Carina's Diary

April 1, 1824

Today was quite a day. Where to begin? I met my family today. I know that sounds strange but I've been separated from them for almost 9 years. My parents have passed away, so I'm staying with my Uncle Alejandro, and my cousin, Diego. Why am I writing all this when I am most likely the only one who will read it? I guess, because there is that slight chance that someday, someone else will see it.

It's strange how I found my family. I was walking down the street when a friend of theirs rode up. When I told him my name he said he wanted to bring me to them. Of course, at the time, I didn't know they were my family. I went with him but I was so scared he would take me back to my captor. Diego came out to meet me. We exchanged memories and he showed me parts of the hacienda that matched what we remembered. I've since decided that no one will take me back to him, but I still feel awkward around my family. I feel fairly certain that they feel the same way. But it's strange, I feel more at home here than I've felt in the last 9 years. It's hard to describe on paper.

Uncle Alejandro is just as I remember him. It was wonderful to see him again. I wonder if we'll go riding like we used to. I haven't ridden on a horse since the last time.

Diego seems different than I remember him. It's like he's the same person but he's not. He seems more in control than I remember him. I don't think that's a bad thing, just different. He seems so strong, safe, and sure of himself. I want to trust them. I want to tell them everything that's happened over the last 9 years. But I'm scared that if I did they'd get hurt. I've seen enough of Diego to realize he's smart enough to piece what I say together. Anything I say or do can be a clue for him. If I don't want him to figure it out than I'll have to be extra careful around him.

He took me shopping today. That was surprisingly fun. He does that well for not having any sisters. He's got good taste too. There were a couple of pieces that I wouldn't have put together had he not shown them to me. I wonder where he learned that. But what I like the most was a charm that he bought me to wear on my locket. It's a reminder that they'll always be there for me. And if anyone asks about it it'll be nice to remember the afternoon.

I also got a reminder of who I'm running from. This journal was left to me by my parents, but they weren't the last ones to have it. My captor took the letters they left me. I told Diego that I didn't want to go looking for them but I hope he does. I didn't ask him too. I think he'd do it for me if I did but I don't want to think about my life and what it's been. If he wants to do it on his own than I say good luck. I would like to know what my parents wrote to me but I want to move on even more. It makes me mad that the man who held me captive took them from me. But again, I want to get as far away from him as possible. If I never find out who he is that would be fine with me. I don't need to know to move on with my life. I hope he doesn't find me. I know Uncle Alejandro and Diego wouldn't stand by and let him take me. But that's what scares me. I don't want them to get hurt.

All that said, I plan on starting anew. I'll pretend the last almost 9 years didn't happen and I'll try to pick up where I left off. Easier said than done yes but it is doable. I'll just watch what I say and do. Add that to being observant of others and I should have things figured out in no time at all. Hopefully I can avoid any embarrassing situations.

~Carina De La Vega