perfectly proportioned, its like you were molded from clay and made alive. Everything about you I crave. And you're mine."

Matsuri grinned as she lunged forward and suddenly began to lick at the exposed folds.

Inori nearly wanted to scream. The sheer amount of pleasure emanating from the oral treatment she was receiving was out of this world. She had heard that oral pleasure was extremely gratifying but she did not believe just how much until right now.

"Oh Matsuri..." moaned Inori in pleasure as she placed her hands on Matsuri's hair, guiding her further in between her legs.

Matsuri continued, digging her tongue in as far as she could.

She was surprised that she wasn't at all disgusted nor turned off by the taste of her older sister. Then again, she had fantasized about this moment over the past couple of years. She was glad that she was enjoying this and that she simply could not get enough of her older sister's taste.

Matsuri then went a bit further up and gently bit on the small nub at the top of Inori's vagina.

Inori was caught completely off guard and screamed loudly for a second before clapping her hands over her mouth. She did not want to wake her younger twin sisters or her mother.

Matsuri was pleased with the results and continued to assault Inori, every so gently nibbling at that part of her body.

"M-Matsuri, I'm gonna, I'm gonna-"

Inori could not finish as she had the largest orgasm she had ever experienced.

Matsuri was treated with a prize of gushing liquids that splashed her face and soiled her bed. She didn't care as she tried to lap as much as she could.

Inori, on her part, was breathing heavy. Her body was sweating and her face was flushed. But never did she feel so satisfied.

"That...was great." said Matsuri as she soon lay beside her naked, older sister.

Inori was silent for a moment as the heat of the moment was still affecting her. However, the daze soon passed and she regained her senses. She sat up before looking down at her younger sister.

"I hope that you are satisfied. Forcing me to do such a thing by blackmailing me. You should be ashamed of yourself." said Inori sternly.

Matsuri's dreamy face soon scowled at the harshness of Inori's voice.

"No you brought this upon yourself. Don't deny it. You want to get into mom's panties and do the very same things to her that I did to you plus some. YOU should be the one ashamed. However, I do not regret what I have done. Perhaps, in time, once you can get over your infatuation with mom you can do perhaps return the favor and pleasure me, just like I have done to you." replied Matsuri.

Inori's eyes narrowed at the idea of doing the dirty with Matsuri.

How dare she think that I will stoop to doing this with her again willingly. Damn it I should have been more careful. I didn't think that Matsuri would catch me like this. Now I'm stuck playing toady with her until she gets off my back.

"Do you really think that I'm going to want to do this again?" growled Inori in anger.

Matsuri's relatively good mood soon disappeared as she narrowed her eyes.

"It doesn't matter whether you want to or not. All I have to do is call and you'll will do as I say. Either that or lose face with both mom and dad. Bet you can't live without that can't you? Being their little favorite." replied Matsuri.

Inori could never remember being more angry than she was at that moment. Matsuri's sarcastic grin seemed to put her off. However the plum haired women knew that making Matsuri upset right now would result in dire problems for her.

Doing her best Inori soon calmed down and spoke.

"Can I leave?" asked Inori calmly.

"Sure why not? I've had my fun with you for today." said Matsuri as she lazily waved her hand at Inori.

Inori thoughtlessly put her pajamas back on and headed for the hallway and closed the door behind her. As she did so, she swore that she heard the sound of rushing feet but when she peered out into the hallway she saw nobody.

Must be imagining things.

Inori soon opened the door to her room and entered so that she could go to sleep not knowing that she and Matsuri had indeed been watched the entire time.

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