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'…and that's why stalactites are called stalactites. How 'bout that?' said Max-Ernest, holding a book. 'Uh huh.' said Cass, not really listening.
'Yo, guys!' said Yo-Yoji. He was wearing again his florescent yellow sneakers, the ones that Cass liked the best. 'Hi, Yo-Yoji.' said Cass.
'Hi, Yo-Yoji.' Max-Ernest repeated in a monotone.
'So what are you two doing?' asked Yo-Yoji.
'Max-Ernest is telling me about stalactites and I'm sorting out through these boxes for my grandfathers.' said Cass.
'Want some help? I'm bored and need something to do.' said Yo-Yoji.
'Sure.' replied Cass, and Yo-Yoji bent down to help her. As they worked, suddenly Yo-Yoji brushed her hand. Cass's ears glowed red and they both blushed red. Max-Ernest rolled his eyes. 'Hey, if you two just wanted to get all lovey-dovey over something you could've just told me.' he said.
'Max-Ernest, no way. I do not have a crush on her.' said Yo-Yoji. His face told a different story. Max-Ernest closed the book. 'I'll see you guys tomorrow. I have to take care of PC.' he said, leaving. He slammed the door as he left, making Cass gasp sharply.

Max-Ernest, simply, was not mad at Yo-Yoji or Cass. No, I would like to say he was jealous. But he wasn't. He was, in fact, mad with himself. Mad at himself for not telling her sooner. Mad at himself for being an idiot. Mad at himself for snapping like that. Mad at himself for lying. But mostly, mad at himself for being scared to tell her. When he came in to see PC, no one was home. Right, he thought. I really was lying there. I forgot they went out for movies. Max-Ernest went up the half stairs in his mother's side and went into his room. Since he wasn't good at being mad, he just sat on his bed and ignored the world. Not when his mom came back with PC, not when his alarm beeped every thirty minutes to go to his father's side and then back. (The technical form is being emo.) But when Cass came over for 'homework' he went downstairs. He had to tell her. He just had to.
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